Saturday, August 8, 2009

Movie Night

It was a close call today. I saw duffle bags, garment bags and camera bags all packed and ready to go. These are sure signs of certain abandonment and caused me considerable stress. I was extremely relieved to see Gloman drive off alone, leaving my girl at home with me all to myself. I'm not sure where he went. I really don't care. When it's just me and Glogirly, life is good. I don't have to worry about doing anything wrong, I can sleep all night on his side of the bed, and best of all it's movie night.

Glogirly walked to the neighborhood grocery store and brought home some movies from the big red box. She says she loves the big red box because the movie disc things that it gives her are only $1 each. If the movie stinks, she just turns it off and starts up another one.

I got pretty excited when I saw the cartoon preview. I love cartoons. But then the movie started and it was one of those things that Gloman calls a chick flick. Snore me a river. (Gloman says that too.)

There's still hope though...I see two more red box discs. This could be promising. I'm going to think positive for now, kick back and get comfortable on Gloman's side of the bed.

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