Monday, May 14, 2012

Real Housecats NOW SHOWING

Hi everyone, Katie here.

The wait is over.  The Housecats are BACK and all I can say is WOW!  The Season 2 cast just wrapped their first episode and they can't wait for you to see it.

Click HERE to watch on YouTube or just click the video below.
You just might want to sing meow along to this one.  

Let's go viral, kitties!  

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Pee S - We couldn't have done this one without the amazing talents of Cee Lo Green and his kitty, Purrfect.  The music is from their 'Meow Mix Remix.'


  1. Awesome!! Although I am thinking now that maybe this explains why my human doesn't approve of me going out clubbing.

  2. Pawsome episode! Luvs the glitter box...*looks up location*

  3. The moment I saw the dog wearing the police shades, I knew it was Snoops. That was hilarious.

    If you don't mind me asking, who in the world sang the Meow Meow song. ^^

    Huggies and Cheese,


  4. We love the romantic (or not) pairings of the kitties! Very well done, Glorgirly and Katie. What about putting the link to You Tube here as well.

  5. Now that was awesome. Well done all of you fancy actors and actresses. And super job Katie and Glogirl. We enjoyed that. Take care.

  6. Great show, really enjoyed it.
    Well done.
    Love & Purrs,

  7. MOL, the baby carriage full of kittens was inspired. WE LOVES IT!!!!!!!

  8. Wow! I can't wait for the rest of Season 2 and I haven't even seen Season 1 yet... Must tell Mummy to show me.

    Xanthe xxx

  9. that was both entertaining and quite disturbing.

  10. Wow - what a night out!! Those Kitties sure know how to PaWty!!

    I'm pooped now - it sure takes every ounce of my herding skills to get those Cats rounded up at the end of the night!!

    Especially after they've had a few too many Milk Shakes…. :)

    I really had my paws full !!

    Your Bodyguard Snoops :)

  11. That's wonderful! Fantastic!! AMAZING!!! I laughed... I cried... It was better than (the other) Cats...

    Are you doing another season? Will there be auditions? Just how do I get in on this?

  12. Waaaayyyyyy too short, IMSO. Liked it. didn't think I would cos I'm partial to our old group. I've tweeted it and everyone seems to miss Mario. I think it's time for a reunion video. Miss Gossip Girls segment. Another pawsome acting job, Katie.

  13. It was pawsome! We all want to visit the Glitterbox. It's the new Studio 54! Great job, Katie and Glogirly. xoxo

  14. Mommy better make with the glue and sequins...we want our OWN Glitter Boxes!!!


  15. Glitter Box...we love it!! Catastic, as always, Katie.

    OK, someone has to shut Mom off. She's going around singing "meow, meowmmeowmeow, meow, meowmeowmeow".

  16. Deb Barnes / Zee and ZoeyMay 14, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    Well, now I guess I need to call the credit card people and apologize for my outburst. I had no idea the "Glitter Box" charges were real. Those darn cats have some serious explaining to do. Just how many catini's can a cat drink in one night?

    Great video and thanks for letting Zee and Zoey be a part of it!!

  17. Fabulous! Loved it! I thinks me and Spitty may gets into lots of trouble in theese Glitter Box...

  18. A terrific and amazing episode! Bravo everyone!!!!

  19. So ..... it's a litter box with a G string!! ;) Now we know why the kitties like their privacy :D. Brilliant! Meow, meow, meow poor Snoop Dog has probably admitted himself into rehab lolol xox

  20. What fun! The Glitter Box looks like a place we would love to visit!!! Maybe now Mom won't be moping about the end of that HouseWIVES show!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Lexi

  21. Miss Katie, I would like some of the niptini you guys were having - it must have been GOOD to get you dancing on the tables!!

  22. (Standing up in on seat, wildly clapping and shouting "encore, Encore! Encore!) Each episode gets better and better just when you think it can't possibly get any better.

  23. FaRADaY: Mommy totally ROFLed at Deb Barnes' comment!! And now she's guarding her cc's and skimming the statement for "Glitter Box" charges herself. RATS & MOUSIES, we'll never be able to sneak out at this rate!

    Allie: FAB FAB FAB scene at the Glitter Box! And Callie! Faking it! Scandalous! *giggle!*

  24. Hey it's Jet here.

    When we saw our friend, Snoopy's blog today, we didn't quite get the whole thing. Now that we've seen Episode 1, all we can say is ... when can we vote for your EMMY!

    This is our favorite video since we joined the blogosphere!

    Hey... in case you hold a casting call for a K9 attorney for the Housecats, count me in... I'm quite polished in lawyering skills and Mom... well last year she was a producer of a local tv show!

  25. Every episode gets better and better!

    I wish I had one of those fancy Glitter Boxes!

  26. What a cool video!! It's just awesome!! The music sounds so cute and I'm sure kitties gathered here all meowed along :-)

  27. That was awesome! I'm glad you were dog friendly and included Snoopy as head of security. I'm excited to see the rest of season 2!

  28. Intrigue, drama, romance,forbidden love , illegitimate kittens , dancing, a nightclub named , The Glitter outdid yourself Katie! And girl can you shake your booty :)
    We loved it. Your Mama is good. VERY good :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  29. MOL
    OMCthis was so much fun!
    Katie your mom must be a hoot to live with.
    Please give her anode tap for another successful Season.
    Hugs Madi and Mom
    PS we are very excited about next season

  30. My, oh my ...this was most exciting. I was on the edge of my seat the WHOLE time!!! Rosie is just kicking herself that she didn't send in her audition tape!

    Your most impressed pal, PIp

    P.S: Had I know there might be an opening for a dog, I would have auditioned myself. Though my legs are much shorter so not sure the limo could have driven under me. Oh well ...

  31. My Boy Cloon and I are real babe-magnets--we went back to the GB for the after-pawty and really hit the jackpot! Good thing Boys don't tell, right?

    Looking forward to Straw Hat--uh, CROWN--Day tomorrow!

    Katie & Glogirly--you're the BEST!

  32. OH MY COD! Kozmo was in the video!!! My brother with his lady love. Now me will never, ever hear the end of it. He is already doing the man cat strut!
    Me gives the video 5 paws up!

  33. Oh wowowowow!!!!! The Glitter Box will be the new hotspot...hotter than Studio!!!! No one's OLD enough to remember THAT!

    If we show up...will the bouncers let us in?


    Cory & family

  34. We left a commment on your other post. oops too much fun at this pawty!

  35. Brilliant! We love it. You guys are A-list for sure! We've heard it's nearly impossible to get into Glitter Box! :)

  36. hmmm...this one never arrived via email subscription but today's did!

    Gotta tell ya...Zee/Zoey stole the show on this one!

  37. Wow, it's fantastic!!!! Love the Glitter Box :-)

  38. Too funny! I have no TV and have never seen the program, but I think I like this version better anyway--I know the cast!

  39. PAWsome , GREAT , Fantastic , Superduper !!!

  40. We just love it. Spyro and I want directions on how to get to the Glitter Box. I know where Mom keeps her money.


  41. That was fun! Mom Paula tried to hide our eyes, but we got a peek!

    Truffle and Brulee

  42. Oh!! Me and charlie did leave a comment somewhere about this fab episode - ooops!! Yayayyay for The Nightspot to be seen in!! Love The Glitter Box episode!

    Take care


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