Friday, June 28, 2019

Lazy Cat Days of Summer

WAFFLES:  LOLOL!!! I've been laying on Gloman's lap ALL day! 

KATIE:  No kidding, Waffles. Talk about LAZY.

WAFFLES:  Lazy? I'm not lazy.

WAFFLES:  Zzzzz...

KATIE:  Fine. Just hog Gloman's lap and sleep the day away. I'll make sure your dinner doesn't go to waste.

WAFFLES:  Dinner???

We welcomed home our favorite CatDaddy yesterday. Waffles wasted no time settling in for some quality lap time. If it weren't for Katie letting him know it was mealtime, he'd likely have slept through breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. 

Yes, Waffles and Katie get lunch. Three squares a day. 

Next, they'll be negotiating an allowance. 


  1. Dinner will get me out of a lap too.

  2. YAY for the return of the CatDaddy!!

  3. Enjoy your CatDaddy time! THREE squares a day? Well, you don't look too chubby, so it must be working well.

  4. Any time mum heads to the kitch-hen I follow along. I might get some good noms. Hurray for CatDaddy being home to nap on and love. ENJOY!

  5. Have fun everyone - glad the fam is back together for a good long weekend.

  6. Aww, your family unit is in one place for a little while! Enjoy!

  7. Ah that's the best way to have a lazy cat day!

  8. Enjoy your time together.
    Sue B

  9. So glad you’re all together again!

  10. It looks like you're going to have fun family time ! Purrs


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