Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Waffles Too Drop-N-Roll

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Yesterday we gave you a glimpse into the Showdown At The KT Corral. Our friend, Michelle, shared an interesting link with us in the comments.

I've been going about my daily townhouse business thinking Waffles Too was all show and no go. After all, every time he confronts me and I give him the look, the hiss or even the paw, he just rolls over. Glogirly thought this meant he was showing his submissive side. Like crying,"Uncle! Uncle!"

The Waffles Too Drop-N-Roll (A)

The article Michelle shared, from Pam Johnson-Bennett's Cat Behavior Associates, definitely cast
doubt on Glogirly's theory. She explained how a cat rolling over can mean a number of different things based on the context of the the situation. But submission wasn't one of them!

Pam writes, "Why a cat would expose his belly depends on the immediate circumstances in which he finds himself. If he’s in a face-off with another cat, rolling over onto his side to expose his belly isn’t a sign of submission, but rather, the ultimate defensive reaction which communicates to the opponent that all weapons (teeth and all claws) will be engaged if a fight is to become physical." Click for full article.

Well Glogirly immediately sought out some expert opinions. She went to the source...where she goes for advice on ALL things Cat and otherwise. You got it, Facebook. Some of you may have even joined in the conversation.

The Waffles Too Drop-N-Roll (B)

Bottom line? Pam's article really makes a lot of sense. You see, whenever Waffles Too does the drop-n-roll, one of two things follow. Either I take a couple steps back and then walk away or Waffles Too catapults himself out of the situation, darting away from me at warp speed.

I told Glogirly to take it easy. W2 isn't going on the attack. He's a kitten who's just testing the boundaries. Like when he jumps up on the forbidden kitchen counter and Glogirly gives him a firm NO, he's testing ME and how far he can go before I lay one on him. He's just learning. Slowly. Oh so slowly.

The Waffles Too Drop-N-Roll (C)
Thanks to all of our friends who contributed to the Facebook conversation!  If you'd like to join in, you can friend Glogirly HERE.  Just don't be concerned that everyone calls her Debbie-Something.

I sure wish the cat behaviorists out there could tell me how to make the jazz hands stop.


  1. Cats are very intriguing critters; kittens are something else altogether!

  2. And it is good to hear that Katie is not being as mean as expected. Or not, depending upon one's perspective. I was hoping to pick up some pointers lest I am saddled with another kit.

  3. Allie: SERIOUSLY. It's just wrong when boycats do that thing with their paws.

    And I agree with Patty. Kittens are just body snatched until they grow up. No other possible explanation. *makes warding sign with paw*

  4. Wow, that's really interesting! I wonder if it's significant that I've never seen Leo pull that move when Star wanders by..

  5. Well at least he's not attacking when he's on his side. Kate has the chance to walk away from the little manic. Pumpkin and Tiger alway did that to Mistletoe and now they don't ever go after her. hitch on the other hand, thinks she's a great toy. He's never been deterred by the hissing or smacking. And he LOVES to chase her. But they work it out without anyone getting hurt.

  6. Katie, it is easy to stop Waffle Too's jazz hands - just give him a jazz whap!

  7. HAH! So that's what it is! Tutu does the "expose my tummeh" and ears flat when Felix approaches her. I thought it was her submitting (though the ears confused me) but now I know better! Thanks for the link!

  8. I think he's saying "Pweez Pway wif me, Katie".

  9. BOL funny Jazz Hands! Katie you keep him in check now. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Jaz hand rule, the two of you could do a show together I would love to see that BOL

  11. Tigger does that drop and roll thing to Austin all the time. I always thought it was because Tigger knew he was on Austin's territory and was showing submission! Now I will have to watch them far more closely!! Interesting!

  12. Wow! Our mommy thought it was an act of submission too! We've tried to tell her ...

  13. But the jazz hands are sooooo cute!

    We have also read that the rule is "the cat with airplane ears is the aggressor" regardless of posture. Usually this seems pretty accurate when you watch us wrestle. And sometimes, in the course of interaction, we trade airplane ears, even when one of us is rolled over.

  14. We're really good at that drop and roll thing, Katie...though sometimes Wally forgets why he dropped and rolled and falls asleep.

  15. We need to get her book. Thanks for the article link!

    However, a lot of kitties DO love a good tummy rub. My brofur, Peppers, is our resident Tummy Rub Slut. But he *does* grab MomKatt's hand sometimes & curl his entire body around it when he's not so "in the mood" for a rub. It's true she doesn't take it personally - she just ruffles his head if he does that & says he's "silly". MOL!


  16. Behaviorists? Why Katie? Just pounce on him
    Benny & Lily

  17. I really do think he knows you are the boss Katie. But at thst age he just doesn't care!!! Please stop by and wish Dante a Happy 11th Birthday.

  18. we doez knot have facebook waffles but if we mite point out heer de reezon ya splay yur toes iz coz ya iz lurnin math...

