Sunday, January 3, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I wish I were Gabe today. As I write, he's jetting back to San Diego. There's a big difference between San Diego and Minneapolis, besides the obvious advantage of ME being in Minneapolis. There's also a difference of about 90 degrees. It was 15 degrees below zero when Glogirly and Gloman got into their garaged SUV with the heated seats to meet Gabe at the airport for the big goodbye. I'm sure it was pretty cold when Gloman turned over the heated steering wheel to the parking attendant inside the climate controlled valet garage. Do I live with a couple of wusses or what???

It will be six or seven months before Gabe and I can continue our conversations about girls and catnip. So for now we'll have to remain Facebook friends.

I thought you might enjoy seeing proof of the cross country skiing adventure that precipitated my most recent abandonment. I find it curious there is no photographic evidence of Gloman wearing a pair of skis. Hmmmmm.

Some of you commented about the lack of mountainous terrain in Minnesota. Believe me, for the sake of Glogirly and Gabe, that's a GOOD thing.

Don't let this smile fool you. She's so cold she can barely feel her legs. And her muscles are so sore she's still walking around the townhouse like she rode a horse across the country.

Hey Gabe, nice pose. We are not impressed with your "Look Mom, No Poles" antics. Good move not showing your snow-covered backside to the camera though. Not that there's anything wrong with falling down on your @ss. A cat would never...

I guess this cross country skiing business is quite a workout. Glogirly's face is frozen in the fake-smile-OMG-I-can't-move position. Meanwhile Gabe has already passed out.

But a good time was had by all. The north shore of Lake Superior is one of the G-family's favorite getaway spots. Winter, summer, spring or fall... it's always beautiful. And not too shabby of a view out their rented resort window...

Pee S to Glogirly:
Not that I care. But you might want to consider bringing me along next time. I make an excellent seat warmer you know.


  1. Now that is an adventure if we have ever seen one. Gabe is telling the truth, it is 70 degrees here today and for the rest of the week. Stay inside Katie...I am shivering just looking at those cold but cool pictures.
    Benny & Lily

  2. We think you should come HERE next year!! It's summer, we can share a sun puddle... the humans can give us prawns and nip and ham...

  3. Those are lovely photos but much too cold for us. We definitely wouldn't venture outside the door. We are glad your humans are back Katie.

  4. Gorgeous pics! But cold. So very cold. Are you sure you want to go out into the cold, Katie?

  5. Being left out makes you a bit catty, Katie? But maybe they should take you next time. It looks like they had a lot of fun and we would certainly love to see you on skis.
    As much as we like a bit of cold and snow, we would rather stay here. Our few degrees below zero are on the other side of the scale.

  6. Gorgeous photos. Cross country is all we do, none of that down hill stuff. I'm counting the days till summer.

  7. It looks like your beans had a great time! We'd make them pay a little bit though. Perhaps you can leave your furrs all over their coats or something. Be creative.

    Pee Ess: We think that you're hilarious!

  8. Looks like that trip was missing one seriously impawtent thing. Katie. No trip is a good trip without the family cat!

  9. Katie, I loved how you inserted you photo into the car. They really would like having you along but you were probably a lot happier being warm. It looks like the three of them had a great time skiing. I bet Gabe misses skiing when he lives in San Diego.
    Yes, you are colder than be, but once it gets to below freezing it is all the same. My pets go outside and come in as fast as they can. Very nice job on the blog Katie.

  10. Katie! The cold wet snow is one place you don't want to go! And that weather outside of your front door...terrible! Those sweet little feet would be frostbitten in seconds.
    Better a warm fire or a nice fluffy duvet.
    We couldn't believe it really was -115F! But then we've had temps in excess of 117F during our summers. Hope Gabe enjoyed his mini vacation.

  11. might want to get something signed in writing before you go on one of those ski trips. Glogirly might decide she likes your warm fur so much she could put you in a little carrier and actuall my you ski with her! Just say no...stay home and enjoy having the beds to yourself.

    Next time, we're all teleporting over to party with you.

  12. Katie: Tommy thinks Gabe looks cute in the backseat all passed out and she doesn't think GloGirly has a frozen smile on, however I do. You know how humans are. Looks like they had fun--even tho it woulda been better if YOU had been there. I do like the picture of the tree!


  13. We'll be thinking of Gabe the Marine and hoping he stays safe. Our Mom used to spend Summers in Minnesota when she was a kid. Her family would go to Ludlow's Island Resort on Lake Vermillion. It's way up north, not too far from International Falls. It's beautiful there, but TOO COLD in the Winter! xoxo

  14. Katie...think about you really wanna go out in that cold and snow just to warm Glogirly's seat?? We think not...

  15. We're freezing here in Florida, so we can't imagine being in weather THAT cold! BRRRRR!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  16. GG does look frozen. You made us laugh, as always. Glad the GloClan is back safe and sound to care for your every need.

