Sunday, February 23, 2014

Buy a Book. Save a Cat.

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I am honored to share a beautiful book project with you today. It's a book with a purpose and a mission to help homeless cats who need medical care and families in financial need who are facing medical-care funding challenges for their pets.

The Story
The Bad Guy on the Block is a clever caper about three cats who through teamwork, help to catch a neighborhood thief. Dewey, Thumper and Lily, three beautiful and goofy Norwegian forest cats, are the unlikely heroes, along with their human, Anna. The book is written by Cincinnati author and devoted cat-mom, Kristin Heimerl.

Magical Whimsy
The whimsical illustrations, created by Irene Bofill Garcia, are sure to turn this tale into a classic bedtime story for children and their cat-loving parents.

The Cast Kitties
The three cats are real and belong to Kristin. The story is (mostly) true. And the cause and mission is close to her heart and to ours.

Give Them Health and a Home™ 
25% of the profits will fund acute medical care for homeless shelter cats so that they have a change at living healthy and happy lives in loving forever homes. Struggling families in financial need will also be eligible for acute medical-care funding so that their pet can remain part of their family and out of the shelter system.

Why is This So Very Important?
As much as no one likes to think about their pets becoming ill or needing medical care, things happen. Cats become ill, sometimes suffering from a disease, sometimes as the result of an accident.

Homeless shelter cats with treatable illnesses or who need expensive care to bring them back to health often suffer the worst fate of all. These are savable lives. Many were once someone's special companion. With a little help, faith and attention, they can be once again.

What Can You Do NOW? 
This is so easy! Help us spread the word about the 3 Norwegians and their book, The Bad Guy On the Block to people just like YOU, with love and compassion their hearts for cats and families in crisis.

Their book is an Indiegogo project. They've launched a campaign to raise funds to bring their project and book to fruition. Regardless of the outcome of the campaign, as Kristin writes on her home page, "Like the steely resolve of the rescuers who inspire this initiative, I'll bootstrap together the remaining funds needed to bring this book to market."

Word of mouth is KEY for a successful crowd funding campaign like this. Please consider visiting their book campaign site to learn more. If you are able, you can become part of the movement with a donation of as little as $5. There's some pretty amazing perks for donations at many levels too.

Just click the link in the widget at the bottom of the page and the behind-the-scenes tech wizards will be able to tell that you've come from our blog and they'll keep track of all the people that visit and donate from our link. Why? Because there's cool stuff in store!

Help GLOGIRLY Win the BIG CAT Blogger Award
Part of the fun for us as bloggers and obvious cat-lovers, is a very cool contest that only YOU can help us win. The blogger with the most referrals and donations originating from their blog's website will earn an opportunity to share a very cool giveaway with their readers.

Reader Giveaway Prizes Include:
♥︎ Three Books
♥︎ Three "3 Norwegians" Messenger Bags
♥︎ And one lucky reader will have their cat's name in the book! (It's the perk on the campaign site called Purrfect Pet Print.)

Just CLICK "Buy a Book. Save a Cat." in PINK below:
If you're reading this in an email or reader, you may need to come to our blog (click GLOGIRLY) first.

Thank you so very much. 


  1. Those illustrations are just adorable! And what a great cause. The real cats are pretty darn adorable themselves :)

  2. Great project idea and sweet illustrations. Indie GoGo is getting lots of buzz lately with us cat peeps.

  3. What an awesome project - and I love the art!

  4. The illustrations are stunning and so are the cats. And what a great idea.

  5. That's a lovely project for a great cause ! Purrs

  6. What a great idea! Love the pics of the real kitties as well as the artwork!

  7. What a wonderful project. I will go and look at the site as well now. The art work is brilliant

  8. Clicked on the link. I'm going to have to buy a copy of the book when I get some money. I'm involved in animal rescue and am always broke, unfortunately

  9. Wonderful project. The book looks so cute.
    Sue B

  10. Once again, CATS TO THE RESCUE! And in more ways that one. *sniffs* Makes me so proud to be a cat, myself.


  11. How can we resist. After all, one of the book's characters is named Lily. Heading to the other site now. Thanks for sharing. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. That really is a terrific project and a really cute book!

  13. What a great idea and whimsical book.We tweeted about this too for you!

  14. I love the illustrations! The real kitties are sooo adorable too! Looks like a great book, and what a great cause! Have a happy Sunday!
    --Siamese Smothers--

  15. Adorable! Psst...don't tell Alice, but I bought a book for her. She loves to snuggle on me when I read out loud and this will be perfect, AND for such a good cause.

    Alice's Mum

  16. Wow, this is so neat! I can't wait to get a copy of this book. What a great cause!

  17. Oh no, we'll never hear the end of it from our Ollie, a very proud NFC. Did you know that they are also know as Fairy Cats?

  18. What a great project and the book sounds delightful. We are going to order Mommy to put it on our reading list.

  19. we donated earlier today (before we saw this).......great post, we aren't blogging about it, great job!

  20. What a great book, the illustrations are wonderful as is the cause.

  21. That first pic of Katie is beautiful!! Award-winning actually. My cuz BB is a Norweigen Forest Cat and so’s Parker’s broful Ken. Sounds like a great book and cause. I’m pulling for you.

  22. What a great way to raise money for a good cause! Thanks for telling us about it!

  23. Lovely, just lovely! Made me smile and knowing it will help kitties, too...Perfect, just perfect!

  24. The book looks furry cute !
    I got my paws on my mom-person´s creditcard and made a small donation :)


  25. Such an amazing project and a well put together fundraising wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  26. Awesome project for such a good cause! Love the artwork.

  27. I am SO asking for this for my Birthday - I want a donation to an Indiegogo's project.


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