Monday, November 16, 2009

Honest Scrap

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Lisa from Cat of Nine Tails has given Glogirly and me a cool award! The Honest Scrap award. Glogirly had to explain that this isn't the kind of scrap I'm used to. It's not a little piece of honest turkey or ham. When you receive the award, you're supposed to write down ten interesting things about yourself and then pass the award on to seven others. (Scroll down to see who the newest lucky seven Honest Scrappers are!) I got all excited about this until Glogirly said that these interesting things are supposed to be about HER, and not ME. She said you already know waaaaay to much about me. Whatever.

So we sat down over a glass of wine and bowl of kibble the other night. I got her all schnockered up. I wanted to go deep and give you all some really good stuff to read. I also told her that if she wasn't honest (this is the Honest Scrap award after all) I'd have to make stuff up and she may not be particularly thrilled with where my imagination takes us.

So in no particular order, here are ten interesting things about Glogirly. Oh, and she decided that the list would be more fun with pictures, so we've added in photos for each interesting thing. THAT'S why it's taken us SO LONG to post something since the sweater incident of last week.

#1 Shy

She's extremely shy but tries very hard to act like she's not.

#2 Favorite Color

Glogirly doesn't have a favorite color. There are so many beautiful colors, how could she ever choose?

#3 Family

Although she's an only child, Glogirly has LOTS of family. She was adopted (like me) as a baby by the most wonderful parents. Sadly they are no longer with her, but she very recently found her birth family and has been welcomed with open arms. That's her mom and dad on the left. They are the ones that adopted her. And that's her birth mom on the right.

#4 Cupcakes & Cookies

Her mom was an amazing baker and Glogirly followed her footsteps into the kitchen. She's famous amongst friends and family for her sugar cookies and over-the-top cupcakes.

#5 Apollo 11

Glogirly's dad was an incredibly humble and gentle man. Most people had no idea how many amazing places his career took him. He worked inside Mission Control at Nasa in Houston during the Apollo missions. He oversaw the super-computers that maintained communication contact with the astronauts. He was right there watching the big screen as Neil Armstrong took that first step. Glogirly's birthday is July 19. She actually asked her dad if the astronauts could walk on the moon a day early, on her sixth birthday. Well, they still walked on the moon on July 20, but that didn't stop her dad from making her feel special every single day.

#6 Diabetes

Glogirly was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last New Years Eve. Since then she has lost 85 pounds by changing the way she eats and exercises. Ok, so the major change in exercise was to go from NOT exercising TO exercising. Sadly, this all has affected #2 on the list. But she still loves baking for others. Rest assured, the Christmas sugar cookies are not in jeopardy.

#7 College Job

Glogirly worked her way through college as a model and modeling instructor. She went to the University of Minnesota and has a B.S. in Design. And we all know what B.S. stands for.

#8 Party Girl

She LOVES planning and throwing parties. All of her parties must have a theme and a marketing campaign. It's a non-negotiable requirement. Her favorite part is designing a clever and unexpected invitation.

#9 Piano

Glogirly took piano lessons as a child for about six years. When she became a teenager she quit because it wasn't cool. In 2000, on a whim she went to a psychic. He told Glogirly that her mom always loved it when she played and that she should play again. Well on another whim, she went out and bought a piano. Not remembering anything beyond middle C she started taking lessons again. She's been studying piano at the MacPhail Center for Music in downtown Minneapolis for nine years now. She's no concert pianist, but her teacher and friends say that she has a very intimate and emotional connection to the music she plays. It moves them. She likes to think that's because of her mom. Don't worry, she's not some wackadoodle psychic network fan.

#10 Gloman

Glogirly has the most wonderful best-friend-partner-husband she could ever imagine. They met by chance and that day changed her life forever. She still pauses and says to herself, "wow...I'm the luckiest girl on earth."

And now...

the 7 LUCKY winners

of the latest Honest Scrap


Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to post this award on their blog and list ten interesting things about themselves or their humans. Photo representations are optional, but encouraged. Don't you think it's more fun? Then, pass the award on to 3-7 others.

If you've already received this award, please accept my apologies. I've only been at this blogging thing for a short time. And I'm a cat. So just cut me some slack already.

In no particular order -

1. Deb, from I Love Nachos Too Much

2. T, from I Have Cat

3. Fin, from Housecat Confidential

4. Shaggy, Scooby & Scout, from Little Cat Feet

5. Debra & Abby, from Manx Mews

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7. Busby & Raymond, from Raymond & Busby: Cats by the Sea


  1. Congratulations on your award. You found ten really interesting things to post about. Also congratulations on the steps you have taken to combat your diabetes.

