Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Power Napping

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I've been power napping. As much as I love helping Glogirly make the bed, I 'm quite thrilled when she's too lazy to tidy it up. Nothing like a gushy, messed up down comforter to nestle into for my three hour nap. Works for my five, six and seven hour naps too.

I'm laying low and saving up my energy for what lies ahead. Houseguests. Glogirly has been totally ignoring me, running up and down the steps, bringing bags of stuff in and taking bags of stuff out. The girl's got a lot of stuff. She's cleaning corners that have been hoarding dust for years. The door to my room is once again shut and despite me break-your-heart mews, she won't let me in. Something about my hair and the clean sheets on the bed some stranger will be sleeping in soon.

So for now I'll conserve energy and do what I do best.

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