Monday, November 25, 2013

Pet Psychic Tells All

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Glogirly's always telling me I'm psychic. I know just what she's thinking even before she's thinking it. When she's pretending to be sleeping in the morning, I know she's just laying there with her eyes closed, thinking that it's time for my breakfast.

And I ALWAYS know what Waffles is thinking. Considering there's nothing but marshmallow fluff between those orange ears, it's not hard.

Well some people have the same gift. They're called Psychic Readers. Did you know there are some Psychic Readers that are also Pet Psychics? I mean, besides me of course. We were contacted recently by Psychic Source. They asked if we'd like to have a reading with a Pet Psychic and then write about it. Glogirly had a couple of readings herself almost 20 years ago. Although she's very creative, her brain is much more scientific. She's a born skeptic. Still, those readings she had years ago blew her hair back and touched her in a way nothing else has.

So we said yes.

Our reading was with Psychic Nancy and one of her specialties is pets. Glogirly was smiling and laughing the whole 45 minutes they talked. In fact, I think she's still smiling. Whether you're a newbie to this or have had a dozen readings, whether you're a skeptic or a's an incredibly fun, rewarding and insightful experience. We loved Nancy. Her voice was so compassionate and no time at all, Glogirly said she felt like she was talking to an old friend.

So I Bet You Want to Know What the Pet Psychic Said! 
Nancy asked Glogirly what she wanted to focus on for her reading. Glogirly introduced herself and explained she was a cat blogger and wanted to focus on her two cats. Nancy asked what her cats' names were and then suggested they start with Waffles...obviously saving the best for last. All she wanted to know was his age and what kind of cat he is. Glogirly told Nancy, "He's just over one year old and he's an orange tabby." She didn't tell Nancy that he's also a terrorist.

Every single thing Nancy said described Waffles' personality perfectly. I swear it was like she was psychic or something. She talked about Waffles' relationship with Glogirly, with me, she even talked a little about what he may have encountered before he came to live with us. According to Glogirly, Nancy was SPOT ON.

Psychic Nancy's Thoughts on Waffles:
  • He wants ALL of Glogirly's attention.
  • He loves Glogirly to pieces and believes he is her knight in shining armor.
  • There's just something about Glogirly & Waffles...a special and unique bond that doesn't come along very often. It's like they're soulmates.
  • Waffles' is a talker. (no kidding!) Both to Glogirly and me. 
  • He's carefree and lives life in the moment.
  • Before he came to live here, there was someone that may have not treated him the way he would want to be treated...a male that made him always wonder if he'd be ok. He felt wary and guarded and didn't want to stay there. But all of this made him stronger.
  • He's such a brave and strong cat. He keeps going no matter what.
  • Because he's so strong, Nancy believes he will live a very long life. Maybe even 22 years.

At that point she talked about a tarot card she had turned over. She explained it was the 3 of Pentacles and it showed a woman with a male looking right over her shoulder. In this case the woman was Glogirly and the male was Waffles. Just as she said this, Glogirly realized Waffles was sitting on the back of the chair she was in, looking over her right shoulder. Nancy explained it was a very happy card and how Waffles has so much love for Glogirly.

Waffles Magic Will Help Other People
I think what touched Glogirly the most was what Nancy said about Waffles and his capacity to share love. She said that, "By the age of 3, he'll be working magic with other people too." At that point Glogirly told Nancy that she's working with Waffles to help him become a Therapy Cat. "Waffles is going to make a difference in the lives of so many people and his bond with Glogirly will become stronger and stronger."

Mama's boy. (okay, I said that.)

 Ok, now for the good stuff. All Nancy knew about me was my age and that I'm a tuxedo girl.

Psychic Nancy's Thoughts on Me (Katie)
  • She said that when Waffles first came to live with us, I tried to understand why, and at first I became a hermit. It was just because I needed to be alone.
  • But now I want to cling to Glogirly more.
  • She explained that in my mind, I've come out on top. In my mind, I'm the #1 top cat.
  • Because of how carefully Glogirly introduced Waffles to me, I can now feel vindicated. 
  • I strutt my stuff and I'm worthy of notice.
  • I have a high opinion of myself and I love praise and compliments.  
  • It's important for me to be acknowledged. 
  • I have to feel like I rule the townhouse, whether I do or not...though we all know I DO.

