Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Very Brady Katie

Hi everyone, Katie here.

When Glogirly was growing up, she never missed an episode of The Brady Bunch. Although she can't remember what she ate for dinner last night, she's very proud of her encyclopedia-like brain when it comes to useless Brady Trivia.

I bet you can't name the football player that Marcia wanted to go to the big dance with. The one that hit her in the nose with his football. The one she dumped poor Charlie the nerd for. Doug Simpson. That's right.

Although the Brady's had a dog throughout the series run, poor Fluffy the cat lived only as long as the pilot. I knew this was a flawed family.

And how about when Jan thought she was adopted and became insanely jealous of Marcia. True Brady aficionados will remember and likely relate with the infamous line, "MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA!!!"

Guess you don't have to be a Brady aficionado to relate.


  1. Our Mommy loved The Brady Bunch! Remember Marcia's braces???

  2. I didn't think Glogirly was old enough to know the Brady Bunch - unless it's from reruns

  3. My mom never missed an episode either..The Partridge Family too....

  4. Shhhhh Katie!!!! You can't tell Waffles Too he is adopted!!!! He is too young for that! It will scar him for life!... oh wait, I think it's too late for that!

  5. The Human can't really think about the Brady Bunch anymore after finding out that Greg and Carol were, um, "dating." It makes her eyes hurt to imagine it.

    It makes me think about YOU ..... and Waffles Too ..... and then I think: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  6. Allie: SPITTY! *horrified look* I think I, uhm...

    I have to leave now.

    Maxwell: And she really *did* try saying Faraday's name three times.
    Not pretty. Wasn't exactly tripping off her tongue.

    Just meowing.

  7. BITE YOUR TONGUE, Spitty!!!

    He's just a big dumb (no offense) boy.
    He's all weird and he's got huge feet.
    He tries to climb walls. Plain walls. Just jumps and jumps.
    Not much between those orange ears.
    ; ) Katie

  8. Can you believe my human NEVER saw the Brady Bunch? So yeah, all of this is totally puzzling to her... and to me too, since I've never seen it either. Even when she was a kitten, she was not much for TV.

  9. Mommy has never watched the Brady Bunch. She doesn't think it ever got to our shores but she could be wrong. But she has heard a lot about the show and you guys make it sound so much fun! Maybe she should download the shows...

  10. Sounds like Waffles Too needs some job training

  11. Aw, Katie Katie Katie, one day, when you have made him your minion and accepter of all blame, you'll feel different about the little furball!

  12. I noticed a certain cable TV channel is running Brady Bunch re-runs. That all takes me back. I, too, found it unfair that Fluffy didn't last beyond the pilot. I think Jan grew up to be prettier than Marcia - no analogies to Katie and Waffles Too, for sure. Katie, you're beautiful!

  13. That is a blast from the past. Ha is it all about Waffles????? We know Katie you will come up with a suitable story to put Waffles in his place. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  14. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, so I just looked at and enjoyed the pictures BOL!

  15. Our mom says her and her sister always used to watch The Brady Bunch, too!! Hers remembers all the episodes you mentioned :) Hers misses good old shows like that one.

  16. Our mommy watched it too but doesn't have Glogirl's memory. She's trying to get the thought of Greg & Marcia out of her mind ...

  17. Hmmmm? They showed it on our TV, but remember nothing except that darn song!! MOL

    Austin: "I'm 'dopted! But I won't date Tigger. You can't make me!!!

    OK! ;)

  18. The mom watched the Brady Bunch all the time too. She's not quite the aficionado Glogirly is though.

  19. Hahaha... oh Katie... my Brady Bunch trivia is horrible.

  20. Well Katie we thinks you need two more girl cats and two more boy cats and then you could be the Crady Clowder.

    Mommy watched that show too.

  21. Embarrassing, the things they watch sometimes, isn't it? MomKatt sheepishly admits she was a "Partridge Family" fan rather than a "Brady" purrson. At least now she watches cool stuff like the Science Channel, the MLB Channel and "Meownton Abbey". MOL

    Also? Anything a cat is in. Well, almost anything.


  22. I am such a bring Brady fan that I have Sunshine Day on my iPod, and sing it when I need a little pick me up.

    "When it's time to change, it's time to re-arrange, who you are into what you want to be...sha na na na"...who sang that one Glogirly???

    Katie and Waffles Too, The Brady Bunch was and always will be a classic. I agree the show was inherently flawed with no feline....but really, no cat would have complied with such simplistic plot lines.

  23. They all went on to do drugs and live sordid lives. Let that be a lesson to some little orange cat.

  24. Katie, one day Waffles' brain will fill in and you will have trained him to do your every little bidding willingly and that's when he will become ,Katie's's henchcat, Katie's henchcat...(sung to the Brady Bunch theme song), he will become your henchhhhhhcat!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  25. Katie, you're cracking me up!
    Play bows,

  26. Katie, we can HEAR you saying that!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  27. Thanks for the memories. Purrs and Hugs, the gang at The Cat on My Head

  28. :::hehehehe::::

    Waffles Too do you feel like Marsha???

  29. TW says she never watched not one episode. She's older than you so she was going through her too cool for the room phase. I don't think that phase ended until I came into the house and smacked her down. Time for you to smack W2 down.

  30. Mum said she didn't watch that show. So no trivia from her.

  31. Katie--ya know, Tommy is kinda the same way--ask about the Davy Jones episode, and Tommy can quote word for word. I betcha Glogirly would have a fight to the footbal over it!


    PS. Uh, Waffles is getting pretty handsome..

  32. Katie that kid has your townhouse in an uproa. We loves the Brady Bunch
    Benny & Lily

  33. Yous sure knows how to makes me laughs!
    Waffles! Waffles! Waffles!!

  34. Oh no, now I have the theme music stuck in my head...
    Alice didn't have to clean any litter boxes.



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