Thursday, September 8, 2016

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum in Action

WAFFLES:  Uh hello? Is anyone in there?

KATIE:  I see you met Bob.

WAFFLES:  Bob? Who's Bob?

KATIE:  You know... Bob. He's our new vacuum.

WAFFLES:  He's a VACUUM??? He doesn't look like a vacuum, Boss.

KATIE:  That's because he's a robotic vacuum. 

WAFFLES:  What do you mean... robot?

KATIE:  He's a bObsweep PetHair robotic vacuum, Waffles. Wait, you're not actually scared of Bob, are you?

WAFFLES:  Who, me? Scared?

WAFFLES:  Now listen to me, Bob. I'll stay out of your way if you stay out of–

WAFFLES:  OMG Boss! Bob's on the move – he's coming after me!

KATIE:  Relax, Waffles. He's just heading back to his charging station. He's probably hungry.

WAFFLES:  Hungry? I hope Bob doesn't eat orange cats.

Say hello to Bob
You should have seen the look on Glogirly's face when she heard we'd be trying out the new bObsweep PetHair intelligent floor cleaner. It's hard to say what she was more excited about... clean floors at the touch of a button while she puts her feet up and eats bon-bons or the prospect of shooting video of Waffles riding the bObsweep.

WAFFLES:  You want me to do WHAT with Bob???

We're pleased to report our floors are clean, the bon-bons eaten... but Waffles is, shall we say, just a little bit skeptical about taking Bob for a spin.

Bob's maiden voyage
We've never used a robotic vacuum before so we had a little bit of a learning curve to follow, but Bob's instructions for both set up and use were incredibly easy to follow. It took only a couple of minutes to get Bob all set on his charger. He came with plenty of power to get himself tucked in for the night. After an initial 8 hour charge he was ready for action.

Check out Bob, Waffles & Katie on the move. If you can't see the video below, click HERE to watch.

What does Bob do?
He vacuums.
He sweeps.
He mops
He sterilizes the floor using his UV lamp.
He even has a HEPA filter to clean the air.

How did Bob do?
We put Bob to the test on a variety of floor surfaces. The majority of our townhouse is hardwoods and that's where Bob does his best. In addition to his main roller brush, he's got a cute little brush that looks kind of like a big spider protruding just enough to catch dust, hair and debris close to the wall and in the corners. His rubber wheels won't scratch the floor and there's even a couple microfiber mopping cloths included that you can saturate with water or your favorite floor cleaner if you want him to go deep.

Most of our carpeting consists of area rugs. They're very thick and each rug varies in height and texture with a mix of dense pile and taller loops pieced together. We were pretty skeptical that Bob would be able to navigate from the floor to the rugs without getting hung up, but he soldiered through just fine. Although Bob didn't do as good of a job as our upright vacuum on the rugs, he's perfect for quick cleanups in-between our regular cleaning schedule.

It didn't take long to realize Bob's a master at reaching spots our upright vacuum just can't touch. He found dust bunnies older than Katie! This was one of the biggest and most fun surprises.

Though you probably don't want Bob to take care of business in the same room while you're watching Grey's Anatomy or The Walking Dead, he's much quieter than a standard vacuum. About 70 decibels, compared to the 90+ decibels of our upright. In fact, Katie wasn't even phased by Bob at all. Waffles was a little more of a scaredy cat, but that was more about Bob's movements than his 'voice.'

Cleaning Time
On a full charge, Bob can clean for 55-90 minutes. That's longer than even Glogirly can go!

Cleaning Bob
Maintaining Bob is very easy. He comes with a couple of brushes that get into the little nooks and crannies of his undercarriage and brush. He's got a generously sized (1000 ml) dust bin that opens up like a drawer for easy emptying. 

How did WE do?
We mentioned there's a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to a robotic vacuum like Bob. The first couple of times he cleaned, Glogirly supervised him so that she could take note of any spots in the house where he got hung up and then make adjustments.

For the most part he did great. But he got stuck in the kitchen when he became wedged between the bottom of the cabinets, the thick area rug and the hardwood floor. What happened is that one of his wheels was on top of the rug, the other wheel was on the floor and his font end was pushed at an awkward angle underneath the cabinet. Just a little shifting of the rug solved that problem.

He also got hung up between some of the dining room chair legs. The chairs are positioned very close together and just needed to be pulled out a little. Then he was fine.

But his sensors kept him from getting into any serious trouble, like off-roading down the steps.

