Monday, August 10, 2009

Bedtime Story

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Today was a lazy Sunday. Gloman is still out of town so I've been able to hang with Glogirly almost all day. We finished up the red box chick flicks. Nothing too great. Passengers with Anne Hathaway was a cheap rip off of Sixth Sense. Milk was okay but waaay to long. ...I was looking forward to a story about milk?? Revolutionary Road was booooring. Had to just turn that one off. No cats in any of the movies. No wonder they lacked originality.

Oh, we also saw The Soloist. That one was pretty good. I love cellos. And I like that Beethoven guy's music. If I had picked out the movies though I'm sure we would have come out much better. But once again, my opinion was ignored.

So I'm finishing off the day curled up with a good book on Gloman's side of the bed. I'll be leaving him a nice pile of welcome-home cat hair.

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