Wednesday, June 22, 2016

BlogPaws Bound

WAFFLES:  Where's all my stuff? My treats and my food and my litter box and my wand toy? I can't go to BlogPaws without my stuff!

KATIE:  Hate to break it to you Waffles, but Glogirly is flying solo to the big conference. 

WAFFLES:  She can FLY??? But she doesn't even have wings or anything. Where's she going to put my suitcase?

KATIE:  No, Waffles. She's going to the conference by herself. 

WAFFLES:  By herself??? But nobody wants to see her. They want to see me. And well, you too Boss. 

KATIE:  Gee, thanks. She said the airline will only let her bring one of us and (I can't even believe I'm going to say this) since we travel better with each other than without, she wants to wait for the next conference to bring you and me with her. 

Oh, and it's like 120 degrees where she's going so there's that.

WAFFLES:  So what are we going to do at home? Who's going to give us breakfast and dinner and stuff? 

KATIE:  Gloman's in charge. 

WAFFLES:  Maybe we'll get more food then, right? Maybe we can replace the little measuring cup with the big one. Right?

KATIE:  Waffles, if Glogirly is anything she's thorough. Remember the instructions she left for him the last time? We nearly starved. 

BlogPaws or Bust
Glogirly is leaving today for the BlogPaws Pet Blogging & Social Media Conference at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ. Although she's a little sad to be leaving Katie & Waffles at home this year, she's super excited to see her cat and dog blogging friends. One of the coolest things about blogging is getting to know fellow animal lovers online. Some of her closest friendships are with fellow bloggers so it's really special when they have a chance to meet in-the-fur. 

Going Nose to Nose
This coming Saturday is the Nose to Nose Awards Banquet. We're incredibly honored to be named finalists in two categories this year - Best Humor Blog and Best Blog Photo. The competition is stiff, so we're not expecting Glogirly to be packing a trophy in her suitcase. We're just tickled to be finalists. We want to thank our friends and readers for nominating us too. These are very meaningful awards based on merit and judged by a panel of industry experts. This year there were over 1,000 nominations.  

Hard Choices
It was a really hard decision for Glogirly to make the trip without Katie or Waffles. If Phoenix were a drivable distance from Minneapolis, it would be easy. Everyone would go. But when it comes to flying, only one cat can be brought on the plane with Glogirly. Waffles does fine on his own while he's away, but when he comes back home he has trouble with displacement aggression. That means he needs to be separated from Katie for as much as 3-5 days. 
So given the stress that would cause for Waffles, Katie and Glogirly, it seemed like the best decision for everyone.  

Displacement Agression-Our Experience
Displacement Agression is very common with cats. If you're curious about it or need help dealing with it, we have some tips that may help:
When Being a Brat is Normal - 7 Tips to Dealing with Displacement Aggression in Cats

Pet First Aid Course Giveaway
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  1. Have a great conference. At least you will get a good night's sleep...

  2. I will miss seeing you! Have fun and torment the kids with flirty photos! And good luck on your nominations! I will swing my cat cowbell in support!

  3. "(I can't even believe I'm going to say this) since we travel better with each other than without ..." Hahahaha. That's big of Katie to admit :)
    "If Glogirly is anything she's thorough. Remember the instructions she left for him the last time?" Been there ... well, on the instruction making side anyway. Hopefully Gloman will have the heart to slip Katie and Waffles just a few extra treats on the DL.
    I am so excited to meet you! And don't be ridiculous ... I'm guessing you'll win one, if not both. Besides your amazing pictures, you always make me laugh.

  4. Poor Waffles! I really feel for you - my human rarely goes out of town without me, and when she does I KNOW I'm missing out! I got nominated too, but I'm not expecting to bring home any awards - the competition is REALLY stiff in my category! But I AM planning on having lots and lots of fun meeting humans and getting to see the ones I met last year! I will give Glogirly some headbutts - I hope that helps her feel better about leaving you and Katie behind.

  5. Have a great trip Glogirly! Gloman will take excellent care of Katie and Waffles....... Surely there will be extra treats and tons of lovey-dovey time!!!

  6. We hope you have a great trip and enjoy the conference.

  7. Have a wonderful time! I'm sad that I won't get to see you this year.

  8. Quick, someone needs to steal the instructions left for Gloman! And then you can trade the measuring cup! hee hee

  9. Don't feel bad, Waffles and Katie, we're getting left behind too. But the mom says she can't wait to see Glogirly again. :)

  10. Don't worry Waffles, I will email some to you.... peeps says email is way quicker than ordinary post. purrs ERin

  11. But...but...that suitcase matches Waffles. How can she take it and not him?!

  12. Katie now is your chance to change the locks
    Lily & Edward

  13. we know people will miss Katie and Waffles, but peace at home is worth missing the trip.

  14. Poor Waffles, he won't be able to be fawned all over.. and he won't be able to lock himself inside a new bathroom..

    Have fun!

  15. So excited - we leave today too and I hope to meet you!

  16. Glogirly can pet all the cats! If it makes you kitties feel any better, I'm not going either. 😉

  17. guys...hope yur mom haz safe travelz, ther, home & everee wear inn between...hope her haza awesum time, hope her findz a soot case ta
    bring home her trofeez, N tell her knot ta worree a bout a thing at
    home { de 835 pizza piez arrive at 6:19 two nite, waffles de dee liveree
    dood will be askin for ewe oh kay ☺☺☺☺ } ♥♥♥ best fishes two yur mom

  18. Have fun at the conference, Glogirly ! Katie and Waffles, we know that Gloman will take good care of you. As he's wearing glasses, it is possible that he's not able to read Glogirly's instructions very well, for example : "Feed the kitties with the big cup" instead of "Feed the kitties with the mid cup", or "More treats every morning" instead of "No treats in the morning", who knows ? Purrs

  19. Safe travels to Glogirly and try not to bake.

  20. The last photo of Waffles in the suitcase is just priceless! He looks very concerned about his and Katie's welfare.

    Safe travels and enjoy the conference!

  21. Have a great time at BlogPaws, Glogirly! We are sad we won't be there with you in person. But we're there in spirit! :)


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