  2. WOW! We've read a lot of these honest scrap posts that folk have done ~ and this one is right up there wiv the best of them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That was great! We loved reading all those cool things and you put it together really nice. Thanks for passing this great award on to us!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. Katie, they were all lovely things to share about your mom. Sounds like she is a lovely lady.


  5. Congratulations on your award! It was so great to learn all those very interesting facts about Glogirly!!

  6. Congrats on the award! That was a great post. Your mom sounds like a delight!!

  7. That was totally pawsome! Mom is 1 & 2, very impressed by #6 (85!), Thinks GG is beautiful inside and out, wishes she was 8 and would totally want to come to a GG party, and is very happy with her own Gloguy. Thanks for thinking of us!

  8. Wow I am touched! And you have set the bar very very high! Thanks Katie! I'll start working on my posting asap!

  9. That was pawsome! I think we all want to come to a party at your place now!



  10. Also, I am so impressed by you on so many fronts. Congrats on losing all the weight and you've already done so many neat things in your life it seems! If I lived in MN I would crash one of your parties! I wish I could have a proper apartment in NYC so i could have more parties! First i should prob get a job tho!

  11. That was so much fun learning more about Glogirly! Thanks for sharing! Now how 'bout a catblogosphere-theme party??!?

  12. EVERY day is a cat blogosphere party at the townhouse!!!

  13. Katie, you got your Mom to tell us ten very interesting things. Way to blackmail her!

    Thanks for giving us the Honest Scrap award too. We'll interview our Mom sometime this week.

    We wish we lived closer to Minnesota so we could get invited to one of Glogirly's partys.

    Purrs and love, Busby and Ray

  14. Yay! You really took this award to great heights! We loved the pictures and learning all those neat things about Glogirly and we are pleased with our choice. Great job! Thank you for sharing.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  15. Congratz on your award, and great work, Katie. You divulged some interesting facts about your human.

    Our Dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes too and could sure stand to lose 85 lb!!

  16. Congratulations on your award!! It was neat learning about your moms! Her dad had such a neat job!

  17. Congrats on the award - it was fun to read about you. Mom's an only kid too but you even have more family! Thanks for stopping by!

  18. ConCats on your award! Your mom is furry interesting and she is totally like someone my mom would hang out with! They have the party thing in common. And mom thinks it's awesome that her dad worked at Nasa. Mom's a HUGE fanatic about the universe and such. We wanna say thanx for sharing and hope you can make it tomorrow to Skeeter's purrday pawty!

  19. Katie,
    This was amazing. We learned so many wonderful things about Glogirly! Loved all the accompanying pictures! We are especially impressed by the weight loss and the nine years of studying piano!

    Thanks for your compliments on our blog. It's not really a new layout, but my husband changed the width and some other things in the layout in the HTML. You have great pictures, and yes, I'm sure people would love to see you in bigger pics. If Glogirly is interested, I can help walk her thru it. The caveat is that all the items on the right have to go on the bottom.

  20. Congratulations on your award! Your mom sounds very extra-cool.

  21. Hi Glogirly and Katie, nice to meet you and thanks for dropping by our blog. We enjoyed reading the "Honest Scrap" about Glogirly, so many fascinating facts. Katie you are a sweet looking tuxie girl and we can see you are very loved by your beans. There are five of us here, all of us are rescues. Have a great day!

    Mindy, Moe, Bon Bon, Cookie & Mike

  22. Congratulations on your award!!! It was way cool reading about your way cool Mom!!!

  23. Thank you for thinking of us.
    Our dad has the same issue about the moon walk. His birthday is July 21.

  24. All kinds of interesting stuff in your post today. BTW, our human dad's birthday is also July 19. (Only a lot longer ago than yours. We mean a LOT...)

  25. Katie
    YOU have a super duper GLOgirl (and GLOman)!
    BTW my Mom was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with Diabetes TypeII and she has lost (drum roll...)over 100 pounds. She has struggled with weight her entire life but this time with health issues looming she took the bull (Momma I didn't know you had a bull hidden somewhere) by the horns and conquered her demons (food)...she exercises regularly and is very anal about eating healthy -- she is still losing but it's so slow she doesn't even think about the scale. It's now all just a lifestyle change and she happier now than before.

    PS thank you for the lovely award...Momma is slow but she will do a post!

  26. Katie: We LOVE your blog! Thanks for telling us all about GloGirly! And Tommy smiled because she's also and only child and played the piano once upon a time. Her teachers wanted her to major in music..And she wants to start lessons again. Congrats on Glogirly's weight loss--Tommy lost a bunched too, but got introduced to Tombstone pizza --again--and is back on the exercise thing..HUMANS! Keep up the GREAT work!


  27. Hi Katie - I think you should submit a piece or two to this gallery that features writing from animals!


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