Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour Time

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Fireworks aren't the only excitement that July brings each year. It's tour time again. This is the time of year that inspires glogirly and gloman to pull down their bikes from the garage ceiling and don their matching red helmets. Actually, gloman is an excellent bicyclist. He has legs of steel. At least that's what he says.

My favorite parts of the Tour de France are the sunflowers and Bob Roll. Although the riders will sweep through beautiful French fields of sunflowers on just a few of the day's stages, Bob Roll (Bobke to me) is there every single day. Gloman must really like him alot too. Whenever Bobke is on TV, gloman will honor him with an impressive impersonation routine. He'll wear a goofy grin, mispronounce words and flail his hands all around. He just can't seem to get enough of Bobke and his Tour Day France.

Tour Day France Commentator Extraordinaire


I'm still looking for all the cats that Bobke talks about. There's Cat 4, Cat 3, Cat 2, Cat 1 and there's even one named Beyond. This Beyond Cat must be a very fierce and scary cat considering how Bobke describes him. But I've yet to see any cats at all. I'm a little disappointed frankly.

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