Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Working Cat Week - Day 2

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back to Working Cat Week. In honor of Glogirly actually *working* this week, I'm exploring my OWN career opportunities.

Yesterday we reviewed the pros and cons of becoming a professional BAKER.  Most of you thought I was crazy to even consider getting up that early in the morning. You reminded me that baking is much more than cute logos of cat cupcakes.  I'm pretty sure Glogirly was pressuring me while still under the influence of birthday cake buttercream.

Today's Career Spotlight: A Nurse
So what do you think? Is this the job for me?

  1. Giving back.
  2. I'm not afraid to draw blood.
  3. I can boss around the newbie nurses.
  4. I can't WAIT to reciprocate with the thermometer.

  1. Enough with the stupid hats already.
  2. The silly tops aren't much better.
  3. I don't like rubber gloves.
  4. Hospitals smell like dog.

Just another annoying friendly reminder... 
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  1. I would hate the rubber gloves on my feet. Plus you have to listen to humans complain all the time--I get enough at home.

  2. Hmmm. me finds sick humans to whiney and clingy. The only good thing is when they has a fever, they is really nice and warm.

  3. Well....the drawing blood is a big Pro! But you mights still have to get up in the early mornings. We'd have to say "pass" on this one.
    Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to vote we go!

  4. Don't forget stabbing the patients with needles :) fun!!!!

  5. You look cute in the hat Katie....

  6. Meh. Sounds like too much work to me. Besides, who wants to mess with bed pans? They make litter boxes look sanitary - gah!

  7. hmmmm.....

    What if your patient was a v-e-t ???

    Paybacks, that's all we're sayin'

  8. That's an excellent choice for a career! The drawing blood bit would be the favorite part. MOL.

  9. Nurse? Meh! Now surgeon!!!! I've always fancied removing vital organs!! Hehehehe! love Austin xox

    PeeEss However, I think you look rather fetching in your nurses cap >^,.^<

  10. We get to sample the nursing profession everytime our humans get sick. It involves a lot of sitting and purring with nothing in return. I'll do it for my mom and dad, but that's it. Oh...and only for a couple of days at a time.

  11. I think you look terrific in that gear!

  12. I think you look fabulous! And I love that you're looking into careers. I need to do the same since my viewing of TV has largely been cut off.

    xoxox TOK

  13. Another con: You have to use water (ugh) to wash your hands a lot!

  14. Hey Katie,

    Hospitals smell like Dog? Well that's a plus reason to be a Nurse, right? You could come home each night also smelling like a Dog!! Tee Hee

    Big Wags to all,

    Your Doggie pal Snoopy :)

  15. Katie no worries, they haven't worn those hats since before your Mom was born :)

  16. Yup. Hats are optional. But, Katie, you are already a nursie! Silly girl. That's what we do for our beans!!
    Not all hospitals smell like dogs. And so what if they do? Sometimes woofies need nursies too. And that's our kindness showing through.
    Hey, we get rewarded for stuff like that (treats)!

  17. Nurses don't have to work in hospitals and they don't have to wear those hats. I took care of Pop after his back surgery and after he broke his wrist for FREE! If I was a home health nurse, I'd have gotten PAID for it! Na mean?

  18. Oh you look very cute in the nurse outfit! I agree though, the rubber gloves are not very favorable. But I'd like to see them for kitties:-)

  19. Rubber gloves? Ugh! But we do like the part about reciprocating with that thermometer! MOL!

  20. You are looking good in that uniform Katie. K bet you'd make a good nurse, and I'd certainly like you to take my temperature or blood pressure - please!!!! Zowie!!!

  21. The use of the thermometer trumps all the cons!! LOL!! Awwww lovely Katie and Candy! You both make gorgeous nurses! Take care

  22. A Candy Striper!
    If cuteness counts in making career choices I vote for nurses.

  23. The thermometer sounds fun. That would seal the deal for us.

  24. Hahahaha I bet you ARE good at drawing blood Miss Katie.



  25. Nurses have to touch too many squishy things.. and not good squishy like mice or toys.. bad squshy stuff.. yuck. And you have such pretty white paws, do you really want a job that messes them up?

  26. Nursing, Katie?? We don't know about that. Taking care of sick humans doesn't sound like fun at all.

  27. I don't know Katie - my niece is studying to be a nurse and they told her she has to have a lot of compassion. That means actually caring about someone else...I don't think cats are designed for that.

  28. Well, nurses wear pajamas now-a-days so that would be a really good "pro" - to go to work in your jammies everyday!
    And the point you make about the thermometer rocks!

  29. LOL "hospitals smell like dogs", love it! ;)

  30. *MOL*
    I can´t wait to reciprocate with the thermometer.

    Katie , I think you look so hot and sexy in that nursingdress *rraw*

  31. You could ask to always work NIGHT shifts, Katie, and then sleep all day.


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