Sunday, April 15, 2012

GO Kjelle Bus!

Kjelle Bus and Katie take the official Real Housecats Scooter for a spin.  Always wear your helmet.

Hi everyone, Katie here.

The Real Housecats are taking a little time out from production to celebrate a very special birthday.  Kjelle Bus, a.k.a. Charlie Rascal, Season 1's Real Housecat from Sweden has just turned 2.  Often seen hiding behind his motorcycle shades, Kjelle Bus celebrated his big day at a cat show over the weekend.

Word on the street is that he had to endure a shampoo and blow-dry in anticipation of the event.  Now if THAT doesn't earn him some extra beef tenderloin, I don't know what would.

In honor of KB, the other Housecats had their way with some salmon cupcakes.

mmmmmmmmmmm....salmon cupcakes

Kjelle Bus is a Sacred Birman and lives in Halmstad, Sweden.  He's got a great BLOG and FACEBOOK page that his mom assists with. Even though it's not their native language, both Kjelle Bus and his mom do a great job of writing in fact every Tuesday they blog entirely in English.  

Kjelle Bus has no trouble understanding my *unique* sense of humor.  Must be our telepathic cat language that knows no geographical boundaries.

Kjelle Bus claims to be shy.  But we all know it's a front.  He's just playing hard to get with the girlcats.  And those goggles?  Well I'm pretty sure it's a Bono thing.  Swoon away, ladies.  Swoon away.

You can wish KB a Big Happy BD HERE. ; )  

Make a wish, Kjelle Bus.


  1. LOVE the scooter! Goes well with Spitty's motorcycle pictures!

    We will run on over and say Happy Birthday to KB right now.

  2. Kjelle is the coolest! We'll pop over now to wish him a happy bday! :)

  3. Kjelle is such a handsome mandcat...even if he is a bit young for us girlcats in my family. But a girl can look, right?

  4. We hopped ofur and wished him a happy birthday. Thanks fur lettin us know. xoxo

  5. He has such gorgeous eyes its a shame to wear goggles!

  6. We LOVE Kjelle Bus! He's such a handsome mancat. :)

  7. Personally I would discard Austin in an instant if Kjelle Bus moved in!!! Such a gorgeous hunk of cathood!

    OK Austin, no i wouldn't, really ....No .... Austin ....?


  8. Kjelle is the sweetest mancat, it was a pleasure to work with him. ~Arty Mouse

    Happy Birthday Kjelle. ~AFSS & Alasandra

  9. And what a handsome dude Kjelle is too. Happy Birthday again pal.

  10. Hi efurrybody :)
    Now me and mom are home again , from the catshow.
    It went great = two new ribbons to hang on the wall :)

    THANK YOU sooo much sweet Katie and Glogirly for throwing a birthday party for me on your blog !
    I´m sending all my swedish friends over her from my blog , hope there is enough Salmon cupcakes ;-)

    Me and mom LOVE all the new photos !

    P.S I´m still claiming that I´m a shy boy ;-)

  11. How great are those? Salmon cupcakes! Yummy AND pretty!!! You Real Housecats cats are all so creative and smart. Really, REALLY smart!

  12. Kjelle Bus is a little rascal, but a very nice one :)
    He can charm the birdies from the trees!
    Of course we girls love him! ;-)


    xo Smulan and Amanda

  13. Happy Birthday to you sweet Kjelle Bus, whishes Puzzel and The Leag.
    Big Hug from us

  14. Happy Birthday Kjelle Bus and ConCatulations on your wins at the Cat Show!! Ellie and Allie say "Birmans Rock!"

    The Florida Furkids

  15. I snagged one of the very last cupcakes! NOM NOM! Happy Birthday KB you handsome boy!

  16. Happy Birthday!!! We love the scooter. Mamas take us on scooter rides too. Those cupcakes just looked delish! We hope you extra on your day. :) ~Weinerful Gang~

  17. Dear Katie,
    Me can not believe he is only 2! Love your scooter!

  18. Happy Birthday to our buddy, Kjelle! We wanna ride on that scooter!!

  19. Happy Birthday to Kjelle!
    Katie, tell Glogirly she makes the best salmon cupcakes we have ever tasted.

  20. Happy Birthday to Kjelle Bus you handsome boy!

  21. If I were a LadyCat....Wait! What am I saying??? Sorry, Man.


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