Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ice Man Cometh

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I love ice. Ice cubes that is. Whenever Glogirly gets a glass of water from the fridge door, she pushes the magic lever and the cubes clunk into her glass. She's pretty clutzy and almost always loses one to the floor. Whenever I hear this delightful noise I come running. Nothing like a cold slippery cat toy on the hardwood floor. If the NHL would let cats play hockey, I'd really have a future.

Sometimes when I'm hiding and Glogirly can't find me she'll turn on the magic ice machine and let a couple cubes drop to the floor. She does this to ease her paranoia that I've gotten locked in a closet or figured out how to open and close the front door and am laying dead in a ditch. So usually I come running, even though it's obvious she has no intention of drinking a glass of water. I like to let her think she's clever.

I love ice. I know, I said that. But I hate the ice man. Whenever there's trouble with the magic ice machine, the ice man cometh. Glogirly has had an ice man out to the townhouse three times in the past couple of weeks. Still no more than a couple cubes. So today a 'master' ice man is coming. Sometime between 12:00 and 4:00. So now I've got to be on guard this whole time. When he's here I'll have to keep my eye on him, from a distance of course, because even though he's an invited ice man, he's still an intruder and can't be trusted or even approached. He better make it snappy though. My food dish is right next to the magic lever and I may need a snack.

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  1. Oh Katie I too am an Ice Hockey girl. I find the premium store bought is far superior. You should have Glogirly get you some, you deserve it.


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