Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Birthday Bash Giveaway!

WAFFLES:  Whoa, Boss! That's a LOTTA candles! Can you even count that high?

KATIE:  I don't even think Glogirly can count that high. Global warming is alive and well on her birthday cake, Waffles.

It's a Birthday GIVEAWAY
Today is our girl's birthday so we decided to celebrate with our favorite kind of giveaway. What could be more fun and pink than a bunch of cool GLOGIRLY swag???  Each time we've shared photos of our swag on Facebook, so many of our friends and readers have wanted to know how to get their paws on some of their own. We've been hanging onto a few of our faves, waiting for just the right occasion. 

Five Winners & Open Worldwide
Ok, not exactly elebenty-hundred... but 5 lucky winners will receive a prize package worth MILLIONS of... 

...smiles. What? You were thinking millions of dollars?? HAHA!!! 

Our giveaway is open worldwide and each prize will be lovingly packaged right here in the Colorado Rockies. NOTE: Winners may select a small tuft of tuxedo or orange tabby fur. 


WAFFLES:  Cool, Boss! I'll get your fur tufts ready, ok?


1. Genuine GLOGIRLY Swag Bag
Just the right size for lunch, snacks.... or half of Waffles. AND it will come filled with lots of great stuff.

2. Officer Katie & Waffles Greeting Card
Our most popular greeting card from the Glogirly Zazzle Shop featuring our favorite and most shared photo.

3. Limited Edition CatBell & Pen
Many of our fellow bloggers that have attended conferences with us over the years will remember our signature cat bells and pens. Because sometimes you just need more catbell.

4. Waffles & Katie Mini Fan Cards
Bound to be valuable collectors items, these sweet little cards feature Waffles gobbling his chicken legs and Katie looking lovely in her diamond daisy tiara.

KATIE:  But wait, there's more? There's always more.

5. BONUS! 
Each winner will also receive one dead catnip mouse in their swag bag. RIP.
Note: Mice come in assorted colors of Cotton Candy Pink and Chocolate Mousse Mouse. 

Good luck everyone! 
And thank you SO much for letting us into your inboxes and hearts. 
You mean the world to us. xoxo

Monday, July 17, 2017


WAFFLES:  Look Boss, I hit the jackpot! 

KATIE:  What do you mean, YOU hit the jackpot?

WAFFLES:  It means I got all these toys, Boss. For free and stuff. Don't you know what a jackpot is?

KATIE: Yes, Waffles. I know what a jackpot is. My question isn't about whether or not it's a jackpot. My question is why do you think it's YOUR jackpot?

WAFFLES:  I don't know. I just saw them all sitting here. It's like they were calling my name. 

KATIE:  Pretty sure that was Glogirly calling your name. Something about the all the kitchen cabinet doors being open again? 

WAFFLES:  I liked it better when the jackpot was calling my name.

About Today's Photos
Thanks to one of Katie and Waffles very special friends, they really did hit the jackpot! A surprise package filled with tons and tons of fuzzy, sparkly and puffy balls arrived. Pink ones, orange ones, even rainbow balls! 

Since sharing is something of a mystery concept to Waffles, there was plenty of spirited conversation and negotiation surrounding the big toy jackpot. 

Eventually, Katie prevailed and got her pick of the litter. She's partial to the sparkles.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Calendar Confusion

KATIE:  What day is it, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  I don't know, Boss. Today?

KATIE:  Of course it's today. But what day is it?

WAFFLES:  I know, maybe the day before tomorrow? Or is it after yesterday?

KATIE:  You're scaring me, Waffles. Both you and Glogirly can't seem to figure out what day it is. 

WAFFLES:  What, doesn't she know today is the day after...I mean before tomorrow too? 

KATIE:  It's Friday, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  So if you already know what day it is, how come– wait, is this a test? Is this like one of those math problems with apples and oranges and a guy named John?

KATIE:  Yesterday was Thursday and we had a new blog post. But we only publish on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I think you and Glogirly clicked the publish button on the wrong day. 

WAFFLES:  But I'm not allowed to push the buttons. 

KATIE:  Funny, that never stopped you from pushing my buttons.

About Today's Conversation
For once, Waffles isn't to blame. Glogirly really did forget what day it was when she published today's blog post yesterday. It was about adopting a rescue pet and had kitten pictures of Katie and Waffles so she probably got all distracted and mushy so she clicked the publish button a day early. 

