Thursday, July 26, 2012

Working Cat Week - Day 4

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back to Working Cat Week.  In honor of Glogirly actually *working* this week, I'm taking time out to explore some new career opportunities for myself.

So far nothing is sticking....except all that pottery clay from YESTERDAY.  Tuesday's look into the NURSING profession provided only one real perk - thermometer retribution. Monday's BAKING fiasco showed me that mornings are meant for sleeping. But today I just might be onto something.

Today's Career Spotlight - Elevator Operator
Going up. First floor, ladies apparel.

  1. I know how to push people's buttons. (and DOGS)
  2. Endless opportunities to trap people. (and DOGS)
  3. I love heights. (and DOGS don't)
  4. When you control the buttons, you control the world. (and DOGS)

  1. Claustrophobia.
  2. Again with the HAT!
  3. Name badge is gonna leave a mark.
  4. I don't like anyone telling me where to go.

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  1. Miss Katie, I'd go in any direction you're going in!

  2. It feels a little subservient to me. I think you can do better.

  3. I'm sure it has its ups and downs but so does any job

  4. Hmmm, we would be suspicious of all those woofies in there wif you, Katie. Don't close that door! Now, we're goin to exercise our right to vote! MOL!

  5. katie the only jobs that suite you are a super model,a movie star or a pop star or a celebrity chat show host

  6. This seems to be serious career choices. Are you sure you aren't contented of being a cat super star? I know the perks are better. ^^

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. We think you could reach great heights with that job, Katie :)

  8. Katie, I think you'll be bored with this job and won't last a day. Maybe you should try working in a restaurant...washing...I mean licking dishes.

  9. But, you can also tell people where to go and dogs too - "To the back of the elevator please - another stop tomake!" so in a sense, you'll rule over all.

  10. Hmmm.... I'm thinking the pottery business is the better choice. purrs

  11. Trapped in a small space with all those woofies? .... not a good idea Katie!

  12. katie, we have just gone back and read thru your possible career options. So far we are voting for just doing what you are doing. You get naps and we assume, some scritches. It sounds like you don't get your fair share of salmon, but as long as you get other foods that is good. Plus you can stay inside and not have to go anywhere with your current job.

    You could maybe consider guest appearances: cooking with Martha Stewart or better the Pioneer Woman. You could go on the Dr. Oz show and astound with your nursing knowledge. A remake of Ghost, starring you in the Demi Moore role would be super! We are at a loss on the elevator one, unless you want to operate elevators in Trump Towers.

  13. All week long I've been singing "She Works Hard for the Money" every time I come visit your blog... :)

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  14. Why would being told where to go be a "con"? YOU control the buttons, remember? MOL!

  15. HRM. But...will it make you Independently Wealthy - THAT's the question...

  16. I'm still thinking that potter may be the best one yet...but the week is not over yet.


  17. hmmm, how about petsitting?
    Benny & Lily

  18. And just think, if they don't give you a good tip (and everyone knows dogs are lousy tippers!) management would frown upon you scratching their eyes out.

  19. We don't know about this, Katie. All that up and down and down and up....might make you lose your lunch!

  20. The button pushing you already do may leave you overqualified for the job, as long as you don't count like Sammy & Miles know: 1,#,^,4,elebenty-seven, 22, @.
    Another con might be that you may need to keep a litter box in there and it is pretty tight quarters. Not to imply that your err...leavings...don't stink, but well, it's a thought.

  21. I don't know, Katie, Carl liked you in that sexy little nurses outfit!

  22. Dear Katie,
    At least as a Elevator Operator, yous will being going UP in the world.

  23. I like that hat better than the others. You'll be going up and down faster than the stock market! MOL


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