Monday, July 9, 2012

GLOGIRLY DESIGN Announces Giveaway Week

Hi everyone, Katie here.

THIS JUST IN.  Glogirly and I are proud to announce the (birth?) of GLOGIRLY DESIGN.  Most cats get their jollies out of playing with stuffed mice. A select few are lucky enough to get their paws on the real deal.  But it probably comes as no surprise that MY toy of choice is Photoshop. So with the help of my reluctant trusty assistant, Glogirly, I'm helping to make the blogosphere a better looking place, one cat, one bunny and even one dog at a time. Squirrels, goats and ferrets...don't despair. I'm here for you too.

Glogirly and I just finished up an extreme blog makeover for our friend Bunny Jean Cook over at Bunny's Blog. In fact, she's running a GUEST POST BY ME on her blog today! As long as I promised not to eat any of the bunnies over there, she graciously turned her blog over to me for a day. Please stop by to see her new look and to give her some bunny-love.

Sneak Peek at Bunny's Before & After

So this week, we are having a GIVEAWAY EVERYDAY...that's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. That's FIVE GIVEAWAYS for you dogs that can't count. OMC!!!  Even *I* can't believe it.

Each day we'll be featuring something SO cool, you're going to think, "OMC!  How can I possibly live without this?" There will be something for everyone. From graphic design to actual swag.  Even our friends north of the border and across the pond will have a chance to win BIG.

I'm not going to divulge the details of each day's prize yet, but suffice it to say, you WON'T want to want to miss a single day.  Especially Friday's GRAND PRIZE.  Ok, I'll give you a hint:  Extreme BM. And I'm not talking about my litter box.  Can you say Blog Makeover?

Haven't you always wanted a fun profile avatar to use on Twitter, Facebook or your blog?  Well now you can win a GLOGIRLY DESIGN personalized avatar.  The winner's human will need to supply a photo of you and a couple ideas to get the design wheels turning.

Here's a few examples to whet your appetite.

The Rules

  • Leave a comment letting us know that you want to be included in today's giveaway.
  • Make sure your email address is connected to your profile, or just leave it in the comment. You can't win if we can't email you. 
  • Have you Liked us on Facebook?  Well you better! (But if you're just not a Facebook kind of kitty, that's ok...we want you to have a chance at the drawings too.)
  • This giveaway is open to anyone anywhere in the world.
  • All comment entries for all giveaways must be received by 11:59 PM CST on Saturday, July 14.
  • Winners will be notified via email and announced the week of July 15.
  • You will not be disqualified for the Grand Prize if you win another prize. 

A special note for those living outside the US and Canada

  • Some of this week's giveaways will be design-only prizes and some will be actual swag. Since we can't ship overseas, we are giving you TWO chances to win the design prizes!  
  • Just make sure we know where you live and we'll count you twice for the design drawings.

OMC! Did you know I'm a finalist for Best Blog Post in the 2012 Petties!?
Click here to vote for me and your other favorite blogs.
You can vote once a day and every time counts. Thanks SO much for your support and your vote. XO


  1. Zagłosuje :) - pozdrawiam i życzę Miłego Dnia:)

  2. This is very exciting. And I think you will be very excited when you read Pricilla's blog in the morning....

    I know Pricilla would love to enter this since I am so very helpless with Photoshop and she is a much cooler goat than I could ever make her.

  3. I am so down with this! My human does lots of stuff in Photoshop, but one thing she kind of sucks at is the cool, modern, graphic work that Glogirly does!

    You know where to find me if I win! ;-)

  4. We would LOVE to be included in the giveaway!
    Our Mommy finally got Photoshop but has yet to figure out how to make it work...

  5. I do not know. I thinking eating the bunny sounds like much more fun!

  6. You know, this is one thing that Mom Julie is pitifully poor at is how to make me look exciting, debonair and all the things a mancat should be..

    To make up for it, I'd like to be entered in your drawing for a do-dad do and a better representation of my handsomeness..*ahem*

    Tom xx

  7. Well this is a brilliant idea. Goodonya GG&K for doing this!! :) For some reason Austin doesn't feel he needs to be entered for this???!!!! lol But good luck to everyone xx

  8. Bunny's Blog looks so cute after your makeover. We wonder if all of us would fit on an avatar?

  9. Please enter us!! We need a new avatar. And we definitely need a blog make-over. We're gonna have the mom contact you about that.

  10. How cool! Whoa! Please enter me...I'm imagining an avatar of me with a sock...or cheese...or something!

    xoxo Cory

  11. I would love an avatar.. I run a blog that has shared stories of many "differently abled" cats (such as Moki, Penny, Oskar, Brother, Anakin to name a few) and I'm expanding to include other animals. I would love to have an avatar better than the one being used now.. maybe YP with cat whiskers or a paw print in the background with YP written inside since it's the initials.

  12. It's going to be fun week on your blog, Katie! We're not going to enter today's draw, but good luck to those who do!

  13. Hi Katie - I just wanted to stop by and thank you and Glogirly for the Extreme Blog Makeover. I'm just so happy with the way it turned out. Good Luck to everyone who participates in Giveaway Week!

  14. How way cool is this!!?? Bunny's blog looks great. I'm on the fence whether to try for the av cos you've already made me such cool ones. Concats and much success on Glogirly Designs. xoxo

  15. We agree with everyone else. This is very cool! Please enter us.

    Truffle and Brulee

  16. This is a great giveaway! Please include us!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  17. Well, we would like to enter this giveaway, but not if winning it would disqualify us from the grand prize. Because you know we really, really, really NEED a blog design!