Or it could be she's just getting... (gasp!) another year older next week. She's going to need to do some math to figure out which birthday this one is. Let's just hope it's not one of those apples, oranges, walk 3 miles one way and 7 the other with Jane and John kind of math problems.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Far Reaching Impact of Adopting a Rescue Pet - Katie & Waffles Then and Now

With so much sadness, snarkiness and politics on social media, it's sometimes hard to find the silver lining. But yesterday a friend posted a challenge to Glogirly and a few other cat loving bloggers.

The challenge is quite simple really. Just post a picture of your happy pet. Something to spread a little smile. And to remind ourselves how truly transforming adopting a rescue animal can be.

They say that adopting a pet impacts two lives. The life of the animal and the life of the adopter.

But we believe it can mean so much more and reach farther than you'd ever expect.

Gloman adopted Katie in September of 2005 as an anniversary gift for Glogirly. It had been many years since Glogirly had a cat and to say it was love at first sight is an understatement.

It was Katie's voice Glogirly heard when she wrote her first blog post ten years ago. Katie was the inspiration behind it all. If Gloman hadn't come home with a tiny bundle of black & white fur all those years ago... well, we just can't imagine. We'd have not met all of you, our dear friends and readers. We'd have not met hundreds of wonderful pet bloggers from all corners of the world. We'd have not been able to donate thousands of dollars in prizes, supplies and cash to help no-kill cat shelters. Even Glogirly's design business began right here on the blog.

And it all began with a tuxedo kitten named Katie.

Our favorite mischief maker came to be as a result of our blog too.

"Waffles" began as a character on the blog. A made-up sidekick for Katie. He was just a cute stock photo Glogirly started Photoshopping into graphics for the blog. She made up his goofy personality, his innocent and curious voice, and in a very short time found herself in love. 

On a late Saturday night in November of 2012, she opened up her laptop and went to She entered our zip code, clicked search and there he was. The cutest orange kitten she could imagine. She drove to the Humane Society in Buffalo, MN the next morning and brought him home. She never imagined that his personality would be EXACTLY how she's written him. 

Our family just wouldn't be complete without Katie, Waffles and all of our beautiful friends and readers. Thank you for sharing your time with us. 

About Today's Post
Our message is a simple one. Adopting a rescue pet can impact so many lives for the better.

If you have room in your heart and home, please consider adopting from a local rescue shelter. 

If you have time to give, please consider volunteering at your local shelter.

If you have resources to give, please consider donating to your local shelter.

If you have love to give, please consider fostering.

The lives you save, the lives you touch, can create a magical ripple effect.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Serinty Meow #CatLadyBox to the Rescue

WAFFLES:  Look what came for us, Boss! 

KATIE:  It's for Glogirly, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  What do you mean for Glogirly? It's got a cat on it. It says Cat. WE'RE cats. I say we open it.

KATIE:  It says Cat Lady, Waffles. Since when are you a Cat Lady?

WAFFLES:  I don't know, Boss. You're kind of a Cat Lady, right? Let's open it.

WAFFLES:  What kind of cat is this, Boss? 

KATIE:  It's a corkscrew, Waffles. You're too young for that. 

WAFFLES:  What about you? Are you too old for it?

KATIE:  Waffles...

WAFFLES:  Hey wait a minute. I smell catnip. 

KATIE:  Mine.

WAFFLES:  No way, you said –

KATIE:  No, you said I was a Cat Lady.

Serenity Meow
Our power went out today for nearly 4 hours. Something about a scheduled repair that no one bothered to warn us about. With no internet, no TV and no running water for Glogirly's shower, we had no choice but to nap. Ok, in reality we probably would have napped anyway, but we're not going to turn our backs on a great excuse when it comes knocking.

And then another great excuse came knocking. On our front door! The latest Cat Lady Box arrived. And just in time. 

Cat Lady Box is a subscription-based monthly box of unique and exclusive cat lady items. Cat-themed shirts, jewelry, home decor, accessories, art, and more, are delivered each month in a purrfect cat-sized box. In addition to all the cool Cat Lady stuff, there's always a little something-something for cats too in the "Crazy Cat Lady Box."

