Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Darn Good Cat

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I had a bad feeling when she left this morning. I even ran down two flights of steps to watch her drive away. Truth is, I wanted her to see ME. Just a little abandonment guilt to throw her way. You see, glogirly spent the afternoon with one of her dog friends. I can smell these things before they even happen.

This time when she came home though, I didn't smell anything suspicious at all. No dog. No cat. No guinea pig. Nothing. Glogirly's friend, we call her hoffy, just lost her little Corgi Girl. Her name was Miss T. Miss T and hoffy were the best of friends. In fact they were a threesome just a few years ago before Tex passed away. Miss T and Tex did everything together. They loved each other very much. Too bad they were dogs, but not everyone can be perfect.

Glogirly and I poke fun at each other and aren't afraid to show our sardonic wit. But I'd really miss her if she went to human heaven and I know she'd miss me if I went to cat heaven. (I can't say as much for gloman.) Once when she was in Maine hiking up to a lighthouse, she tripped over a rock. Just before she said something not suitable for a blog, she realized what it was. A small heart-shaped remembrance of someone's companion and friend. I hope she'll remember me someday as a Darn Good Cat. I also hope she can find a bigger and more impressive rock.

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