Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Searching For A Girl

Hi everyone, Katie here.

My girl has been out of town. No worries, she left me with Gloman. SOMEONE'S got to take care of him after all. I've got him well-trained. My food dish is full. We have game nights. We have thoughtful conversations about life, love and Glogirly.

Glogirly and I, well we have alot in common. She gravitates to black & white in her wardrobe choices. She likes naps and bunnies and birds. But we share something much more special than clothes and hobbies. We were both adopted.

Glogirly and Me at 6 months old.
Adopted and in our Forever Homes.
I know. So cute you can hardly stand it.

Glogirly's most recent trip was a very special one. She was visiting her birth family. How she found them is both fascinating and miraculous. She's crafty like a cat and never gives up. Her story is one I want to share. She has written down every detail of her journey. She says that she doesn't want to forget a single thing. She wants to remember what she was thinking and feeling every step of the way.

I'm putting my sarcasm and catnip aside for the next few days so that I can help tell her story. Maybe you're adopted. Maybe someone you love is adopted. Chances are, adoption has touched your life in some small or maybe significant way.

Either way, I think you'll love the story.

Stay tuned.


  1. It never occurred to me that humans might be adopted the same way we kitties are! I am looking forward to finding out Glogirly's story!

  2. Oh come on! Your a tease. We sat down, put out paws up and now we see the story is continued...
    Benny & Lily

  3. This will be a very emotional experience. I hope Glogirly is at rest in her soul after such a time? x

  4. Can't wait to here Glogirly's adoption story. You are so lucky to have found each other too - and Gloman.

  5. Oh wow, I cannot wait to hear the story!!!

  6. Two of our cousins have adopted children from Korea. Pop is very close to one of them named Amanda. Another cousin has 3 adopted cats and, of course, I'm adopted. Can't wait for Glogirly's story.

  7. ohhhh we can't wait to read the updates!! This is going to be fabulous I know it!

  8. Katie: I'm with everybody else and can't wait to read Glogirly's story! In the meantime, Gloman better be treatin' you like the diva you are! The photo of you on his computer is--well--priceless!!



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