  18. OMC OMC OMC!!!!!

    Please sign us up! Mommy can barely press the shutter...

  19. This is a great prize Katie, and I think you are a "hit" judging from all the comments. We'll pass on the make over for now. M is trying to learn Photoshop Elements, but she's slower than slow! Even the Book for Dummies was too complicated. ha ha

  20. Hey Callie, and everyone else too!

    You will not be disqualified for the Grand Prize if you enter and win any of the other days prizes.

    : ) Katie & Glogirly

  21. Hello! Of course we want to be entered and we can count FYI. Do you take Salmon bribes?
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. rabbits taste like chicken

  22. How neat is that! Katie, you and I have a lot in common 'cause I'm a bit of a reporter, too. Remember how I got that job with the animal shelter the peeps help? But, I'm afraid, that's where the similarities end 'cause your peeps are super good with computer stuff and whatnot and my peep is a technologically impaired duffer. I can say it 'cause it's true and I wouldn't want to be accused of lying. purrs

  23. Ooooooo!!! Please enter us! We would love to have a blog makeover, Meowm is useless in this area!

    juniorbabee AT hotmail DOT com

  24. How very exciting. Also the Woman said, she knew you had questions about WordPress but she can't remember what your person's questions were! Can you help?!

  25. oh ya! a week of goodies!! I wanna win for sure, glad to hear I can enter this giveaway and still have a shot at the grand prize later in the week!

  26. What a GREAT giveaway you are having this week !!!
    I already have a GREAT avatar to use , that of course are made by Glogirl design :)
    So I can skip this day´s giveaway and give the chance to somebody else.

    No me and mom have NOT missed that you are one of the finalist in Best Blog Post in the 2012 Petties :)

  27. Wooo-hoo! Mom doesn't even have photoshop in her puter. I would probably starve if she had it. She would be photoshopping away all day!
    But I do envy the results. And dream....

  28. We already voted today. Wonder who gotted our votes????

  29. I was over by Bunny's yesterday, darn impressive gang!

  30. This is a great idea for a giveaway! So glad that the overseas folks can win, too. Bunny's blog looks fabulous. Our email is in our profile. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  31. Bunny's blog looks fantastic. I've love to be included in the giveaway.

    pumpkinpuddy at pumpkinpuddy dot com

  32. What a fun way to start off Glogirly Design. I'd love to be entered. I could definitely use some sparkle, or at least a new wag.

  33. Katie
    We would be so honored if we were ever so lucky to win.

  34. Maggie needs a new image, but then parker shoud show the workd his Maine coon mancatness. We would love a makeover!

  35. Hi Katie and Glogirly!

    Oooh, what a cool prize! We'd totally be into this. :)

    You have our email, right?


    Sammy, Moosey, Dad Kevin and Mom Tracey

  36. Hey Katie,

    This is such an awesome contest - I'd love, love, love to be included pleeeaase!!

    I think I'll even ignore the comment that Dogs' can't count, cos I know you saw my video today and there's no better proof than video of my counting abilities!! Tee Hee

    I'm SO happy your assistant is setting up her own design business, I just hope she doesn't forget about you and your stuff Katie?! Just sayin' :)

    Have fun,

    Your Doggie pal Snoopy :)

  37. Oooh how exciting! Pick me, pick me! We LOVE you on FB :o)

    new blog:

  38. Katie! It sounds like you guys have lots of fun planned. We are ok without entering this drawing, but sure do wish everyone else who does enter loads of luck!

    We think you gots a true cool and cute look! Have fun.

  39. Hi Katie! I'd love to see what you'd do with my mug. Please enter me in your avatar giveaway. ; )


    Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider
    cokiethecat at gmail dot com

  40. Wow, you bet we want to be included in the giveaway!!!!

  41. Speedy wouldn't mind a bit of your magic

  42. Hi Katie,

    That's very cool that you're allowing Glogirly to work with you on your design business. I can't wait to see all of the prizes you plan on giving out this week.

    Take care,

  43. This is too cool, too! We tried avatars, but we still like yours better! Please enter our names for this as well.

  44. Katie, you are a very cute kitty! My favorites are you with the tiara and you with the heart & fish! I'd love to be entered in your avatar giveaway. I found your blog through reading the Petties nominees. I look forward to reading your posts, Mary

  45. We don't have a blog so we don't need a make-over, but we love the new bunny page look. The green is so nice and soothing. Didn't you also redesign the Housecat Confidential blog? We love that one too!
    PS. I do miss the picture of Glogirly strangling, I mean with her hands around your shoulders.

  46. Wow, your new stuff is just THE COOLEST! If we could design like you, we wouldn't have to shuffle and jive to get an extra bit of sumthin' in our bowl.... Hey! Can we get a little tuna over here!

    oops sorry, We would love to win,win,win!

    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  47. This is really awesome! We would like to be entered for this giveaway. Our e-mail address is:

  48. Oh! Oh! Oh! This is just too cool for words!
    Glowgirly ROCKS!

  49. I'd like to enter this one too please, Miss Katie! (Hey, can I have extra entries if I send you Hammy? Cause I'm also willing to do that... heh heh heh)


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