Thursday, April 11, 2013

Waffles PSA

WAFFLES TOO:  Um, hi everybuddy. Waffles Too here.

This is a public service announcement for Katie, I mean the Boss. If this were an actual emergency, you'd be instructed where to, um.  Boss? Where does everyone go?

KATIE:  *sigh from the other room*  To Facebook? To vote???

WAFFLES TOO:  Um, oh yeah I member now.  If you haven't voted for the Boss already, please go to Facebook at the link below before 2:00pm EST TODAY!  That's when we turn into pumpkins.

KATIE:  *heavy sigh from the other room* No, that's when the voting polls for AmazeCats Next Top Cat close.

WAFFLES TOO:  Um, right. So please click the link below and vote for Katie. She's getting clobbered by her clowder. Oops...I prolly shouldn't have said that. You know how she is.

KATIE:  *major heavy sigh*

WAFFLES TOO:  Click HERE to VOTE!  Thank mew!


  1. We voted for your big sis Katie and glad you're being a good fur bro.

  2. Good luck Katie! We voted for you earlier today.

  3. Katie, I wish we could vote more than just the one time. Oh well, if you don't make it to the next bracket, I guess you can blame Waffles!

  4. We voted. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We voted, Waffles! Good luck, Katie!!

  6. clearly it's time for some "creative" tactics. Can we vote early, vote often? should we round up some guinea pigs and give them false voter id cards and set them lose on FB? is there some way to implicate the other cats in the clowder in a sex scandal? hmmmm....well, I see big flaws in both of these plans but we must THINK of something!
    Good luck Katie-Kay! We is all rooting for you!!!

  7. Good luck, Katie! We'll head over to vote for you nows.

    Oh, and Waffles? If Katie doesn't win in her clowder, you might want to find a nice place to hide for a while...MOL!

  8. We voted - Morticia too!



  9. I already voted but I tweeted & shared your post. Gotta get the peeps out to vote!!! purrs

  10. I voted for the boss, um I mean Katie.
    Sue B

  11. WE DID!! WE DID! (Uh, three times - on all our fb pages)

    Allie: *verklempt voice* I'm just so proud to be in such august company. If the masses don't know quality when they see it, then we pink girls will just go drown ourselves in -- WAFFLES! *shriek!* Get OUT of our niptinis!!

  12. Sorry you didn't win - but know that you had our vote~!

  13. My stooopid human made me miss the voting time :(

  14. Whoa! What happened? You got clobbered. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that but I'm not feeling well so that must be it.

  15. I already voted for Katie. Keep up the campaigning there Waffles, you're doing a great job.


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