Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awaiting Arraignment

Hi everyone, Katie here.

On Tuesday evening I was released on bond for charges of Shoelace Tampering.  I was in good spirits and confident a clean dismissal was imminent.  That is until today.  I was made aware of new charges that are being brought against me unrelated to the shoelaces.  Far more serious allegations.  Of murder.

That's right, murder.

Let me start by assuring you I didn't do it.  Based on circumstantial evidence though, my future may be hanging in the balance.  Plus Gloman is out of town so as much as I'd like to, I can't blame him.

Let me walk you through the events of the past 24 hours.

09:00am - Breakfast as usual.  Grain free kibble. One small piece of freeze dried salmon.  Water.

09:15am - Rolled around on the kitchen rug looking cute.

10:00am - Pre-nap preparations in Glogirly's bed.

10:05am - Glogirly left the townhouse for the gym.

10:06am - 12:22pm - Deep napping.

12:23pm - Glogirly returned to the townhouse.

12:24pm - Glogirly shrieked, "OMG, a MOUSE!   OMG, OMG, OMG a MOUSE!"

12:25pm - Glogirly shrieked, "KATIE, WHAT DID YOU DO?"

12:26pm - Woken from my slumber TWO floors up, I descended the steps to find out what the fluff was going on.

12:27pm - Discovery of the remains. A small lifeless body I'VE never seen before lay limp on the tile floor.

12:28pm - Initial assessment showed no signs of foul play.  Or any play for that matter.

Well here we go again. I'm currently awaiting arraignment. Three strikes if you count the ribbon incident and the shoelace tampering thing.

But I swear.
I didn't do it.
I was sleeping, I tell you, sleeping.
I've never even SEEN a creature like this before.  I'm a CITY cat.
I don't know how the intruder forced his way in past security.
But I think he may have slipped in undetected when a door opened.

And then obviously poisoned himself.


  1. We think it was a set up. No way would you have done that. Okay, maybe you would but you would never be so obvious!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  2. Katie, what is WRONG with your human?! You should not be on trial for this - you should be getting a MEDAL! And extra treats with breakfast.

  3. Seriously Katie, you need a defense attorney. I'm offering you my services gratis....err....just for a piece of salmon. purrr...meow!

  4. I don't know. Harry the Farm cat brings them DAILY to the chickens.Then the chickens swallow them whole. Maybe you need a chicken.....

  5. Hmmm, Kozmo brings some the mouses he kills to Mommy as presents. Mommy ALWAYS tells him what a great hunter he is deading the evil mice (they breeds so fast and 1 means there is at least 6 more) and then she throws them in the trash.
    Me can't believe yous is being CHARGED!!! Yous was performing a public service!
    If yous needs a lawyer, Queen Penelope will dust off her law degree and represent yous!

  6. ::ahem::
    ::Is this mike on?::

    Official statement: We the cats of Casa de Cory, proudly take responsibility for the demise of the mousie in Katie's condo. We admit to teleporting over while she innocently napped...and know. We will not reveal which one of us dealt the final blow.

    Cory and family

  7. That poor little mousie (RIP) looks like it just had a heart attack and died. There's no obvious evidence that you were involved in anyway, Katie. Especially since you were in deep sleep all that time?

  8. Sounds like a purrfectly reasonable explanation to us. We'll buy it.

  9. See? You're not guilty, someone at "Casa de Cory" is taking responsibility.

    Besides, any kitty who eats raw wouldn't leave that mousie untouched--he or she would have eaten all the best parts!

  10. *getting tuna cake with file in it* I'll save you Miss Katie!

  11. haha - I think you've been framed again. You know, Gloman probably did it. He snuck back into town and into the condo and kilted that mousie.

  12. Clearly a case of you being framed. But, who done it?

  13. katie i hope it wasnt 'you b/c that mousie is soooo cute....was soooo cute.

    Deb - love that jar/bottle!