Katie & Gloman
Nancy talked about the special relationship I have with Gloman. She explained that I'm magnetically drawn to him. (...and yes, I come running with a spring in my step when he calls me.) She told Glogirly about our conversations. We talk to each other at length. Gloman has earned my respect and I look to him to lead the way. Oh, I love Glogirly very much too...there's just something really wonderful about Gloman and me. Nancy was incredibly intuitive about this bond that Gloman and I share. It helped Glogirly understand the special times I share with him.

Is Waffles Growing on Katie?
At first, Nancy explained, I viewed Waffles as an opponent. Bit by bit, he's begun to grow on me. In fact, Waffles is becoming more and more diplomatic, respectful towards me and, her words not mine– wise.

Your Own Pet Psychic Reading
If you'd like to arrange your own Pet Psychic Reading, we would whole-heartedly recommend Nancy. She does readings on the phone and via chat. You might wonder about how this differs from being physically present for a reading. Psychic Source explained that their advisors invariably tell them that their intuitive response to a person or pet does not depend on their physical presence in the same room. In fact, sometimes a person sitting in front of a live psychic feels apprehensive and is not easily readable, while someone getting a live psychic reading by phone or online chat may be much more open and in tune with the experience. 

We think the personal touch of a phone reading is the best. There's just something very comforting and connecting with someone's voice.  

Learn More
Learn more about Psychic Source Pet Psychics HERE.
Arrange for a phone reading HERE.
Arrange for an online chat reading HERE
Find Psychic Source on Facebook & Twitter.

FTC Disclosure: We received a pet psychic reading for review at no charge from Psychic Source. We also received a small fee to cover the time it takes to test, take photos, and write the review. Receiving the free reading and the fee did not influence our review. All reviews on GLOGIRLY will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions. Our experience with Psychic Source and Nancy was nothing short of wonderful.


  1. How very exciting about you both! I love seeing what pet psychics and readers can find out about us!

  2. Mommy, being of a Highly Scientific bent, is AMAZED at how right Nancy was!!!

    hmmmm, there may be a phone call in her future. If we were psychic we'd know for sure!

  3. How fun was that. I can only imagine what she would find in AbbyGoat!

  4. What a great and unusual post! We loved it.

    We can only imagine that a reading for Princeton would end with everyone on the floor crying and gnshing their teeth! MOL!

  5. This is so cool! I was asked by someone to do something similar, but haven't heard back in a while. I think it would be cool to try something like this!

  6. Wow!! Awwww Katie - Waffles totally admires and loves you!! And gorgeous Katie - you are totally number 1! It's a lovely considerate reading for all of you. Take care

  7. What an awesome reading! I have to say, my human had a pet psychic read her cats once a long time ago (the two cats before me), and she was not very good! It sounds like the human who talked with Glogirly had much more of a clue.

  8. Well of course Waffles is getting wiser Katie, he couldn't get less wise now could he.

    Loved your readings, they so described our visions of the two of you.

  9. Amazing ! Very interesting reading, thanks for sharing ! Sure that it has been exciting for you too. Purrs

  10. Wow, that really was an interesting post. Thanks for sharing your reading with us.

    The Paw Relations

  11. That had to be an amazing phone call!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  12. Hmmm... that sounds VERY interestin' but I would be a little worried. What if... what if... what if she told the peep it was REALLY ME who did all that stuff wi... Oh. Never mind. 'Nough said. We don't need to worry 'bout that.


  13. That was very interesting and fun! The mom has always wanted to get a reading on us...but we're not sure we want her to find out all our inner-most secrets! Thanks for sharing that with us.

