Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I'm dedicating my New Year's Day blog to my good friend Fin from Housecat Confidential. It's her birthday today and her mom's too. So Fin is asking all us cats to show our cutest baby photos. Believe me, this was a tough decision. You think I'm cute NOW.

So I settled on my infamous irresistibly-cute-head-upside-down pose. I still use this pose from time to time. It generally gets me whatever I want.

Glogirly was pretty cute when she was little too. For a human that is. She apparently used the cute cowgirl thing to get whatever she wanted. See, we're not all that different.

Glogirly and I wish you joy and peace and love and fun this new year. I'm promising to keep my mitts off her candy as long as she keeps her mitts off my nip.


  1. Katie, once again you look so petite and cute in your tiara! how festive! I must also say that i very much enjoy seeing your little black paw pads against your white fur - pretty!
    PS - your human looks pretty cute too!

  2. Katie, we think you are as cute now as you were then! And Glogirly is as stylin' as a little girl as she is now!

    Happy New Year to you and Glogirly and Gloman!!

  3. Oh My COD! How much cuteness can one house hold!?! I feel faint. Happiest of New Years to the GloClan. We love you girls and guys!

  4. We are celebrating Fin and Fin's Mom's birthday too. You certainly were a precious little kitteh (and Glogirly was precious too).

  5. A-DOR-A-BLE!
    need we say more?

    The Kritter Kommunity
    Lisa, Madi and Abi

  6. Such cuteness!!

    Happy New Year to you and your Mom!

  7. Happy New Year !

    Those are cute pictures!

  8. What cute kitten pictures of you and your mom! You two are adorable! We wish you a very happy New Year!

  9. How thoughtful Katie. Happy Birthday to Fin and Happy New Year to you
    Benny & Lily

  10. Happy New Year!! We love that last picture!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Hi Katie!
    Cuteness abounds in your household.
    Great baby pictures!
    * woo hoo *

    merry purrs

  12. Glogirly was such a cutie little cowgirl! And you Katie...well we know how cute you are. Great pictures! Happy New Year!

  13. Wasn't mama a doll when she was little? And who can resist your baby photo.

  14. Very cute. I didn't think about pulling out one of mom's baby pictures!

  15. Katie, Mama and I are dying over your kitten cuteness! Glogirly was pretty cute too.

    Happy new year to you & Glogirly (and Gloman)!!

    Lucy & Mama Vicki

  16. Well, both Katie and Glogirly were very cute in their baby pictures. Happy New Year!

  17. Quite Adorable (to both of you)! Happy New Year to you all!!

  18. Oh, you were both so adorable! China Cat & I are wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year!

    Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

  19. We love your kitten pictures! And your mom cowgirl pictures!

    Happy New Years to you two!

  20. Happy new year to you Katie, and to the people as well! You certainly were a cute little baby.

  21. Aww. You were cute as a button. Seeing that, we don't understand how you could ever become such a sensible cat, you must have been so spoiled. And Glogirly was a cute Cowgirly: she has a John Waynesy 'howdy stranger'-look with that lollipop.

  22. Absolutely adorable pictures! Happy New Year to you all! :)

  23. You were both very cute kittens! Glogirly is cracking us up in her cowgirl outfit with the sunglasses. Happy New Year friends! Hope you aren't up to your eyeballs in snow there in Minnesota.

  24. I had a red painted straw hat like that but Roy Rogers was the decoration. Katie, you are quite the model. I thought you were a princess when I saw you with the crown. Stay inside and keep warm as I know you are having very cold weather.

  25. Such an adorable kitten! Good luck staying warm, I personally know how cold MN is, I was born like a mile or two away from ol' Superior! Meanest lake ever! Burrrrrr!

  26. Well, I just found you, how about that? and I just nosed around over there and over there and I do not know how I ended up here. Hi Katie *waves paw*

    Um... happy new year
    bye *zoom*

  27. Ooop I am back :-P see I forgotted to say God Bless your Gabe the Lance Corporal
    Thanks so much for his bravery and service to our great country.

    k bye again

  28. Happy New Year! You were a very cute bebeh kitteh, Katie.

  29. Katie, you were a cute little baby! Glogirly was cute too even though she didn't have fur!

    We hope you have a happy and healthy new year!

  30. Hi Katie...nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by so I could find your fabulous blog! Happy New Year!
    your new pal,
    Bruce the cat:)

  31. There is just so much cute everywhere!!!

  32. I love the second pic of you in the belleh up pose!

    Thanx for following my blog! Happy mew year

  33. Thank you so much for your kind words to us on the loss of our darling Angel, it means the world to us that you cared about us at such a sad time. Angel was so precious to us.

    Both of your were cute babies!

    We send you wishes for a happy 2010

    Whicky Wuudler
    and Jane


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