Saturday, August 17, 2013

Photohunt: *SWANKY*

Hi everyone, Katie here.

When Glogirly told me the theme for today's photohunt was *swanky*... well, let's just say I saw this coming a mile away. Will you just LOOK at what I have to live with???

Cod grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And a padded cell with a lock.

Visit the Saturday Photohunt Blog to see upcoming themes and play along.

Speaking of SWANKY...

Congrats to SELINA from One Eye On The Future!

She's uber-lucky winner of the swanky Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain! Special thanks to PetSafe for sponsoring our giveaway!

Stay tuned, kitties...we've got a couple more PAWSOME giveaways up our furry, little sleeves.


  1. Oh, dear, a pimped out Waffles. Katie, my sympathies. I hope he isn't more impossible to live with than usual for very long.

    Selina is one swank-looking feline! She should have been featured for today's theme.

  2. Selina is a pretty kitty!

    Gotta love a pimped out Waffles. The ring is the perfect touch

  3. Concatulations to Selina! Lucky cat. And that fountain is a bit swanky!

  4. Waffles needs accessories to be swanky Katie--whereas, you--well, SWANKY is just your natural state.

  5. How awesome that Selina won the fountain - on Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  6. congrats to Selina,she deserves the win.hehehe minf you the threads do suit Waffles Katie,xx Speedy

  7. Love that picture! You go Waffles!

  8. Super swanky!

    concatulations to Selina.

    The Paw Relations

  9. Congratulations Selina! Katie, are you on Prozac yet?!?

  10. Hmmm... all he needs now is some platform heels with goldfish in them...

  11. Hmmm... all he needs now is some platform heels with goldfish in them...

  12. Awww... Katie, you could use a little bling too.
    Go Waffles!


  13. MOL Waffles does look very swanky! ConCatulations to Selina!!

    The Florida Furkids

  14. What a great post! Loved the photos and think this should go in the Webster's dictionary showing what swank is.
    Oh, Noticed that you are a tabby kittie and wondering if you knew that there is a Tabby Cat Club? Would love to have you as a member. If you are interested check things out at the club and let me know if you would like to join up.
    Would love to have you as a member. We have lots of fun at the club.

  15. I'd like to thank the Academy ... no, wait, that's another speech.

    THANK YOU for my fountain! I'm so excited - I know we'll love it. And yes I think it's appropriate to win on Black Cat Appreciation Day!

    You guys look great, BTW!

    Sorry MomKatt didn't get another picture of me to you - things got a little nuts around here the last day or so.

    Again, thank you!

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  16. MOL! are one cool dood!

    Congrats to Selina!

  17. Waffles, LOOK at you. I fink I'm coming over to, ahem, borrow a few items if I flirt with you hard enough?


  18. Waffles sure is swanky. Congrats to Selina.
    Sue B

  19. Concats to Selina. How perfect, on Black Cat Appreciation Day!

    We love how swanky Waffle is wearing a blingin' ring. MOL!

  20. I think W2 is up to a little Swanky Panky! Congrats to Selina!!!

  21. He needs a big old gold Lincoln Continental and a stable of "hussies" to go with that outfit!

  22. Swanky indeed! Oh, and congratulations Selina!!! :)

  23. Yo W2, you got the theme mixed up. PIMP is next week. MOL! HAH! concats to Selina! Concats to Katie cos she didn't have to get dressed up.

  24. MOL at padded cell!! Who's it for, Katie? ;)

  25. Yup, that's swanky. You have my sympathy Katie.
    Concats to Selina.

  26. Wait, is the word "swanky," or "pimpy?" :)

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

  27. MOL, that picture is furry swanky!

    Mom says she is going to borrow your mantra. We donts know why.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  28. The thinks we put up with!
    Benny & Lily

  29. We think Waffles looks like a "Dandy." His surroundings, however, are definitely swanky. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Guilietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  30. I hate to admit it but I think Waffles looks furry swanky indeed in this picture !
    A BIG ConCATulation to Selina !
    I bet she will LOVE the waterfountain !

  31. FaRADaY: Hey Waff! Think your mommy would adopt ME TOO? Mine was a complete LOSER today. ToTALLY lame-o. Not a swank in sight. For REALZ.


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