Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Katie

Hi everyone, Senorita Katie here.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, mi amiga, Cathy Keisha and I are starting up our own Mariachi band.  We're off to a rocky start though.  Neither of us can carry a tune and I keep chewing on the guitar strings. CK, well she can't stop knocking around the maracas.  It's quite a sight.

What? They're filled with the illicit 'Vine' she speaks of? 

Niparita's for everyone!

Important Announcement
There's just a couple days left to nominate your favorite blogs for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards.

It's the ONLY awards program where pet bloggers (and pet people who "microblog" on Facebook and Twitter) are judged by a panel of distinguished professionals on their expertise, creativity and performance in one or more of TWELVE categories. That's a whole dozen different awards!

ANYONE can nominate and ANYONE can win!  You can nominate as many different bloggers as you'd like in as many categories as you like.  You can even nominate yourself!  About the only thing you can't do is nominate a dog for the Best Cat Blog.  ha!

Nose-to-Nose Award Categories

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Nominations Close Sunday May 6, 11:59 PM MT

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We've already nominated a bunch or our furriends.  If you have any questions about the process, just send us an email -

Happy Nominating!



  1. Crack open those maracas and we'll get this pawty started. MOL!

  2. I love that we can nominate whoever we want, but the judging have nothing to do with how popular a blog is! That means that smaller blogs have as good a chance as the bigger ones.

  3. Awwww beautiful Katie and adorable Cathy Keisha! You are the bestest most gorgeous mariachi band ever!! Yay!! Take care

  4. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you two silly and funny girls. That is great about being able to nominate the blogs. We will have to check that out. Take care.

  5. We've done our nominating *smug look* and I shall be going around all blogs today to ask what's so special about cinco de mayo? Hey I'm just a foreigner lol Any excuse for a niparita;)

  6. What a lovely way to wake up and celebrate Cince de Mayo!!Such a stunning girl cat band! We must find you an agent and get a contract, pronto!!

    We love that the "Nose to Nose" contest is not based on numbers like some of the other awards. It really is hard for some of the newer bloggers to have a fair shot otherwise! Good luck to all!!

  7. Happy Cinco de Mayo - hope you have a great pawty.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Oh Dog! I wonder if there are any Cinco de Mayo cookies?

  9. Katie, can I join your band?? I'm a really good long as a sock is nearby...



  10. Arriba!! Happy Cinco de Mayo
    Benny & Lily

  11. Diego can point you to some guitar strings in our house that he'd loved to see chewed to unplayable status.

  12. Happy Cinco de Mayo from the Katnip Lounge Krew! We've got Valerian Marinated Salmon for you, Katie!

  13. Happy Cinco de Mayo, Katie and CK! We're excited about the Nose-to-Nose contest, too. :)

  14. Mowzers, those mariachis look like FUN! (of course *dubious look* they are PINK...)

    We went & nominated tons of peeps too! Woot! So exciting!

  15. I feel like I hijacked Katie's picture. Yes, being in the Mariachi band was fun cos of those maracas. xoxo

  16. Happy Cinco de Katie! Chewing on guitar strings sounds fun, haha. One of my boys would do that! Have a fun weekend!

  17. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you, too! We're off to KC's house now.

    Truffle and Brulee

  18. Happy Cinco de Katie! You two make an adorable mariachi band.

  19. Feliz Cinco de Mayo! What a duet, ha ha meow! You needz a BoyCat for your band, though. I work cheap!

  20. Oh my, what a band! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Thankyou for your purrs and kind thought during my recent illness, SS and I really appreciate them.

  21. You looked great for Cinco de Mayo. We've been doing the Seis de Mayo Siesta. We posted our big announcement and incorporated 2 .gifs! Thanks for telling us how to do them!


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