Thursday, July 23, 2009

Postcard From The Edge

Hi Katie, Glogirly here.

I know you're probably getting tired of me reminding you to be nice to the cat sitter. But you should know that Gloman has found a new house that he thinks would be perfect for you and he's threatening to send you away if he learns of another hissing and swatting incident with the cat sitter. So please, please, please watch your step, proceed with caution. If you can't exchange civil pleasantries, just resort to plan B. Hide. She'll only be in the townhouse a few minutes for feeding and scooping.

You know Gloman, he'll make this new property sound very enticing. He'll try to sell you on the solitude and quiet. He'll talk of mice and birds a-plenty. But Katie, you are a far too civilized cat to live in such a shanty. And you wouldn't know what to do with a mouse if he invited you over for dinner.

So be good, enjoy your gingivitis food and hiss only when no one is listening.


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