Friday, January 27, 2017

Tag Team Cats Dinnertime Strategy

WAFFLES:  Boss! What day is it? I can't remember what day it is. 

KATIE:  It's Friday. Why?

WAFFLES:  I just want to make sure I don't sleep through Caturday. 

KATIE:  Caturday? What about DINNER? You know Waffles, for a cat who's as food-obsessed as you are, you sure do sleep through dinnertime a lot. In fact, if I didn't send you out on your daily reconnaissance tour to remind Glogirly it's 4:59pm, we'd starve to death. 

And speaking of 4:59pm–

WAFFLES:  GLOGIRLY!!!! The Boss says it's dinnertime! 

KATIE:  Waffles! A little subtlety goes a long way. Now go into the living room and stare at Glogirly. Don't blink, don't look away and don't make a move until she does. 

 About Today's Photos 
We've shared the pre-mealtime dance routine that takes place nearly everyday here. What you probably don't know is what goes on right before the dance begins. 

Katie is the resident time keeper. She keeps a very close eye on her internal clock. She starts anticipating dinner long before the clock strikes 5pm. Glogirly tends to be a little lackadaisical when it comes keeping a consistent schedule.

Every day, starting at about 4pm, Katie & Waffles meet up in the kitchen. After what appears to be a close conversation, with instructions given by Katie, Waffles makes his first trek through the living room where Glogirly is usually working on her computer. The goal of course, is to gently remind her that it's dinner time and she's got two cats at risk of starvation.

Sometimes it takes a couple of pass throughs. Other times Waffles has to stare her down. 

Worst case scenario, Katie has to make a final pass through. ...that's when Glogirly knows she means business. 

And dinner is served.


  1. Max is out meal timekeeper. He knows when 8 AM and 6 PM arrive. He starts telling Dad we are starving. Some times he has to get on Dad's desk and scream in his face!

  2. Oh, if Katie has to step in, I bet that means trouble!

  3. Katie does have a point ... she shouldn't have to remind him to take care of business ... especially when you consider how food motivated he is. I love that when you get the Boss herself, you know things are dire :)

  4. It's good you have minders. How else would y?u know what time it is?

  5. It is the same at our house. But since I give them smaller meals several times a day due to one tuxedo throwing up her food after gobbling down her food, my ginger girl jumps up next to me and whacks my head to get the message across!

  6. Glogirly and Waffles are lucky to have Katie running the townhouse smoothly!

  7. Good job on gettin dinner delivered Katie.

  8. I don't mind the 4pm reminders... it's the 4am wake up calls that are the problem.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red

  9. It always amazes me how they know the time. Of course on weekends they try to get their supper earlier and earlier!
    Purrs from Hemingway and Steinbeck and Hugs from Pam (The Mom)

  10. I swear it's 4:58 on the dot, every single day, when this bunch starts in!

  11. We eat at 8pm, and Lexy is very good at letting mommy know what time it is!

  12. The woman sat down and ate her dinner first last night because she forgot to feed us! Granted she ate earlier than usual but really. It was so rude...

  13. Staring works wonders!
    Lily & Edward

  14. I get fed at 4 but my clock is 2 hours fast. I start pestering TW at around 2. MOL!

  15. Nope, you wouldn't want to miss dinner...or breakfast either. We usually start our dinner time routine about an hour before we actually get food.

  16. Katie, you have that Waffles well trained. Glogirly, maybe not so much.

  17. OMG Waffles' screaming face cracks me up!!!! Is that a white spot on Katie's lower back? Or grey fur? Don't tell her she has grey fur!! I wish our dinners were more structured like yours. Here dinner time is kind of hell like as in Hell's Kitchen! Some don't like the food, or the service or the time it's given. Argh!! We have finicky eaters, overeaters, slow eaters, nervous eaters, name it. Mama is running a soup kitchen!

  18. Katie and Waffles you sure know how to tells the Mom when am dinner times!
    -Lil Bear who always tells Mom about hims waters needs cleaning.


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