Monday, August 5, 2019

Cat Toes & Noses

WAFFLES:  Boss, do your toes match your nose? 

KATIE:  Why? What does it matter?

WAFFLES:  Glogirly says her mom would always match her handbag and her shoes. 

KATIE:  We're cats, Waffles. We don't carry handbags. And we don't wear shoes. 

WAFFLES:  I wasn't asking about your purse, Boss.  

KATIE:  Good. I don't want you snooping around in my purse. 

WAFFLES:  You have a PURSE??? 

KATIE:  Of course not, Waffles. I'm just messing with you. You and your pink nose and toes should just go back to sleep. 

WAFFLES:  *dreams of a mancat purse and what kinds of mancatly things he'll keep in it*  

About Those Noses and Toes
In case you were curious, both Katie's AND Waffles' noses match their toes. 

Mr. Mancat sports his feminine side with a soft cotton candy pink nose and matching toes. He's also got freckles on both.

Miss Katie, ever he classic Coco Chanel-esque ladycat, stays true to her black and white wardrobe with black jelly bean toes and a matching nose. 


  1. Katie's toes 😍
    And now I had to check Rags' toes, because he has the nose freckles but so far no toe freckles

  2. Funny enough, considering I'm a bit of a fashionista, my nose and toes do NOT match! But then, like my human, I have a unique style. ;-)

  3. Zorro's toesies match his nose, but not mines. Purrs, Pixie

  4. are all of Katie's toes black? Chanel has both

  5. Angel and Katie have similar coloring, but Angel has pink ears, nose, and paw-pads. I like Katie's black paw-pads!

  6. Great noses and tosies. I love Waffles' freckles.

  7. Waffles, we bet your purse would be filled with KFC.

  8. You have such cute nose and toes freckles, Waffles. I did not have them, but I had freckly things in my mouth.

  9. Both of you are a match for paws matching your toes. Waffles we wondering what you would put in your mancat purse. Too funny. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  10. I've never checked to see if my kitties noses and toeses match - I'll get right on it!


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