The Final Analysis
Glogirly is something of a clean freak. We're not complaining... cats are fastidious groomers too. She does a thorough cleaning of the townhouse every two weeks. Bob can absolutely stand up to the vacuum and broom when it comes to sweeping the hardwoods. And he can reach many spots she can't.

He probably isn't quite as effective has her hand mop is for wet work and the upright vacuum has more power and suction on the area rugs. But Bob is GREAT for cleaning in-between her 2-week schedule. Now that we have dark walnut hardwoods throughout, dust and cat hair start showing up just a few days after the thorough cleaning. Dinner crumbs also make their way to the rug in the living room. She used to have to lug the heavy upright vacuum up and down the stairs to keep up with these messes. But now Bob is handling all of that. Go Bob!

Find Bob
Find the same bObsweep PetHair we have on his Amazon Shop.
Or Adopt a bObsweep on his main website.

Warning: Some cats may enjoy playing floor hockey with Bob's remote. This should probably be discouraged.

This post is sponsored by bObsweep. We received our bObsweep PetHair vacuum at no charge in exchange for our honest review. GLOGIRLY only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. bObsweep is not responsible for the content of this article.


  1. Hmmm, mum wants to know if you would come over the alternate weeks and clean here. She hates cleaning!

  2. Love the looks on their faces as they watched Bob do his thing

  3. I'm looking forward to reading about how Bob holds up over a longer period of time, say maybe three to six months? We had a different brand of robotic vacuum several years ago and it wasn't able to keep up with our mess. Of course, I'm not able to keep up with the mess of 4 felines, plus one teenager, so,I can't blame a robot for not being able to stay on top of our mess. Poor Mr. Roomba was simply over-matched back then. Hopefully Bob will be made of stronger stuff. I'd love to leave the Dysons in their closets regularly so my fingers are crossed!

  4. Wow, Katie was WAY more interested in Bob than Waffles! Who knew? My human could use a between-real-floor-cleanings robot, but she's not so sure Bob would work for us, as we have grooved plank floors.

  5. I would be most interested in seeing how the Farm cats would react to Bob. It would be entertaining I'm sure

  6. Why do I get the feeling that Katie is plotting a way to devise an 'off' switch for Waffles?

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  8. I loved the part in the video where Katie tries to play with Bob - so cute!

  9. Katie seems quite interested in Bob, Waffles more interested in keeping out of the way. Mum says he looks like a good friend to have.

  10. Bob is pretty darned cool! We have always wondered how those work! Great review!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  11. maybe some day if mom ever gets her wish for hardwood floors....

    Katie was very brave - and we were impressed by that fact that Bob noticed her and changed direction :)

  12. It sounds awesome and the Male might have to look into that. We have a housekeeper come in once every two weeks (the woman is lazy) but still there are always things to be done. We do keep an extra small vacuum and sweeper on the first floor so the real vacuum stays upstairs where there is carpet... but still... having an auto cleaner would be nice...

  13. Great post! We love our Roomba and have been very surprised at how well it picks up. We kittehz avoid it like the plague. MOL!

    1. Pee Ess - I think the BobSweep sounds like a better value, too.

  14. We're amazed at how calm and inquisitive Katie was. We would have thought it would go the other way and Waffles would have been the braver.

  15. Great review, that Bob is pretty cool ! Claire has always been skeptical about the cleaning skills of those bots, but the BobSweep sounds like a great product. Purrs

  16. Bob is cool and we're amazed that you two are so interested in it!!! We have a Roomba and watch it when it runs but stay clear of it.

    The Florida Furkids

  17. I'd probably follow it like Katie does. I love to watch cars and toys that move on their own. TW wants one of these to get under our furniture.

  18. A most excellent review. Superb video. TKS would follow Bob around but me, UTB

  19. We're so impressed that Katie was braver than Waffles was about Bob! It's interesting to hear that the machine is low-maintenance. The head peep had a robot vacuum ten years ago and it was very maintenance-intensive. The amount of work it took after every cleaning made it not worth the automation, so it sounds like they have come a long way. Maybe she should take a look at them again!

  20. The mom says she needs a bOb really bad! Us...maybe not so much...but it may be kinda fun to watch him.

  21. Wish I could afford one for Mommy. She gets very tired of my furs all over. But she DOES make sure I get Furminated a lot, and I suppose that lessens the chore. Still, this would be a nice present for Mommy. If she could give me an allowance. Do you two get one?

  22. Wow, look how brave Katie is! way to go!! Hopefully Waffles will get used to Bob and ride him around soon.

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    We may have to check into getting one of those.
    Have a super Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  25. Be brave, Waffles. Ride Bob and show it who's in charge!


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