    5, 9, 3, 2, 1, 6, 7, 12, 5, oops ree pete....4, 10,11, 8, 16, and 20 !!

  19. Kizmet rolls on his back like that as well and I too thought it was a submissive act. The more he interacts with his new feline family, the more I realize the other cats do not interpret it as being submissive. Zoey who has raised kittens of her own, pushes her way to his belly with her paw to hold him down and then will proceed to groom him. This is her way of ensuring he play nicely and not be overly aggressive and the tactic really works. Her kittens that we have kept that are now 3 years old, have also started this grooming behavior with him. They all enjoy playing with one another, but it is clear they do not want to encourage dominant or bullying play from him which seemed to be instinctive with him at first.

    Now, on the other hand, when Zee flops on the floor like a turtle on his back with his belly fully exposed and his paws up in the air, he is 100% submissive and looking for nothing more than a tummy rub!

  20. Wow! Me learned something today! (so did Mommy) It makes purrfect sense!

  21. of course Waffles too is going to test the boundries he looks up to you to teach how to behave but like all kids they want to grow up to fast,he will learn

  22. Jazz hands? Maybe Waffles Too wants to join the cast of Cats or something. I don't know if they do jazz hands in that. I'm a Siberian Husky, not a Broadway aficionado. OK, a Siberian Husky with a highly developed vocabulary.
    One of my kit-cat pals in the neighborhood rolls and shows me his belly when I see him. I always thought it meant he liked me and wanted tummy rubs or something. Hmm. Was he really giving me the claw? Flipping me off, kit-cat style? I need to check with him next time I go past his house.
    Play bows,

  23. Interesting, we will have to check it out on FB!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  24. Interesting how humans alway´s shall try to "understand" us cat´s ;-)

    Katie I have a question for you.
    Do you wan´t to go with me to Mollie and Rangers Valentines Ball ??
    Hope you will say yes <3



  25. Of us cats, only my sisfur Little Bit enjoys having her belly rubbed. I wonder whether that makes her weird? She was awfully little when the humans adopted her, just 6 weeks.

    Thank you for the article link. We love Pam's book. She really understands cats.


  26. Shoot. We always thought that was a submissive thing, too! We are already friends with Glogirly on FB, so we'll go and check out that string now. :)


  27. That makes so much sense, because Wilbur does that to Skootch all the time. It definitely is not a submissive move, because he's always reaching out with the "jazz hands", and then the "whap hands" and the "swipe hands", and then Skootch ends up edging away from him. If you figure out how to stop the jazz hands, please share it with all of us!

  28. Cat behaviour is still largely a mystery to me so I appreciate this explanation! I really wish there was more research done on cats and more books available for those who want to understand their pets a little better. Hopefully one day cats will be as highly valued as dogs in our society and we will know so much more.

    Thank you so much for participating in Blog the Change for Animals!

    Team BTC

  29. that's right, Waffles...lull her into a false sense of security (oh! no! not my belly! not a vicious predator like you, Kaaaaatieeeeee...), then Jazz Hand her to deaths. Brilliant plan.

  30. Whap him Katie! Don't be shy! Give him the what-for!

    Pop loves W2. He's become a reader of this blog and he never forgeets to remind me that he named W1. HAH!

  31. where DO kittens learn that jazz hand stuff???...seriously?!...my Mom never taught me to be so rude!...just sayin'...Savannah

  32. Very interesting Katie.
    I do this drop and roll all the time with my sister Boo. I hate her. Really, how can she be so slim and beautiful and I am short squat and tailess? I pick fights with her all the time and employ the drop and roll technique all the time. Mom usually "rescues" me, but I know what I'm doing even if she doesn't get it, know what I mean?

  33. I do the drop and roll plus airplane ears when Pip wants to get into it with me. oh sure, you could try and rub my tummy...if you want your hand shredded... hee hee!


  34. Waffles Too and Raz are so alike! Raz does all of those things (including the jazz hands). The Birman girls like to nip his ears like he's their baby!

    The Florida Furkids

  35. Being a fun loving kitten, the drop and roll could turn into a fun rassling match too. We think W2 is ready for anything!

    BTW, Our mom has found that getting another cat makes previous kitties who didn't get along bond together as furiends. Brawhahaha! (but so true)

  36. Love the jazz hands. W2 is very talented not to mention adorable.

  37. Oh how wonderful that Katie is taking this in stride and not acting aggressive. She's firm but clearly has a soft spot inside! Sssh we'll keep it a secret! They are just acclimating to each other. It takes time.

  38. Ahh... yes... I have a 4 month old kitten at home and it's all TESTING, all the time!!
    Anywho... I'm a new follower. I saw your name around on a few blogs I read, so I decided to stop by and I'm happy I did! Please feel free to drop by my site anytime also. I'm at threecatsandagirl.com.
    Cheers! Sarah


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