Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Waffles Wednesday: Top Ten Troubles

WAFFLES:  If you've been following me on Facebook lately, you know that I've been getting into some stuff the Boss likes to call *trouble.* But everyone keeps giggling and telling me how handsome I am. So I'm thinking this trouble stuff and handsome stuff ... it MUST be related.

So I thought I'd share my top ten troubles and then you can tell me if I'm even MORE handsome.

Waffles Top Ten *Troubles*
1.  Locked myself in the powder room. 
Like about ten times. But I like the powder room. The door is super fun to play behind and close with my paws. Can I help it if I can't open it?

2.  Locked myself in the guest bedroom overnight. 
I only did this once. I swear I smelled treats on account of that's where Glogirly stores ALL the cool stuff we get from the man in brown shorts. After everyone went to bed, I thought it would be fun to shut the door and see what happened. What happened is I almost MISSED BREAKFAST the next morning. 

3.  Spilled a little litter. 
It was only like 40 pounds. It was in a plastic bag and I love plastic bags. You know how you make a little tear in something and then you just keep making more little tears?  

4.  Stared at the Boss. 
I wasn't really staring. I was just looking. Over her shoulder. While she was eating. Her whole breakfast. And dinner.

5.  Stared at the Boss. Stole a pillow.
Ok, so the Boss was sitting on puffy pillow on the sofa next to Glogirly while she was blogging. It looked SO comfortable. I may or may not have *looked* at her. Can I help it if she got up to go get a drink? Can I help it if I kept her pillow warm?

6.  Counter surfing.
But Gloman brought home KFC! (Sunday)
But there was fresh pizza on the counter. (Monday)
But there was turkey sandwich stuff on the counter. (Tuesday)

7.  Cupboard inspection.
For the record, I only opened five of the kitchen cupboards. I may or may not have taken out *some* of the paper napkins.

8.  Carpet maintenance. 
When I did #2 (no not litter box #2, but #2 on my troubles list) I worked my magic on the carpeting under the guest room door. I looked for a scratching post, but I would have had to walk a whole 12 inches to get to it. 

9.  Bedtime fetch.
Gloman doesn't like to play fetch after he's in bed. Sleeping. I guess he doesn't like waking up with a fetch toy stuck to his leg either.

10.  Locked myself in the guest bathroom.
That one was a tactical error on account of no one hardly ever uses it. Thank COD Glogirly was in the very next room and heard the door slam shut. She has sonar door shutting hearing. I don't really think this counts as trouble though because she was laughing. 

And that was just one week!

So??? Am I even MORE handsome now? Because if I am, there's lots of trouble I haven't even found yet!


  1. Waffles - having spent a weekend in a hotel room with you I can't believe any of this is true.

  2. Counter surfin ain't trubull, it's a way of life.

  3. Waffles, you are one of a kind! I don't know if Glogirly can handle you getting any handsomer ;)

  4. Waffles, are you SURE this is trouble? Because it all sounds pretty regular to me!

  5. buddy, you have trouble written allowed your face. That is what gives you that extra cute factor. Of course all that also.makes you extre handsome too.

    1. That was supposed to say "Waffles you have trouble written all over your face." I'm moving in with you cuz it's way more fun at your house than it is here.

  6. Waffles, you really do manage to get into all kinds of mischief. Are all of the doors in the Glohouse propped permanently open now?

  7. Trouble just sort of finds you, doesn't it, Waffles?? Ernie's been known to lock himself in rooms, too. And you'd think with his big feets, he'd figure out how to open the doors. ~Wally

  8. Oh yes Waffles so handsome! But in our household cats hated closed doors and always had to have them open! Love Dolly

  9. I don't know why any of that is considered trouble. Okay, the counter surfing may not be a good oh, lifting up the corner of the carpet that's under the door--unless you are asked to help remove it...the rest of it sounds pretty darn entertaining. And normal. Do they expect that you WON'T go after KFC and pizza and turkey and any food source? Do they KNOW you at the townhouse? We at Squeedunk say you are UBER handsome. And ingenious too!

