Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Waffles Sings for His Breakfast


About Today's Blog Post
You asked for it. You got it!
Without further ado...

WAFFLES:  A Do? What kind of Do? Like a–

We're proud to bring you (actually Katie is rolling her eyes right now) the first-ever audio-video proof of the craziness that is... Waffles. 

If you're visiting us on your mobile device, click HERE to watch Waffles' Breakfast Song. Otherwise just click below. And although it probably goes without saying, you just might want to turn that volume up.

Just another morning in the townhouse. 

We know what you're thinking.
You've got questions. We've got answers.

Q: Does Waffles really do this EVERY morning? 

A: Yes

Q: What about Katie?

A:  Katie is all business in the morning. But she has her own special dinnertime song. 

Q:  So when's Katie's video debut???

A:  We're working on it!


  1. Pumpkin was seriously checking it out. Pumpkin sings for breakfast too. Maybe Pumpkin and Waffles could go on the road.

  2. Music to my ears and if Spicy Marie were younger and could hear you, she would give you a paws up Waffles!

  3. Oh, come on! That is just sweet! (If a bit insistent.) I was expecting something way more obnoxious, kind of like what Binga does every day when she wants food. He has a nice voice.

  4. Aaaaaaawwwww!!!! Squeeeeeee!!!! I'm more in love with you Waffles!! You sound perfect!! I was so excited to finally hear you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Quit starving that cat, Glogirly! He wouldn't cry like that if he wasn't being starved. Clearly, he hasn't been fed since the fall of Rome (or dinnertime last night. Both probably happened about the same time). My cat Sam tunes up like that when I'm dishing up breakfast and when I'm dishing up dinner, and he doesn't quit his singing until there's a bowl of gooshyfood in front of him and his gob is full of the smelly substance.

  6. My Moko insists on having both bowls of water clean and full (we have two Neater Feeders - one in the kitchen and one in the main bathroom, with both bowls in each filled with water - our dogs and cats go through a LOT of water). Moko is typically pretty quiet, but when she wants me to fill the water bowls (it doesn't matter if one side is full, she has to have both), she gets very loud. She's starting to do it for food when she knows she's getting canned food, too. We need to get her and Waffles together for a duet!

  7. You have a lovely singing voice Waffles! My mum says I squawk. I prefer to say I am just hollering to make sure she hears me.

  8. SQUEE!!!! Waffles is soooo irresistible with that voice and the head tilts!!!

  9. Gotta love Waffles. Poor boy ... he MUST be STARVING ;)

  10. Aww he is adorable. I have a singer at my house.
    Sue B

  11. Put the camera down and feed that poor starving cat. It sounds like he hasn't eaten in forever. 😄

  12. Sheesh...we can't believe she just didn't feed you, Waffles! ;)

  13. What a sweet little mew you have Waffles. It is much nicer than Gemini's mew and quieter than Chey's!

  14. "now now now now" the head tilt is hilarious....

  15. Loved the video. Waffles is even more adorable in motion with sound!
    Rufus the Red enjoyed the Song of Suppers too.

  16. Loved the video and what a good voice Waffles has! M thought I'd come running, but I didn't. Next time she plays it she'll have me on her lap cuz she said it's sooooooooo cute!

  17. Are you going to be on the Voice next week?
    Lily & Edward

  18. What a sweet voice you have, Waffles ! Zorro is rather a dancer : round and round around Claire's legs (or Momo's) until a. the clumsy human fells down b. the stupid clumsy human steps on Zorro c. the smart human gives him some food. Purrs

  19. Waffles, we saw this on Facebook yesterday and thought it was wunderpurr! MOL


    Basil & Co xox

  20. It just isn't breakfast without a good serenade! Waffles is a wonderful singer. He is super cute. :) Manna likes to sing at her meal times too. Dexter would sing, but he's mute. He tries anyway. I look forward to hearing Katie's beautiful singing voice! :)
    -Purrs from your friends at

  21. Great singing, Waffles! We think you have a sweet and melodic voice. And we loved that video of you. :)

    Gracie and Zoe sing for their suppers, too. Zoe actually sings all the time ... she loves to talk!


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