  14. I just know you didn't do it, I just know it!

  15. I got a mouthpiece who can get you out of anything. Frankly, I wish I had vermin here to kill. That corpse doesn't look like it was touched by a cat. It's not bloody or anything. dunno why humans are so quick to blame us. You know, that looks a lot like the mouse I bashed with a bat in the first Real Housecats. Anyway, I'm your peer and I say you're not guilty because of your INNOCENCE!

  16. This is a difficult one! You are a known felon, come on let’s face it. However, your MO is petty shoe lace tampering and illicit dried salmon dealing. Murder? Now that is a step or three up in the villain hierarchy. Hmmmm! I dunno. I think you’ve been well and truly shafted, Katie. Therefore Austin and I are starting a “Free the Minneapolis One” campaign. It might take a few years to get a judge to hear the application, but hold in there, Katie, we’re with you all the way …. well at least until we reach the end of the garden, OK? xox

  17. Oh no, I'm so sorry you are wrongly accused! Of course you can't do a murder while you are sleeping... And obviously the mouse killed himself with poison!!

  18. FaRADaY: *jumps up and down* I DID IT! I DID IT! (well I woulda if I'd been there, i'm such a FIERCE Predator, I am!) Hey, howz come YOU getz all the Cool Toys at YOUR house??? *looks accusingly at Mommy*

  19. Oh noes.... I´m waiting for the next chapters!

  20. I believe you, Katie. Don't worry, it's hard to prove a case with only circumstantial evidence. I know... I watch Law & Order all the time with the peeps. As long as there's none of your DNA on that mouse, and none of that mouse's DNA on you, you should be in the clear. PS. take a bath! purrs

  21. I’m a little suspicious of Glogirly. Yes, yes she cried “EEK”, but based on those close-up photos she can't have been too freaked out. I think she is framing you!

  22. It`s a pitty that Gloman is out of town :(
    Me to start to beleive that someone is framing you !
    But who ??!!

  23. I am with Mariodacat. Are sure Gloman did not secretly sneak back into town and plant a dead mouse. Maybe he has been wildly jealous of Glogirly and your relationship all of these years and has been plotting your downfall along!

  24. He's right by the window glass isn't he? The vermin probably saw his reflection, thought it was a vermin-ette and ran headlong into the glass thinking he had a date. Vermin are impulsive like that.
    You, darling, are not to blame.

  25. OMC Katie!!! Your planets must be in completel discord right now! You are being framed for everything!! OMC!!!

    I agree that someone set you up for sure!

  26. If Katie is a murderer, Odin must be a mass murderer from the feline killing Fields. We say, job well done and time served.

  27. We think it keeled over from exhaustion when it broke into your house.

    However, we also think its a kitty's job to keep vermin out of the house, and those things PEE every where they go. EWWW! Who wants that in their house? Someone should be thanking you. That is, if you did it.

  28. We're with the others, Katie. Somebuddy is definitely trying to frame you. Maybe it was that mousie! But killing himself sure was a strange way to frame you. But we never thought mousies were very smart.

  29. All of the cats & dogs here think it's their job to protect the house from evil mousy invaders. Be glad it wasn't decapitated, our barn cats used to leave headless rats in the middle of the barn aisles, it was extra gross.

  30. If somehow they end up pulling a surveillance video of the murder scene -- just say you must have been sleepwalking during your cat-nap and the poor thing must have dropped dead on its own.

  31. We are on our way over to take Gloman's DNA
    Benny & Lily

  32. Oh Katie,

    What is that thing? I've never seen anything like it!!

    Clearly it wasn't you, you have a great alibi - you were sleeping upstairs!!

    Just stick to your story buddy and truth will prevail!! :)

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  33. Looks, we all know you are a CITY I do believe that the little guy obviously poisoned himself.

  34. We are wondering why the mouse killed himself in the first place... There is definitely some foul play going on here Katie. And , um, we hate to say it , but everything points to Glogirly. We don't buy those eeks of hers at all. Eekers don't stay in the same room as a dead mouse , let alone take pics of it!! It's foul play Katie and you are being framed!

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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