Monday, November 28, 2016

Cat Sitter In The House - Postcards from the Cats

Dear Glogirly,

It seems like just yesterday you were packing your suitcase and emailing the cat sitter. Ok, so maybe it was just yesterday.

But you're coming home today, right? Because you are very urgently needed.

Apparently the cat sitter doesn't understand that 8:00am is 8:00am. Not 8:01. Not 8:02. And certainly not 8:34. Don't get me started on the lunch and dinner schedule.

In addition, Waffles has decided that since there's new sheriff in town, it's open-season on my food dish.

Don't worry, I haven't withered away to nothing. Yet.

But I wouldn't dilly-dally if I were you.


Dear Glogirly,

The cat sitter and I have been having SO much fun. She's the best cat sitter EVER. We played beauty shop and she even let me do her hair. 

I've been helping the cat sitter a lot too. I lick all of the food bowls clean so she doesn't have to do the dishes. Even the Boss' dish is sparkling.

You're bringing me a present, right? Ok, bye.


About Today's Postcards

Glogirly and Gloman had a chance to scoot away for the weekend.

But for Katie and Waffles, that meant a weekend with the Cat Sitter, a.k.a one of Waffles' many girlfriends.

That line about Waffles doing her hair... totally true. At least according to a certain text that was sent yesterday.


  1. Parker will sometimes lick my hair. Mostly when I stick my head next to her when she's giving herself a bath.

  2. Go Waffles. You never know when you might need to make some extra money

  3. Are all orange man cats hairdressers? Just wondering since Davy loves to brush ma's hair. She doesn't have a chance to get a tangle.

  4. Sometimes I mess with my human's hair! It's fun. And tasty.

  5. Don't worry Katie....sounds like a short trip

  6. Ha ha - those two make us laugh so much and hard too. Waffles, what will you think of next? Katie, you are a saint!!!!

  7. MOL ! You know how to speak to ladies, Waffles (at least human ladies...) Purrs

  8. Katie, at least Waffles isn't trying to do your hair. Or is he???

  9. I'm constantly saying that our Arata "channels" Waffles. Arata loves grooming his mommy's hair (he's actually my daughter's cat and will eventually move out when she does). Fawn has butt-length blonde hair, which is usually in a ponytail or braid when she's at home. Arata has been combing her hair lately. Of course, the worse thing was when he chewed a chunk of braid when she was sleeping one night. Luckily it wasn't enough to really be noticeable when she has her hair brushed out, but when she first took her hair out of the braid, a large chunk came off in her hand. She had put some leave-in oil hair conditioner before she went to bed that night. She won't use it before bed any more - for obvious reasons. Seems Arata likes the taste.

  10. No we gingers are not all hair dressers. Sorry you guys got left alone by Glogirly and Gloman on the holiday weekend.

  11. Hahaha! You two are so funny. My cats would be sending me similar letters. Dexter is always trying to eat Manna's food. I hope that you two can keep it together until Glogirly makes it home. :)
    -Purrs from your friends at

  12. Waffles, it's good to have a backup career plan if the chicken ranch doesn't get off the ground. It sounds like you are ready to open a beauty shop instead!

  13. I have a lot of kittens who want to lead lives as hair dressers :)


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