Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Greetings From Your Girl

Hi Katie, Glogirly here.

I hope you are enjoying your peace and quiet while Gloman and I are on vacation. I miss you and think about you everyday. We are having a great time hanging out with our friends and family.

Here are two of your Canadian cousins and biggest blog fans, Sherri and Sharon. They came in a cute little Mini Cooper...I know you really like those cars. Admittedly they are dog people. And we all know how you feel about dog people. They told me their dog would like to have a blog of his own, but he's not as good of a writer as you. I know, I know... cats are much smarter than dogs.

Here are two more of your Canadian cousins, Aaron and Karen. I know, they rhyme. Karen is Aaron's mom so the rhyming thing is probably her doing. I don't think she was too happy when Aaron told her he got a motorcycle, but he took her for a ride to show her what an excellent and careful driver he is. He even got her a pink helmet. To my knowledge, they don't make helmets for cats so you won't be going for a ride anytime soon.

Gloman has been taking lots of photos. He says 'hi' and 'stay off my side of the bed.'

Katie, I hope you are being nice to the cat sitter. You really shouldn't call her the Smelly Stranger...that's not very nice. She's a good friend and thinks you're cute and sweet, despite the hissing and swatting episode. So be nice, don't eat too much and enjoy dancing naked.


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