  10. Hey Waffles! Numbers 6 (counter surfing) and 9---playing fetch when Dad is sleeping is on my top 10 FAVE list! Love, Cody

  11. Waffles, we think you are lucky that your mom only listed ten "troubles"!! From what we here, you are ALWAYS into something. However, we still love you! We figure you're just overloaded with the curiosity streak!

  12. Waffles, all of that sounds very familiar to this North Carolina mama of a fuzzy orange terrorist. The only difference is that Georgie just shows the other three where the "ooh you're gonna get in BIG trouble when Mama gets home" spots are and the giggles kinda maniacally when they get fussed at.

    PS - I just had a lumpectomy yesterday and the shenanigans that you and Katie do really make me smile even though everything kinda hurts right now. Thank you for being your silly selves and bringing a smile while I recover. xoxoxo

  13. we suspect the next box from the man in brown shorts is gonna have doorstops - LOTS of doorstops :)

  14. Ah Waffles, you sound like Ichiro with the door shutting. We have door stops on all of our doors to keep him from getting locked in too long or locking in Gemini who gets upset and then starts digging at the carpet.

  15. Dang Waffles, I feel a Top 100 coming on! Thanks for the purrs, I'm a wee bit better today.

  16. Awww, Waffles, you are the most adorable sweet little angel mancat! We think your antics are very funny, and we thinks you should keep them up because they keep the humans on their toes!

  17. Waffles you are the cutest kind of trouble ever.
    Sue B

  18. I'd say you are quite the expert at being handsome Waffles..if it involves getting in trouble that is..

  19. OH dear Waffles only 10 in one week, you'll have to try better this week. MOL

  20. Waffles! A friend of mine has bells hanging by doors that her cats can hit to let her know they want OUT.
    But that would probably make the next list much longer...

  21. What is it with orange boys and getting locked in bathroom? EK seems to manage that one on a regular basis too.

  22. I love our orange trouble causing boys! We've moved and Tonka is busy showing us all the places he can escape our now screened in catio/porch. He thinks he's being helpful, we think he's being naughty. The jury is still out!

  23. Oh, yes - you are sooo handsome and adorable and cute, Waff! The best thing I can say for your troublemaking is that you're making Julio look good. He doesn't have any opportunities to lock himself in rooms, but he certainly surfs far more surfaces than the kitchen counters - and knocks down everything that can be paw-swatted. Don't even think about it, Waffles!

  24. Oh Waffles, you are too darned cute! *giggle* Those aren't Troubles, those are just fun kitty things! Well, except maybe stealing Katie's pillow.
    Lola and Lexy

  25. Well Waffles dat twubble stuffs not always fun. Sumtimes you miss out on tweats and fings like dat. And yes we just loathe passwords. Evewyfin' neds a password these days. Mommy se afur ya' know it, yous pawdee's gunna be askin' fur a password.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  26. You're the best in the trouble-category, Waffles ! As long as it makes humans giggle, it means you're pawsome ! Purrs

  27. I believe you will soon be in a handsome category all by yourself. Yes, that’s it. Oh, and leave Katie alone.

  28. Your parents are lucky Waffles- never a dull moment with you around.

  29. Handsome equals troubles with you. You get in more trouble than most.

  30. Waffles especially found #2 bloodcurdling in that you almost missed a meal! Now that is serious! My cat Peaches has had that difficulty after she learned to open doors to "secret rooms". Obviously everyone looks for you at dinnertime though so your chances of starving are remote. Best wishes, Carol, Peaches & Paprika

  31. Waffles, we think these things are just what make you who you are. And we love you, pal. By the way ... we resemble some of these troubles. Maybe we are "handsome," too! MOL!

  32. Waffles, you are a very busy boy. Doesn't all that being handsome wear you out?


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