Monday, June 17, 2019

Belated Cat Daddy's Day Wishes

WAFFLES:  Us men have to stick together. 

You know, to do man-stuff like online shopping for, well... man-stuff.

KATIE:  Yeah, well don't blow your allowance all at once, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  Allowance? What allowance? Do you get an ALLOWANCE, Boss?

KATIE:  What do you think, Gloman? Should I tell him I get an allowance or not?

WAFFLES:  So, Gloman? Does the Boss really get an allowance?  Because I'd really like to have an allowance too. Does KFC take allowances? For chicken and gravy and stuff? 

KATIE:  What's that, Gloman? I couldn't agree more. The less he knows the better. And with Waffles, that should come easy.

WAFFLES:  So about that allowance stuff...

Happy Cat Daddy's Day
Today's photos are some of our past favorites of Gloman with his favorite kitties. Although he couldn't be with us to officially celebrate Fathers Day, he's going to be here very soon. Everyone, including Glogirly, will be getting in their snuggle time with our favorite Cat Daddy.

For all of you lucky cats with Cat Daddies in your life, we hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day. And to all those Cat Daddies out there - thank you so much for sharing your hearts and homes with your furry family members.

A Special Day of Remembrance for Glogirly
32 years ago tomorrow, a very special woman left our family and this world. Despite all these years, it still can feel so fresh. It heavies my heart to think of all the milestones she's missed. And all the everyday, ordinary moments that make a life.

I can't believe I've lived more years without my mom than with her. But I am truly blessed with wonderful memories that still live strong in my heart. I will always be my mother's daughter. Forever.

And to my Dad... I will never forget that Father's Day, just three days after we lost Mom. You'd lost your best friend and the love of your life, but your main concern was me. It was the beginning of our new normal and what would become for me, one of the most important and closest relationships of my life. You continue to influence me every single day. And I will always be your little girl.




  1. Purrs to Glogirly on this sad anniversary. <3

  2. Sending lots of purrs to Glogirly. Our mom lost her mom 21 years ago and her dad 17 years ago. We hope all the good memories that Glogirly has in her heart will bring her happiness.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Glogirly's parents. We send loving purrs of peace for her. As for Gloman, he makes being a Cat Daddy chic! Waffles, we don't get an allowance either. Something about already having enough cat nip toys, beds and plenty of good food. Although we have to admit, we NEVER get KFC....should we protest??

  4. Purrs to you, a beautiful and touching tribute. Waffles, Katie and Gloman, y'all make me smile - Happy Father's Day all!

  5. We don't get an allowance either! Signed, Ringo, Benny, Sadie, and Lucy And sending purrs as you remember your mom.

  6. I'm so sorry you lost your mom so soon. I understand. I lost my Dad at 59. I am happy that you were lucky enough to have great parents.

  7. Happy Cat Daddy's Day to Gloman!
    Even small holidays are hard, when it's a reminder of a lost loved one.
    Hugs and purrs to you.

  8. What a beautiful tribute ! Purrs and hugs

  9. Purrs to Glogirly as she remembers her mom and dad. ♥


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