Monday, March 25, 2019

A Birthday Weekend for Our #1 Cat Daddy

KATIE:  Wake up, Waffles!  It's here!

WAFFLES:  It's here, Boss! It's here!  

KATIE:  That's what I said, Waffles. It's here!

WAFFLES:  Uh... what's here again?

KATIE:  I'll give you a hint.

WAFFLES:  OMG,  it's my BIRTHDAY!!!  What'd you get me, Boss? A bucket of extra crispy? A huge side of gravy?

KATIE:  Believe it or not Waffles, it's not always about you. It's Gloman's birthday! 

WAFFLES:  We should totally get him a present! Do you think he'd like a wand toy? 

KATIE:  Not unless Nikon makes wand toys. 

WAFFLES:  He's always talking about some 400 millimeter Nikon thing.  That must be a REALLY BIG wand toy!

KATIE:  I've got a better idea, Waffles –

Birthday Letters to Our Cat Daddy

Dear Gloman,

Happy Birthday from your FAVORITE cat. Thank you for adopting me and bringing me home to your girl. Thank you for our long conversations about life, love, and Waffles. Thank you for scratching my tummy and massaging my face whenever I tip over on the rug for you. Thank you for understanding me, watching out for me, and for the extra snuggles when Waffles isn't looking. 

Most of all, thank you for loving me.
xo, Katie

Deer Gloman,

Happy Birthday from your EXTRA FAVORITE cat. Thank you for always having room for me on your lap. Thank you for playing fetch with me, watching movies with me, and fixing my broken wand toys. I'm sorry about all the singing when you're trying to watch the news...but if you tell me your favorite song, I'll try to learn it for you. 

Thank you for calling me your little buddy.
xo, Waffles

Happy Birthday to the Best Cat Daddy EVER!
Most of today's photos are from a birthday vacation we took as a cat-family a few years ago. We rented a pet-friendly condo up on the north shore of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. 

This year we're thrilled that Gloman could spend the weekend with us here in Colorado. We spent lots of time relaxing, having a few friends over, and enjoying all the beautiful sun puddles together. 

Gloman's actual birthday is Sunday, March 24. He and Glogirly are going to celebrate at his favorite restaurant and then they're going to see a super funny comedian perform in Denver. His name is Sebastian Maniscalco. Glogirly describes him as a blend of Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller, and Tony Soprano. His tour is called Stay Hungry.

WAFFLES:  Did someone say HUNGRY???

Happy Birthday, Gloman! We love you BIG! ♥︎♥︎♥︎


  1. Aaaaawww there's nothing like a loving Cat Daddy!! Happy birthday Gloman!

  2. Happy Birthday and all the best! 🎂

  3. Happy Birthday. Have a fun filled day.
    Sue B

  4. We hope the Gloman had the bestest birthday!

  5. Did Waffles go to the Stay Hungry tour? Because it has to be about him... Happy birthday Gloman!

  6. HAPPY Birthday Gloman!! Did you know you share the day with our grandpa?? It sounds like you got great presents and a perfect weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday, Gloman! Happy you all got to spend his birthday weekend together.

  8. No better way to celebrate one's day, then with their family; humans AND feline! I'm wondering when Gloman is going to move to Colorado permanently?

    1. We hope for sometime within the next 2 years or so. 💕

  9. Happy Birthday ! Have a wonderful celebration ! Purrs

  10. Happy birthday to Gloman! It sounds like he and Glogirly had fun celebrating!

  11. Happy Happy Birthday Gloman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Glogirly to post a photo of that comedian, I might know who that is but I am not sure!

  12. Happy Purrthday to the Gloman! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend together.

  13. Happy Birthday to Mr Katie and Waffles. I hope you got the 400mm wand toy!


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