Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Me Week Day 1

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome to Not Me Week, Day 1. Just to be clear, this week I'm devoting my blog to everything that I am NOT. Did you hear that, Glogirly? This is as much for you as, well...this is JUST for you. Get the message?

You see, I believe there are some misconceptions on the part of Glogirly, and even Gloman, as to what I am and what I am NOT. And many of these things I am NOT are simply NOT fair. NOT my choice. NOT my doing. So get ready. Let's focus on the NOT.

I am NOT the maid.

If I WERE the maid, I would be allowed in this room.
But I am NOT.

I am NOT allowed outside.

This is NOT my choice.

And finally, Gloman...this one is for you.
Quit pretending that I am a dog.

I am NOT.


  1. Those are clearly things you are not. Anyone should see that...

  2. ha ha - I'm so happy we read your bloggy yet tonight, cuz we're sitting here laughing at you again. You are just so funny and cute sweetie. SMOOCH

  3. We are happee you are NOT putting up with this abuse any longer
    Benny & Lily

  4. You need to give your humans a talking to about some of these NOTs, Katie!

  5. Those were great! Obviously you are NOT going to take it any more!

  6. Miss Katie, Let's shred the suit !
    If you need any paws , Please call me ( sharp my claws , get ready for da girl )

  7. Well that's cleared a few things up! Good to clarify.

  8. Oh, and you're NOT shy either sweet one, tell them what you think!

  9. Great post, as usual! I'm gonna slap TW for not thinking of this clever idea.


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