Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outdoor Eye Candy

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Rules, rules, rules. Humans love to rule the world. As a cat, I'm forced to follow MY human's rules. And believe me, Glogirly's got a list of them a mile long. Rules are always about what I can't do. Not what I can do. I hate that. At the top of the list, right next to the
Not Hissing Ever Rule, is the Never Outside Rule. It's simply not fair. Glogirly goes outside all the time. I just get the "bye-bye kitty, love you" "be right back" routine. Just once I'd like to open up the front door, walk out and throw that bye-bye crap right back at her.

So I'm forced to see the world through marginally clean glass windows. Now don't tell Glogirly, but between you and me, there are actually a few benefits to this. A warm spot in the sun with a view of passerby birds. A rabbit oblivious to my stares. You see, I'm a voyeur. Most cats are. I can watch and dream without all the messy details of actual contact. After all, what on earth would I do with a rabbit? There's no room in this townhouse for squatters.

Because I'm such an agreeable cat with an incredibly positive attitude, I manage to keep myself satisfied with mere outdoor eye candy. Some drool over cookies through a bakery window. Some unfold big pictures from the centers of magazines. Me, I have my birds and bugs and rabbits and a 1/4" thick piece of glass between us.

P.S. I have to thank Gloman for the bird, bug and bunny photos. There, another rule followed.

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