Wednesday, August 5, 2009

P-Touch Katie

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Every cat should have their own label maker. After all we are neat, clean and orderly animals. We like a place for everything and everything in its place. Glogirly brought a P-Touch home today and I've been prying it out of her hands ever since she pried open the plastic blister package it came in. She used some pretty questionable language getting it out of that package and rustling through the spanish and french instructions. I've been working hard to identify all things in the house that are mine so as to alleviate any confusion over whose stuff is whose.

The P-Touch keyboard is very similar to the computer's. My typing experience on my blog has prepared me well for this labeling task. It's a lot of work though to label all things that are mine in this townhouse. There's my food, my water, my poop box, my room (actually rooms.) There's my frog, my fishing pole, my windows, my chair (actually chairs.) Maybe I should just label the few things that aren't mine. Like the shampoo and shower gel.

On second thought, I really just need one label for the front door. Katie's Townhouse. That should cover it.

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  1. Hello, Mounette here,
    You look very concentred on this new job.
    You are a lucky cat !
    You are a clean and ordely animal and I like your fur, black and white.
    Have a good time.
    Au revoir


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