Monday, August 29, 2016

The Ladies ManCat

funny cat Waffles spit shines his paw
WAFFLES:  I've got to shiny up my handsomeness for the ladies, on account of it's Mancat Monday and all.

Katie cat throws Waffles a sarcastic look
KATIE:  I thought Waffles Wednesday was your thing.

Goofy cat Waffles strikes a pose for the ladies
WAFFLES: The ladies need them some handsome on Mondays too, you know. 

KATIE:  *sigh*

Waffles the funny cat contemplates his handsomeness
WAFFLES:  I can do Thursday and Friday too. Works for me.

Katie looks a little tired of Waffles' cat antics
KATIE:  Do you see what I have to put up with?  Day after day after–

Funny cat Waffles looks like he's really talking
WAFFLES:  I better get a calendar to keep up with all this handsomeness. 

About Today's Photos
Some of Waffles' most expressive photos happen when we're not even trying. Earlier this year we were taking pictures for a product review when Waffles decided he was done with the food and the taste testing (really???) and opted for a quick bath in the white swivel chair. First comes the preening, then comes the posing. Good thing Glogirly still had her camera ready.

Katie is never far away though. She'll often maintain a safe distance, watching every move he makes. Usually with that "I can't believe my eyes" look on her face.

Oh, "If we could read her mind... what a tale her thoughts would tell."  ♩♫


  1. Poor Katie ... then again, she DOES get to stare at Waffles all day long ... so it's not like there aren't perks of the job. Ummm ... I'm on your side, Katie! I SWEAR!

  2. Katie, I totally emphasize! I think Waffles would make me a little crazy too, even though I get lots of training, living with Binga.

  3. Waffles- you do tend to suck up the air in a room but it's your purrsonality. We still love you Katie!

  4. Katie, you're a saint! At least when Waffles is grooming himself, he's not messing with you!

  5. Katie, he would try the patience of a saint.....

  6. What a face, Waffles! Katie, we put up with Newton, so we know how you feel....

  7. We want mancat handsomeness every day!

  8. Love handsome Mondays. Have a great week.
    Sue B

  9. Katie, your expressions are priceless as are Waffles. you have to admit tho Katie, he's really cute!

  10. Katie, I know what it's like putting up with boycats. Sheesh. ~Zoey

  11. poor Katie....the things she has to tolerate :)

  12. The Woman can never get enough handsome mancat...

  13. It's amazing the wonderful photos we can get when the humans aren't expecting them. Great photos!

  14. We can never have enuf orich handsomeness

  15. Mondays are so stinky we definitely need a dose of your handsome-ness, Waffles!

  16. I would love a calendar with Waffles' handsomeness all 12 months! And extra months with gorgeous Katie!


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