Friday, July 3, 2009

In My Next Life

Hi everyone, Katie here.

When I die, God will likely greet me at the pearly gates and shower me with compliments about what a wonderful cat life I've lived.
He'll be very pleased with how friendly and loving I have been.
Even towards dog people. Sure, I've inappropriately hissed on occasion. I'm a cat. I just can't imagine I'd be sent back to earth for a second run at heavenly worthiness. But just in case, I've decided that in my next life, if necessary, I'd like to be a maid or a hooker.

You see, I love beds. I love everything about them. I love making them. I love playing in them. I love pillowcases. I love flat and fitted sheets alike. Laundry day is the best. It's like a party. I love twirling in the sheets when glogirly is trying to tuck them in. I try to help Glogirly in any way I can, just like any good maid would.

Now I don't know much about hookers. But I hear they spend a lot of time in bed. And they get paid to be in bed. Well I spend a lot of time in bed and I've yet to see a paycheck. So I'm thinking there might be a future for me in this field.



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