Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy B-Day, Blogger

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Blogger is turning 10 years old and I guess they want to hear from all us cats who have made blogging a regular part of their life. They want to know what blogging MEANS to me. What my STORY is. I don't know, I think this could be an underhanded way of gathering a load of sappy, sentimental dribble. Or a sneaky attempt to access my personal information. But my human, glogirly, assures me it's on the up and up. So here goes.

I'm a cat. Blogging has obviously posed some unique obstacles for me. The typing is a challenge with my unusually small paws. I've had to resort to the hunt and peck method. Still, my hair can get caught in the keys. The mouse is typically not a problem as long as glogirly goes easy on my manicures and I refrain from eating it. Blogging has also created opportunities for personal growth. I've gained a working knowledge of digital photography and Photoshop. I can snoop on the internet with the best of them. To be clear though, I rely on glogirly for the majority of my imagery. I tell her what I want and when I want it. Just like everything else.

Blogging has given me a voice beyond my soft squeaks and mews. I'm able to share important opinions and observations of daily life in my own words. Most humans have no idea what it's like to be a cat. They just aren't smart enough. So I help them to see the world through my own eyes. Reading my posts, they can walk for miles on my paws.

Blogging has helped me maintain balance in my life. Not that I needed much help in this department. Cats are known for this ability. We rarely stumble and always land on our feet. Grace is my middle name. I strive for an 80/20 blogging ratio. 80% real life, no nonsense. 20% gratuitous, sentimental gush. This proportion is reflective of my approach to all things in life. 80% leave me alone I'm a cat. 20% loyal, loving companion. Frankly that 20% loving stuff is just an act. And the gush is intended solely for glogirly's benefit. She likes to think there is good in the world. She looks for inspiration through her family and friends. Her glass is always half full.
Me, I'm not quite so naive.

Blogging has strengthened my bond with my human. Ok, glogirly made me say that one. I'm not particularly fond of bondage in any form. Just because the harness and leash is pink and cute doesn't mean it has any business being on my back. There I said it.

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  1. bonjour
    j'ai un chat qui regarde aussi la TV,il adore les emissions alimalieres !


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