Monday, August 12, 2013

Recounting My VET Nightmare

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Last week I had my weigh-in at the V-E-T.  I've been trying to compose myself over the past few days before I recount my harrowing experience to you.

Despite the fact that Glogirly could already tell I'm light as a feather, she still insisted on trapping me in my carrier and transporting me to that horrible and evil place. She tried to justify her decision with some crazy talk of excessive hairballs. Hello? I'm a cat. A fastidious one at that...hairballs are part of the package.

Oh the smell. 
And all those strangers, sweet-talking those unsuspecting cats, inappropriately touching them, pretending it's for their own good. How they can live with themselves is beyond me.

The vet tech had read my chart. She knew. She even had the armpit-length gloves at the ready. But I outsmarted her. If anyone was going to draw blood that day is was going to be ME.  I made the first move and engaged her pasty, naked hand. Direct contact. Yes, there was blood.

Then the gloves came out.
Then the blanket.
I fought and fought and fought some more until the exam was done and I was safely back in my carrier I could fight no more.

The verdict?
My low-carb, high-protein diet teamed with my daily Waffles workouts has FINALLY paid off. I've trimmed 10% of my body weight in just over 5 months and I'm now down to my optimum fighting weight.

As for the hairballs, I've got some tasty goo to add to my food for a couple of weeks. So far so good. But I'm telling you, if I feel one coming, I'm aiming at Waffles.

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  1. Oh Katie, you crack me up. I'm so glad you showed those evil-doers who's the Boss!

  2. Katie, are you really all that bad at the vet or are you exaggerating? MOL.. you do look very scared though. Glad your weigh-in went well!

  3. I thought that was a casserole carrier! Good thing it's not, I don't think you'd both fit in there.

    Glad you are back to your svelte, sexie self!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  4. @Ann...

    Yes, Ann. I REALLY am that bad. They see me coming a mile away. I have a special *mark* on my file. And Glogirly says it's like a scene from the Exorcist.


  5. Looking svelte is worth a few hairballs. You make our boys look like pussys ;-)

  6. Heh-heh, aim one this way for Princeton, too!

    We think you look very svelte, Katie. ::wolf whistles::

  7. Congrats on making your optimal fighting weight, Katie! I guess all that hassle with Waffles helped you get there, so he's been good for something (not that he should ever find that out, of course).

  8. Paws up for a good weigh-in! And for drawing blood. I'm usually a terrified ball of trembling fear, so I never scratch anybody.

  9. Danger dots! As you know, I have a boy with dots too!

    I had put away my round Sleepypod carrier last year after a heartbreaking loss, but decided to use it for Simon's two recent visits. WHAT a difference! For the most part, he was able to stay in the carrier with the top off. The Vet was also able to look in his mouth and touch his gums (while I held my breath). NO BLOOD!

    With as often as we've been to the Vet this past year, I've also noticed that there are techs that Simon clearly hates, some he tolerates, and one (the only male), he's really OK with.

  10. Oh Katie, you're wonderfully bad! Congratulations on getting to your optimal weight!

  11. What a great job at weight loss, Katie! You don't look like a happy camper in those photos at all, but it sounds like you gave as good as you got at the vet's office.

  12. We're glad you made it home safely! You've always looked great to us! And kudos on drawing blood first! Have a great week.

  13. Oh Katie, what a harrowing account. You must have been traumatised!

    Well done on the weight loss though.

    The Paw Relations

  14. Hey Katie...your diet is just like our Mom's!! We're very proud of you for drawing blood!!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Good job with losing some weight, Katie, though we don't think you needed to lose any!

  16. I went to the vet too last week, but like Waffles, I really don't mind it there.
    Did the vet give you that petramalt stuff? My Grandpa Bobo used to have that for his hairballs.
    Do you like to be brushed Katie? That helps too!
    Love, Cody

  17. Awesome job on the weight loss Katie! I know you feel better.

    But, CLEARLY, these photos are actionable by you. I mean, each one TOTALLY demonstrates that you were simply being tortured. Your distress is evident.

    Therefore, I feel you clearly have good cause to whap Waffles next time you get the urge.


    Purr-haps you could get some extra exercise in practicing throwing spit ... um hairballs. It IS baseball season still, after all!


  18. How brave you are Katie! I usually hide my head under Mum's arm until it's all over.

  19. That is a very cool carrier.. probably even better than my picnic basket one.. (which is made to look like a picnic basket, not a basket I made into a carrier)

    I bet the hairballs are just a side effect of the new better diet and will abate soon..

  20. yeah - those places are just rude.... good for you Katie!!

  21. What a terrifying experience! It sounds like it's Waffles fault. Aim well. :D

  22. Compliments on your pet carrier, Katie. Now, tell Glogirly to weigh you now with her luggage scale and write it down, then she can check every so often that way. Avoid the vet visits unless shots or needed or there is something wrong.

  23. Oh no! Not the gloves! That is wonderful you have lost the weight. Maybe we need a Waffles regime at our house. LOL.
    Sue B

  24. We are so proud that you fought gallantly!

    Pee Ess: You might aim for Glogirly's shoes if W2 isn't around ;)

  25. BLUDS!?!?!?!!!!

    Katie, you are our HEROINE! WTG.

  26. YAY that you trimmed 10% of your bodyweight !
    That hopefully means that you don´t have to go to the vet for a long long time :)

  27. hehehe you do crack me up Katie,xx Speedy

  28. Awesome! Great job, Katie -- on the weight loss AND the blood-letting! ;)

    Our Angel Maggie used to have a red sticker on her chart at the vet. She was super sweet with us, but did not like going to the vet at all...

  29. Katie, our sister Tessa sends you the highest of high fives on your superior behavior at the V-E-T! We also wonder how it is the humans think they're the ones in charge when coming to exams and drawing blood. Silly people. Purrs....

  30. Katie concats on your svelte figure, we are glad everything went so well with your results. The event itself was worthy of the fight at the OK corral!

  31. Congratulations on getting down to your fighting weight and congratulations on showing the vet what for . Te he you did let then have it. Glad you are ok.. Hugs GJ xx

  32. Allie: *drags calculator over to Mother*

    TEN percent! Did you see that Mother? TEN percent!
    I want to know how much my weight loss was, too!
    It's the LEAST you can do after making me suffer those very same indignities.

    (At least Katie has claws. Not that I'm complaining about my mani/pedi, mind you, but it does get in the way of certain Statements, if you know what I mean. *flexes claws*

  33. Dang Katie, I love the Vet and let her do whatever she wants. Next time I can go for you!

  34. Well done Katie! You make me snort with laughter :-)

    ~ Coccolino the mini pig

  35. OMC Katie, you is a furightening kitty when you want to be. That v e t sure got told but good!

    Great job on the weight loss. Mom could learn something from you, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  36. You have GOT to come over and visit with my Auntie Primrose. The two of you could compare the war stories all day long!


  37. SCORE! No video of the blood? I've never been to a vet who used the long gloves or blanket. I wonder why. Around here they don't even use the Feliway. The last 2 pictures show you in such natural positions. You're as expressive as I am.

  38. Katie, darling, it's just an OUTRAGE that you got packed up like a side of beef and hauled off to the stabby place when your Human could totally have weighed you at home and besides you didn't even NEED to be weighed at all since you are so self-evidently svelte and lovely. XOXOXOXO

  39. We are going to have to try that nipping blood tactic
    Benny & Lily

  40. Good for you, Katie. You've done us all proud!

  41. Concats Katie on your weight loss. hairballs come with the territory. No shame in that. You sure have what appears to be a comfy and cozy PTU. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.


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