  17. How did we end up not checking in with you? We missed Christmas, Mew Yeers and more! But our mewmie is back now and catching us up to speed. What a wonderful holiday you all had...and the pictures prove that! Our mewmie was away too and took lots of photos too...she will be slow in getting them up, not like your mewmie! We don't know how to help her except to pester her, we do that good!

  18. Oh, Katie, I bet you're all going to miss Gabe, but it looks like you had a wonderful time together. Mama has always wanted to try cross country skiing but she's a bit of a cold wimp.

    I lived in Southern Calif for a long time. Yes, it's a lot warmer there.

    You have some great pics up as always. That's quite a view! I love the last one of you in the car.

    I'm glad Glogirly is back and safe and there to cater to you.


  19. We bet staying inside in the warm would be much funner than being in that cold. Glad the beans had fun in the snow though!

  20. Unless they keep the car heater going you might want to stay home and warm the sofa! ;)

  21. I am envious of Gabe's warm weather in San Diego. You stay warm, and just keep looking at the pictures of the cross country skiing, rather than going along.

  22. Jack was complaining about the 3 degree wind chill here until Baby told him how cold Minnesota is! Jack said he wants a heated patio. Katie, it seems like you were in the best place, all warm and toasty in the house.

  23. Yep, gets lonely doesn't it, but they brought you back something & hugs!!!

  24. Whoa, what great trip your humans had!
    It's pretty cold at our place too. One has to be thankful for our luxurious furs. Happy New Year to all of you!
    Siena & Chilli

  25. Yesh, we know all about cold, yesh, we does. We live at the mouth of Lake Superior over here in Sault Sainte Marie, MI and it's been PURRty cold here, too. Momma just hates to go outside! We don't have to and that, as Martha would say, is a furry good thing.

  26. It looks beautiful there! The picture of Gabe asleep in the car cracked me up.

    Can you believe it's getting into the 30s at night here in south Florida? We're not used to that sort of thing.

  27. You REALLY don't want to go out in the cold, do you, Katie? Although warming yourself in front of the fireplace in a log cabin sounds very inviting....

    We hope Gabe stays safe!

  28. It's cold for us here deep in the heart of Texas today also....but not nearly as cold as for you. It's almost 11:30 a.m. and is 41 degrees here, which we consider C-O-L-D!!!!! Mamabug grew up in South Dakota so remembers those terribly cold winters, and says we should be thankful we don't have to live in them.......wanna come visit us for the winter?????? xxxxxxxxx

  29. WOW~!!! What a fun skiing trip it looks like they had. Our mom is Calamity Jane and her, skis, and snow, we don't think they would go well together. And's COLD offur there! Stay warm furriend, stay warm!

  30. Great pictures! Katie ... are you sure about going outside? Too, too cold...

  31. Hi Katie,
    You sure have a way of making me laugh, and that's not easy for a dog ya know!
    It's been freezin' here too, my paws get really cold when I go outside.
    Stay warm and cozy.
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  32. We are not that far north but closer to Ice
    Bowl territory and the frozen tundra stadium.
    We have temperatures much the same here and
    we are happy, warm and wearing many layers! :)
    What lovely photos and the lighted tree over
    Superior pic is beautiful, I would use it for
    holiday cards/stationery next year! Happy New
    Year 2010!

  33. Catzowey! Come to San Franfuncisco and weeza ski down da hills and faster than the Cable Cars!

  34. Its here also cold Katie :(
    Its not normal we received almost never snow
    and this year so many !!!!!!
    Its Winter world :-)
    I send you a warm hug
    for the winter
    Kareltje =^.^=

  35. Welcome back! Now you can truly be cold!
    Mom & Dad did the outdoor hockey stuff with the boys when they were little. You stand knee deep in snow drifts around the sides of the rink and pretend you're enjoying it. They were relieved when they got older & could play on the indoor rinks. Mom hates winter.

  36. Hahaha, we loved your post. Fabulous post out the window to the lit up tree. W don't get any snow where we live in New Zealand, so it all looks gorgeous to us.

    Gosh, you think if they were going to photoshop you in, they'd use a slim picture.

  37. Wow it is cold up there - I am not a fan of cold so I feel bad for you guys. It is cold here too but hasn't gotten quite that bad. And wow, the cross country skiing sounds ambitious when it is that cold. I think you are smarter to stay inside Katie!

  38. Hi Katie. I bet you missed your mommy and daddy. I know your glad they are home. Looks like they had a great trip too.

  39. Katie, I want to wish Happy New Year. It seems that your mommy and daddy had a good trip.

  40. Whew - it is CCOO-LLDD there!! We're freezing here and we live in Southern Virginia!! We can't imagine living up there in Minnesota!! Katie - please tell Glogirly & Gloman (& you!!) to stay warm up there!!

    Nico, Austin & JayJay :)


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