Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not Me Week Day 3

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back to Not Me Week. It's Day 3 and I'm continuing to clarify what I am NOT. Gloman needs to accept where I stand on sports. We live in Minnesota. Our baseball and football teams are in dead last place. I am NOT a fan. Deal with it.

It's no secret the Minnesota Twins were scouting me.
I coulda been an MVP.
But I am NOT a baseball fan.

Ok, I like the laces in my glove.
But I am still NOT a baseball fan.

As for football, what kind of crazy shaped thing is THIS?
A ball? I think NOT.

The Minnesota Vikings could use someone like me.
Crafty and quick, I can run like the wind.
But a football player?
With that weird shaped thing they toss around?
I think NOT.


  1. Katie what is a girl to do? Cheerleader?
    Benny & Lily

  2. he he - Benny and Lily had a good idea - cheerleader. But, that might be too mainstream for you.

  3. I hear you. I am not an M's fan although Seahawks sound nice--I wouldn't want to BE one!

  4. My human's boyfriend hates, hates, hates sports with a passion, so we never have to deal with them here. At least that is one good thing about him.

  5. That glove and a baseball look like can turns to be a great toys for kitties : )

  6. What about boxing? That might seem more like a kitty sport!

  7. Hey Katie! You look like you would make a good reff! You have that bossey look to you.

    Good to see you guys!

  8. come back to Detroit where (gasp) the Lions are UNDEFEATED and the Tigers better pull off a win tomorrow against the dreaded Yankees!

    We ARE sportsfans! xoxoxo

  9. We're sports fans too and we're hoping our Yankees beat Caren's Tigers. We're sorry the Twins didn't make the playoffs this year so we could whip them again. Maybe next year.


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