Thursday, August 29, 2013

Indie Band The Plastics & The Cape Town Cats

Hi everyone, Katie here.

There's a cool indie band from Cape Town, South Africa called The Plastics and they've just released their new music video, "Occasional Lies." We love it SO much, Waffles and I are putting together our own garage-indie band. Ok, we're not exactly allowed in the garage. But hey...we've got pink instruments so we're half way there, right?

Why are we loving The Plastics so much?

Their new video features 29 cats! How awesome is that!?

We had a chance to talk with them and get the inside scoop.
(get it? Scoop!)

KATIE:  We've got to did you come up with the idea of featuring all these CATS??

THE PLASTICS:  The idea came from a pure fascination with cats. Cats are the cuddliest, weirdest, most uptight and at the same time most loving animals. It's just really absorbing to watch them and see what kind of weird stuff they get into. One day cats will rule the world again they used to in Ancient Egypt, kind of."

KATIE:  Don't we already rule the world, kind of???  So the guys in the band looked really comfortable with the kitties. I think I even saw a couple of cuddles. Are these bonafide CAT MEN?

THE PLASTICS:  Yes! Three of the band members have cats. Pascal & Sasha have a family cat that's featured in the video (the ginger cat in the white lounge scene.) His name is Orange Man. Karl also has a cat named Leo, a black and white cat with a kink in his tail. Much as we tried to get Leo in the video too, it just kept not working. We're pretty bleak he didn't make it in.

KATIE:  Ok, here's a real test. Can you name all the cats in the video?

THE PLASTICS:  Peaches, Scotty, Wiretail, Sir Henry Ramona, Harvey, Schnitzel, Steve, Molly, Libby, All the DARG cats, Eponine, Ollie, Father, Wednesday, Annie, Mowgly, Zara, Zen, Sunflower, Doomslayer, Murray, Tatty (RIP), Mischief, Spock, Catty, Tom, Molly, Tigger, Leila and Orange Man. Phew!

 KATIE:  So what was the funniest thing about filming the cats?

THE PLASTICS:  The funniest thing that happened in the video was definitely seeing the different personalities of the cats (especially after a little bit of catnip.) Each cat would react in such strange ways and when the cameras come on it was always the so-called "shy ones" that would come alive and perform for us. Many funny memories and a couple of loving scratches too!

KATIE:  Thanks to The Plastics for reaching out to us and sharing their awesome music and their Cape Town Cats. Check out the video'll love it!!

And now, we've got just three words for you:

Click HERE to watch on YouTube or click below:

Give them some love and say meow from GLOGIRLY.

All photos © The Plastics 2013


  1. LOVE this and shared. Why am I not surprised Waffles is a drummer?

  2. I love this video! I've been meaning to do something on them too. A band of cat lovers is irresistible!

  3. What a great video and song.
    Sue B

  4. OMD thanks! We would have NEVER heard of this or seen if not for you! Loved it! Love Dolly

  5. great interview, gotta tell ya, guys, music and cats......golden trinity!!!
    Surprised you didn't mention Deb Barne's cameo....saw her twice! :)

  6. Had to watch it twice. I love the video and the music but especially love the cats!

  7. Can't say much for the song, but the kitties were great. They made the video worth watching. We especially liked the all black kitty near the end. Pretty cool that they knew all the cats' names. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. We loved it! Of course, Waffles has always been a gifted drummer, too. MOL!

  9. Of course Waffles is the drummer! Love the video!!!

  10. Any time you *happen* to have pink instruments, you are required to jam. It's a law or something.

  11. Oh boy! My Lily is a screamer. She would fit right in
    Benny & Lily

  12. I dig that song and of course the fact that there's kitties in the video make it even better. MeOW!

  13. Very fun video. The world needs more cats!


  14. I think it's a publicity stunt. If they were REAL musicians, they'd have used dogs.

  15. MOL @ Rumpy!!!!

    Brilliant! They are cool cats to have cool cats in their video!!

  16. I gave them a shout out from the CB on their FB page...they responded with a thanks and a meow! heh...heh

  17. That was a totally pawsome video!! Obviously, the cats were the musicians!!

    The Florida Furkids

  18. We LOVE that song even if there were no cats in the video. I'll have to play them some week on Nipclub. I wanna be in a band!

  19. Gotta say we muted the sound (::shudder::) but we LOVED the kitties! XOXOXO

  20. That is a pretty cool video. Loved all the cats.

  21. I hope the kit-cats get royalties from the video!
    Play bows,

  22. LOVE THIS!! Loved the song, loved the cats! We always knew cats were talented musicians!

  23. COOL video !
    Of course I have LOVED them on FB :)


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