Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Makeover In A Box

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Glogirly and I have been hard at work making the blogosphere a more stylish place for the winners of the GLOGIRLY DESIGN Big Blog Makeover. We promised to share our progress and we're super excited to show off our first before and after with you today.

It's not clear whether or not Benny & Lily of Two French Bulldogs knew what they were getting themselves into when they entered the Blog Makeover Drawing. After all, a couple of dogs in a clearly cat-dominated contest didn't stand much of a chance. But the two frenchies lead a charmed life. Lucky dog, lucky dog.

B&L's New Profile Avatar

During our initial consultation with the two doggy bloggers, we talked about their vision for the blog. When they finally stopped with all the sniffing and playing around with each other's tails, they asked me to stick them in a cardboard box. Seriously? Since when do DOGS get all lathered up over a box? Everyone knows that boxes are a cat thing. But who am I to argue with a couple of DOGS. Glogirly says the client is always right. Yeah, except when they're wrong. Or when they're DOGS.

But I'm a pleaser. A giver. A lover of all animals. (Ok I really only tolerate dogs...but I that counts, right?)  So I was only following instruction when I created their new look.

Benny & Lily's New Blog Header & Logo

Here's what we gave them:

  • Custom header and logo
  • Profile avatar for their sidebar
  • Custom blog background
  • The full-service magic wand switcharoo. (That's code for: We went into their template for them, loaded up all the files, switched out fonts and colors and tweaked the layout.)  

The Big Ta-Da

We're already thinking about some fun ideas to update their designs for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, Cat Appreciation Day...

Please swing by Two French Bulldogs and take a look around and leave them some kitty love. Truth be told, B&L have been our friends for a couple years now.  Don't tell...but we actually LOVE their blog. They're always cracking us up with their antics and silly remarks. Let's just hope they find their way out of this box so they can start blogging again.


  1. Oh Katie... you and your mom are oh-so-talented. Never seen anything like it! It's pretty amazing, I think. And so are you! purrs

  2. Hey Katie,

    I love B&L too - they're awesome!! As are boxes - so it's a perfect match!!

    I love their new look - you and Glogirly are superstars!!

    Big Wags to all

    Your Doggie pal Snoopy :)

    PS - Don't think I believe all that stuff about just tolerating us Doggies, we know you love, love, love us!! Tee Hee :)

  3. We'll head over there, toute suite! Then we'll pop over and do our daily duty. MOL! (get it? daily doodie!) Good luck wif the Petties!

  4. Another awesome job, Katie! Oh, I guess your human helped too!

  5. Glorgirly and katie, you did a great job with their makeover. Wow, we see the beach ball event over there - lots and doggies but not so with kitties, but you did enter. Excellent!

  6. Another great job, Katie! Oh...and Glogirly too! ;)

  7. We thinks they look very stylish in their box. And now they are all ready for International Box Day.

  8. We love how you continued the box theme in the background!

  9. You sure have made a GREAT job over at Benny and Lily´s blog !
    It looks sooo pawsome :)
    I have voted for you today too (of course).
    XOXO from Charlie Rascal
    P.S Have you seen that me and mommie have been abroad this weekend ??
    We have been in Norway on a catshow :)

  10. We already visited Benny & Lily and saw their lovely new blog design.

  11. Super nice!

    We have been following Benny & Lily for quite some time now, we love them. We honestly didn't think their blog looked bad before, but it looks even better now.

  12. so much talent in a cat! (and a cat's mom!) I wish I had monies. Lots of monies...hmmm. I will have to save!

  13. OMC, that's awesome! What an amazing makeover. Sorry we haven't gotten in touch with you, Katie and Glogirly ... we'll do so soon!


  14. Katie! Awesome blog makeover! When are you going to ditch that Gloperson? You don’t need her!! ;>}

  15. Not only do we appreciate all your hard work, BUTT, did you have to give a before and after picture. What is this HGTV? Kitty cat style....
    Anyway.....we LOVE IT....and think it rocks the box.
    You are alright Katie
    Benny & Lily

  16. Fabulous Katie, just fabulous.
    We think you are a feline genius.

  17. We think it is terrific to have dogs in a box. It is about time that the doggies figured out how much fun a box can be. Have a great evening.

  18. What a great blog makeover! Love seeing Benny and Lily in the boxes. Their blog was great before, but now it is even cooler!

  19. WeeeeeeeeOoooooooo! That is right fancy!

  20. Thats some great makeovers. Well, for dogs anyway!

  21. How adorable, you did such a great job! We love the boxes! Our mom needs to contact you, but her mom has been really sick & she's been trying to help her parents out.

  22. I presented you with the "Thinking Of You Award" tonight. You can pick it up in my bloggy. http://mariodacat.blogspot.com/

  23. Great job Katie - you and Glogirly are making quite a name for yourselves as makeover experts. Of course, we know YOU are the brains behind the outfit!

  24. FaRAdaY: We're thinking the full service switcheroo is a WAY waaaaay cool selling point!

    Maxwell: Dude. That's cuz you're too lazy to even groom yourself. You make me do it.

    Allie: Pleeeease. The important part? The boxes? TOO cute! *squee!*

  25. Now that is a fabulous makeover! Glowgirly, you have a lot of talent! BTW, has Queen Penelope got a hold of Katie? She dissapeared when we were on our way to Callie's birthday party in Texas.


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