Friday, March 29, 2019

Waffles and Katie in the Kitchen

WAFFLES:  Mmmmm, chicken. Yes, please!

KATIE:  With a cilantro and lime marinade, Waffles. Pretty sure you take your chicken sans marinade.

WAFFLES:  Mary who? What's she got to do with my chicken? I never said she could have any–

KATIE:  Marinade, Waffles. The marinade is what she's soaking the chicken in. 

WAFFLES:  Well I hope it doesn't drown. I don't think chicken can swim, you know. 

KATIE: And I think you better get off the kitchen counter, Waffles. Before Glogirly turns around and sees you hiding behind her computer.

WAFFLES:  So what else is in the recipe? Gravy??? I like gravy.

KATIE:  A strawberry tomato salsa, Waffles. With jalapenos, lime, and more cilantro.

WAFFLES:  Aaaack! What's with all the lime and cilantro stuff??? I liked it better when Glogirly got her chicken from the colonel.

About Today's Photos
Wherever Glogirly goes, so too do Katie and Waffles. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. Waffles favorite spot is on his stool by the island. Scratch's his second favorite spot. First is the kitchen counter. He knows he's not supposed to be there, but cats will be cats. Especially Waffles!

Katie hangs out in the kitchen in hopes of an additional meal or snack. But she's only interested in her own food. Waffles is interested in everyone else's food.


  1. Cilantro and lime chicken? I'll be right there. Waffles, I recently heard that some chickens can swim, if you ask me, the only thing they should be swimming in is gravy.

  2. Waffles, only the Colonel for you! And you are right! Chicken don't swim!You are so smart! Katie and Glogirly sure are entertained by you ❤

  3. I'm interested in EVERYONE's food too.

  4. Sounds yummy... we’re interested in everyone’s food too!

  5. My human is hungry after reading this post!

  6. poor Waffles - well hope does spring eternal

  7. Angel and Chuck were never interested much in people food, but Da Boyz are crazy to try anything that we are eating! If I had a dollar for everytime that I'd intercepted a paw reaching out for my plate, I'd have quite a nest egg!

  8. Whoa! Glogirly makes her own fancy chicken. I'm impressed. TW orders it from chef Lorraine's Table. Unfortunately there's not enough for a second meal. Double unfortunately, it's too spiced for The Cat.

  9. Sounds pretty yucky, and I'll eat most anything. Signed, Sadie

  10. Waffles maybe GloGirly has a little chicken tucked away for you buddy
    Timmy and Family

  11. I always help mum in the kitch-hen, I even help out when she isn't around.

  12. That sounds yummy ! Did you get some chicken al naturale, Waffles ? Purrs

  13. Waffles, you should have told her to come to Kentucky! We have the Colonel everywhere (and even his "home"!). You'd be in paradise. Except... for some reason... we don't get much Colonel here... hmm....

  14. Hope you kitties got some chicken too.
    Sue B


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