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Chapter 7 - Dear Ms. Cotter,

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Welcome back! Before we get started, I'm going to share a secret with you. Glogirly's mom and dad didn't really name her Glogirly. That's just my nickname for her. It's caught on and now lots of people call her Glogirly, or Glogirl, even GG for short. But her real name is Debbie. Debbie Glovatsky. Gloman was Gloman when they met. But his real name is Tim. A few people call him that, but not us.

I know you've been curious what Glogirly would write in her letter to the oldest sister. She wondered too. But finally the words came.

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23 June 2007

Dear Ms. Cotter,

Almost 44 years ago, your sister Alice gave birth to a baby girl in Santa Barbara. She felt it was in the baby's best interest to give her an opportunity with an adoptive family through the Children's Home Society. After very careful research, I believe I am that baby.

Like most adopted children, I've always had an innocent curiosity about my birthmother. I am contacting you because I would love to know more about Alice. I know that she has passed away, and I would appreciate very much any memories you might be willing to share with me about her. Please know that I'm only seeking information, nothing more. I don't wish to cause any discomfort or invade your privacy in any way.

My name is Debbie Glovatsky. I am married and living in Minneapolis with my husband, Tim. I have a 19-year-old stepson named Gabe.

For as long as I've known I was adopted, my whole life really, I've felt an incredible gratitude and respect for a woman I suspected I may never know.

My adoptive parents were wonderful people. They gave me a great home and loved me very much. My parents were always open and honest with me about my adoption. From a very early age I knew that I was adopted and understood how special that was. I knew that there was someone out there that loved me enough to give me up so that I had a chance to grow up with a family that could love and take care of me forever.

My mother passed away in 1987 when she was only 58. My father passed away just three years ago. I know that they too were grateful to a woman they never knew. They loved telling me about the day they brought me home. They gave me everything any child could hope for. Although I've always had an instinctive desire to know who my birthmother was, I didn't start to actively search until recently.

I am contacting you because I am hopeful that you were a part of Alice's life during her pregnancy. My decision to contact you is also based in part on a newspaper article I read about you and your job at the local Rite Aid that was published in the San Luis Opbispo Tribune last June. In reading the article, I can tell that you are a warm and friendly woman, respected and admired by those in your community. I would love to meet you, but again, only if it is within your level of comfort to do so.

I would like to phone you sometime in the next few weeks. If for any reason you would rather I not contact you, please let me know. I've included my address and phone number.

Kindest regards,

Debbie Glovatsky

Included in the letter was this 2006 family portrait of
Gloman, Glogirly & Gabe


Glogirly first composed the letter on her computer so she could move things around and edit her words. She read it out loud a hundred times. It had to be perfect. It needed to be brief but thorough. Without turning it into a novel, she needed to introduce herself, convey her gratitude, show love for her own adoptive family and respect for her biological family. She wanted to meet the sister. Or at least talk with her. She had to take care not come off too strong. She didn't want anyone to think she was out to get something. All Glogirly wanted was information. She wanted to know her birthmother.

Once the words were right, Glogirly wrote the letter out by hand in her best and prettiest handwriting. She went to the stationery store to pick out the perfect paper and envelope. She even bought some decorative paper with flowers on it to line the envelope and a beautiful stamp to seal the envelope with. She had to start over five times before she wrote out the whole letter without any mistakes or smudges. It was likely the most important letter she would ever write. It had to be perfect.

Then she took it to the post office. She decided it was important that Jeanette and only Jeanette receive and open the letter. What if her daughter found it first, opened it and never gave it to her? What if her daughter didn't know anything about Glogirly? What if the letter was lost? Or mistaken for a piece of unwanted mail?

Certified, return-receipt. That was the only way to go. By the time the letter had the official seals and stamps plastered front and back, it looked like something ominous from a law office or the IRS. The pretty seal on the back of the envelope was completely covered. This letter was sure to get someone's attention. Glogirly was so nervous she practically told the post office worker her whole life story. He had adopted a daughter some 30 years ago and was understanding and sweet. He wished her luck as she turned and walked away.

Well, there was no turning back now. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night would keep this letter from reaching it's destination.

Now came the hard part. She had to wait.

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  1. Edge of my seat, here! I'm cheering from the sidelines!!!

    pee ess: Happy Halloween!


  2. Oh boy - now is the hard part for us too. We has to wait.

  3. My human and I have been reading these posts every day, and I have to say, that is a totally awesome letter! I can't wait to find out what happened!

  4. Such a wonderful letter and I can't to hear what happened! xx

  5. This story just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for the next installment!

  6. OMC! Hope it didn't take too long to get a reply. I bet she called Glogirly the minute she read the letter. There were tears all around. Oops, I forgot, it's your story to tell.

    BTW, I fixed my video so people could see it.


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