Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chatting It Up With Katie & Waffles

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss!  Whatcha doin'?

KATIE:  Oh the usual. Just trying to avoid you.

WAFFLES:  But I thought we were getting along better.  I mean, I've been trying to only steal your food when you're not looking. And play with your toys when you're not playing.

KATIE:  *sigh*

WAFFLES:  Did you hear I got in troubles yesterday?

KATIE:  You mean the Great Milk Spill of 2013? The incident Glogirly posted on Facebook that went viral? 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, that was COOL.

KATIE:  You've still got dried milk on your head, Waffles. Don't you know ANYTHING about grooming?

★ Come back tomorrow for Waffles Wednesday and the Great Milk Spill of 2013 
– A headline story you won't want to miss.

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  1. Waffles, you really need to clean your head. If the milk spoils on it, it won't taste as good next time you spill milk all over the place!

  2. got to drink it when it's fresh! this will be funny to see tmr!

  3. Oooh, there is photographic evidence? I can't wait

  4. Watch out Katie, he is trying to touch you again!

  5. Oh Darling Katie Dear,
    I so feel your pain. The Ornj Mutant here is so fawning that at times it's just impossible!

    That Woman thinks 'The Waff' is pretty darned cute and she thinks our Ornj one & he should get together sometime. I'd be happy to send mine over to you! You wouldn't even have to send him back!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  6. Boys can be so messy sometimes ;)

  7. Whoa! I must have been on Facebook at the wrong time because I missed the Great Milk Spill news!

  8. Can´t wait to see the pictures on THE great Milk Spill 2013 :)

  9. If you ask nicely, Waffles, the Boss might lick the milk off your orange head. ;)

  10. Let the whap fest begin! But first, let's deal with that milk stain... yummy cleaning job.

  11. Katie, please cover your eyes for a minute.. Oh my gosh look at those orange belly spots!!!!! Squeee!
    Ok, Katie, done. You're looking lovely as usual!

  12. We're waiting with tuna breath fur detail on The Great Milk Spill!

  13. You really need to clean off your head, Waffles. You're going to smell sour, and that isn't going to make you popular with the ladycats.

  14. MOL! We heard about the Great Milk Spill, Waffles. Seriously, it is a classic!

  15. Love your posts!!
    Not sure if I ever shared with you that Abby's first sibling was a tuxedo....Marcus, coolest cat EVAH!!
    So of course your two have a special place in my heart! ♥toni

  16. We think Waffles is winning over Katie!

  17. ugh....teenage boys, what can you do?? :)

  18. Katie, I doubt you ever get any rest. Your weight loss was probably due to nervous energy about Waffles 24/7.

    Looking forward to reading tomorrow.

  19. Some interesting body language here...
    The last picture is so cute!


  20. We can't wait to see the Great Milk Spill!

  21. Oh can't wait to see & hear about THIS!

    Awww Waffles, you're showing your tummy to Katie! (And she does NOT look impressed, I must say ...) Are you trying to "cute" her into liking you more?!?


  22. You guys are always so close together. When are we gonna see pic proof of you sleeping curled up together? heh heh. We had a big cereal spill at the condo also only I was nowhere around. TW did it all by herself.

  23. I thought maybe you two were playing Twister at first. Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  24. How did I miss that Facebook post? How funny! :D

  25. Waffles I missed that FB post. Will have to go look.
    Sue B

  26. I thought I saw milk remnants
    Benny & Lily

  27. can't wait to read all about it. I tend not to be traveling around Facebook much of the time

  28. Hmmm, can't wait to see what this is all about. It's nice to see you both in the same picture. Looks to me like Waffles would like to play Katie. Give it a try- he he you might have fun.

  29. We don't have Facebook so we cannot wait to hear about the milk spill. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.

  30. Gee, it looked Waffles was trying to be sweet in the last picture, what with him all stretched out showing his belly and reaching his arm out.
    He looks really Long! How long is he when he stretches?? No wonder he's such a jumper and twirler!
    It just came to me, I took Batton lessons in high school, he's like a Catton, only he doesn't need a human to twirl him, toss him up in the air to twirl and catch him.
    Really, put a ball with colorful ribbons hanging down,on front and back. Maybe wrap a ribbon, colorful and sparkly around his mid section and watch him jump and twirl!!
    He'd be great! Then spray a little Feliway in the air to calm him down. By the way, hope you win, you need it more than I do, even after all my comments about really needing it.

  31. Oh yeah! Tales of the Great Milk Spill are going to live on forever!


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