  14. This is absolutely incredible! I used to love the Pet Psychic tv show on Animal Planet...what a gift that would be.

  15. Waffles is becoming more diplomatic toward you, Katie? We're sure that is (or will be) most welcome from the orange crush.

  16. Very interesting. Mom Paula had a pet psychic communicate with us when we were younger and she was amazed at the insight. We'd love to do it again now that we're older.

  17. that is very has often wondered about this type of thing...and if it would help to understand why the three youngest of us can't seem to get it together :)

  18. What a good conversation. It sounds like she really understood Katie and Waffles.
    I wonder if she could shed (ha!) some light on the elusive behavior of our Mickey Mouser...

  19. I don't believe in no hocus pocus. I think she's read your blog and thus knows what's going on. After all, she's a sponsor. I also think that photo of you two on the chair was Photoshopped. I'm from da hood and we don't believe that stuff. I think YOU'RE a better psychic, Katie. TW better not get any ideas … Oh yeah, she don't got no money. Ha Ha! Let me try my Psychic gifts: you will post tomorrow; Wednesday Waffles will post; there will be a turkey and pilgrims in Thursday post and Saturday one of you will have game. Love you, Katie.

  20. @Cathy Keisha...ok just to clarify!
    Psychic Nancy didn't know anything about us. In fact she didn't even know that Glogirly would want to talk about pets. And she didn't know about the blog either! So that part of it was the real deal.

    But on the rest you're right... and that last photo WAS photoshopped. But it's really good, huh???? ; )

    ....but what will we post about on Friday???

  21. Hmmm...interesting. But I kind of agree with my BFGF Cathy Keisha. Not so sure 'bout the vibes over the phone...but Mom L does believe in the existence of psychic ability

  22. What a delightful column. Love your sense of humor. :-)

  23. that explains the whole dynamic of the town house!great reading,xx Speedy

  24. This was a fun post. So glad to know you and Waffles are becoming friends, Katie. You aren't in competition. You're to compliment each other in different roles. :)

  25. I agree, that has a super cool factor!!!

  26. I'm not sure about that crystal ball stuff. I'll just listen to you

  27. Wow, that's very interesting how that psychic lady was so right on about you both!

  28. Interesting and fun! She had you both spot on didn't she! I wonder how she would cope with our Sienna?

  29. Wow that is so very fun!! She was so right on!

  30. We think that we know what Mom's getting for Tipp for Christmas... none of us understand him!

  31. Such an interesting and cool post! We loved hearing about the special bonds she picked up on (Waffles with GG and Katie with Gloman) that was really sweet.

  32. I'm not as skeptical as CK but if it was a cold reading as we say in the biz, I'd be impressed but I doubt she was doing it blind. I read tarot and the 3 of Pentacles has a different meaning. I do think she got a few things right on her own and let's hope she's right about her predictions :-0

  33. Awe, what a great post!!! Your phycic ability is amazing !!! Lol

  34. What a brilliant post and how much fun for Glogirly. We struggle with the scientific aspects of such readings too but are always first in the queue for one...!!

  35. That was very interesting. I have never had any type of reading and yes I am skeptic. Really enjoyed this post.
    Sue B

  36. That was A LOT of fun! Ours was different (as you will see), it was an ASTROLOGICAL reading (I didn't want to do a phone reading because I have my own psychic in Cleveland who is UNREAL!)

  37. How fun! Psychics are real, but I have to add that some of the best psychics in the world are cats. By writing that, I am in no way disregarding your wonderful psychic.

  38. This was such an interesting post. We never thought about doing something like this for us. Mom had a reading years ago and was pretty impressed. Sounds as if this psychic did a really great job with all of you. Thanks for sharing. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  39. Oh wow, we are disappointed that the two of you were photoshopped! Mom thought it was such a nice shot of Waffles and Katie sharing the chair .... NOT!
    Our mom thinks she has a psychic bond with us - sometimes - but we don't want her to get too comfortable or too sure of her powers. Because we're cats. And we are in charge.

  40. This is so interesting and exciting. I am not sure I would want a reading, what if she would tell me something I might not want to hear, lol.


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