Monday, September 26, 2016

Waffles Goes to New Heights in the Name of Breakfast

8:04am CST
The Townhouse, Minneapolis MN
WAFFLES:  Boss! It's like a gazillion minutes after 8:00. Where's breakfast?

KATIE:  Waffles, what on earth are you doing up there?

WAFFLES:  Looking for breakfast.

KATIE:  On top of the kitchen cabinets?

WAFFLES:  It says EAT up here. I'm just following directions.

KATIE:  Waffles, I'm not sure what's more surprising. That you can read or that you're 11 feet up in the air.

WAFFLES:  Eleven what? 

KATIE:  Feet. Up.


 WAFFLES:  I've got to get down from here! Boss, how do I get down?

15 minutes and 1 broken vase later
KATIE:  Guess you should have thought about an exit strategy before you climbed up the 11 foot obstacle course we call the kitchen.

About Today's Photos
Waffles has a new thing. And it's got everyone just a little bit unnerved. 

After four years, he's discovered the tops of the kitchen cabinets. With the way they're built in and configured, access is anything but easy. Our extra tall ceilings mean Glogirly doesn't even get up there to clean. She installed those EAT letters 14 years ago and hasn't been up since. 

Somehow Waffles figured out a pathway up last week and despite his trepidation when it came to the descent, he's repeated the adventure again and again. 

We don't have the kind of kitty superhighways some of our friends have in their kitchens. Waffles has plenty of other climbing structures scattered throughout the house, but at least for now nothing compares to the allure of the kitchen and the mile high cabinets.


  1. Yipes!

    Angel Keisha and Murphy Poodle

  2. Oh goodness. I hope Davy never figures out how to get up on top of our cabinets! Right now it seems that he is infatuated with jumping on my bed to turn my ceiling fan light on.

  3. The kitchen cabinets here go all the way to the ceiling, so I am out of luck here! I have been caught several times climbing on the shower glass, though, and my human doesn't like that either.

  4. It figures you would find your way up there eventually, Waff! Back when the head peep had cabinets like that, it was the favorite hangout for the cats who came before.

  5. I see a cat superhighway in your kitchen's future :-)

  6. We have the top of the china cabinet which can only be reached by jumping from the dining room table, about a 5 feet leap. But that doesn't stop us! Waffles, you gotta be careful you don't break anything up there.

  7. sounds like it may be time for some shelves....if nothing else to avoid a crash landing

  8. Thankfully now there's no space above the cabinets ... but when there was, Bear loved jumping up there. He never broke anything, but he scared the @#$%^! out of me making the jump. The first time I climbed up to bring him down and five minutes later, he was up there again. I think he loved seeing my reaction and the look of horror on my face. Maybe Waffles gets extra steering power from that magnificent tail? Katie looks less than amused with Waffles.

  9. You might as well install some boes or shelves to make it easier, since it seems he is going up there anyway. I hope he doesn't scratch your cabinet doors!!

  10. The woman is laughing. We had a cat that loved the upper cabinets and she would sit up there and mew until someone came and got her and then she would climb right back up. And do it again...

  11. My kitty sister Pigeon practically LIVES on top of the cabinets. Momma even put kitty beds up there for her! She jumps on the countertop, then the top of the fridge, and from there she can reach either side of the cabinets.

  12. he looks contrite at having broken the vase in that last photo :)

    Ollie used to love being on top of the cabinets.. He knew he wasn't allowed on the counters, but he learned that if he was quick, he could use them as a push off to get on top of the fridge and then another jump up. He would get down the same way.

    Skippy learned from him and started doing it once Ollie passed, but it freaked me out to see other cats up there (it was an Ollie thing) and so I discouraged it and it's been a while since he tried.

  13. Yay for a new adventure, Waffles ! Zorro loves to climb the kitchen cabinet, he says the view is pawsome. It looks like some kitchen is going to get a cat superhighway very soon... Purrs

  14. WTG Waffles! I loves jumping on top of high places. I can't do that in the kitch-hen, but I can do both of the corner cupboards. At first I freaked mum out, now she doesn't care.

  15. one of our cats from before liked the tops of cupboards until she figured out it was lots of fun getting up there but pretty scary getting down so she stopped.

  16. That is quite the climb, Waffles! I'm glad you made it down safely. My Dexter is a climber too. I catch him on top of everything in our home.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  17. That used to be one of the favorite places until the humans redid the kitchen 5 years ago and took the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Our ceilings are only at nine and a half feet. You are quite the adventurer, Waffles. Way to go! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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