This month's Cat Lady Box theme is Serenity Meow. And all the fabulous goodies were just what we needed for a random July power outage. 

For Glogirly:
Playful Kitten Tea Light Holder with LED Candle
Cat Wine Corkscrew
Calming Kitty Bead Bracelet

For Katie & Waffles: 
KitTea Tea Bags from the Pet Winery
Zen Stone Catnip Toy

Cat Lady Box is one of Glogirly's design clients. She often creates packaging, hangtags and even product designs for them, like the tea light holder. We also receive a monthly subscription free of charge. Cat Lady Box is not only one of Glogirly's favorite gifts to receive, but she loves giving them to her special cat lady girlfriends. 

And her cat lady girlfriends LOVE their Cat Lady Boxes.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Dinnertime Drama - Chicken & Waffles

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, what're you eating?

KATIE:  None of your beeswax, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  I have beeswax???

KATIE:  It's an expression, Waffles. Like none of your business.

WAFFLES:  You mean like a job? Or like a chicken ranching business? Because I'd make an awesome chicken rancher.

KATIE:  Something tells me you'd be eating your own profits, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  That's a GREAT idea, Boss!

Dinnertime Drama
Katie never misses a meal. And Waffles never misses one of Katie's meals either. As much as he loves his own food, he's FAR more interested in Katie's.

One day Glogirly forgot to thaw out Waffles' dinner so she had to give him some of Katie's food in his dish. He wouldn't touch it. One sniff and he walked away.

But Katie's food in Katie's dish? That changes everything.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Cat Gardens

WAFFLES:  Glogirly sure is working hard to decorate her outside litter box.

KATIE:  That's not a litter box, Waffles. It's Glogirly's new garden, or rather her landscaping project.

WAFFLES:  Landscaping? Is that like manscaping?

KATIE:  Waffles, you don't even know what manscaping is.

WAFFLES:  Do you think she's going to landscape our litter boxes??

The Big Dig
We may have mentioned that Glogirly's been working on spiffing up the front of our new house. She's never so much as grown a potted petunia before so this is a pretty big deal for her.

We don't have a typical yard like many homes have. Our yard is actually 16 acres of forest. No lawn mowers required. One of our favorite parts of living in the mountains is the natural landscape. But the front of the house was a little ragged looking and needed some TLC. And color.

Glogirly consulted with her new best friend and expert high-elevation horticulturist, Tom Gillan. He owns Native Nursery in Golden, Colorado. Tom helped her to select just the right plantings for our little project. Not everything can thrive or even survive at an elevation of 8,000'. And the sun here in Colorado is intense. 

Top Right:  Zing Rose Dianthus
Top Right: Jackman Potentilla
Bottom Left: Vinca
Bottom Right: Dwarf Shasta Daisy

Glogirly planted a total of 87 plants and shrubs. (!) Each plant has something fun going on in terms of color and flowers. When the garden matures over over the next couple of years it will be lush and abundant with a multitude of colors and flowers.

Top Right:  Friendly Neighborhood Hummingbird
Top Right: Trudy's Catmint
Bottom Left: Snow in Summer (will eventually bloom with small white flowers)
Bottom Right: Gold Flame Spirea
It didn't take long for the hummingbirds to find us. Between the flowers and feeders, we've got a regular crew of fast flying hummers stopping in for a sweet drink.

If you look really close at the top right tiny flower, Trudy's Catmint, you'll see that it looks like a smiley face. It had us at Catmint. Now we really love it.

A little bit of Oklahoma flagstone and some local rocks and boulders provide the perfect frame for our mountain garden.

It's VERY dry in Colorado. We added in a drip line system that runs just below the surface of the dirt. Each plant has a tiny hose that drips water to its roots automatically each day and evening. It's a clever set up and a very economical alternative to fancy sprinkler systems.

The kitchen windows look out over the flowers. And although Katie and Waffles are not supposed to be on the kitchen counters, they're trying to negotiate an easement for the kitchen windowsills.

It's our own little piece of mountain zen. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I Hate Goodbyes #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES:  Wait, what???

KATIE:  Gloman's going back to Minneapolis, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Gotta. Fit. Into. Gloman's. Suitcase.

KATIE:  Sorry, Waffles. His suitcase is already 4 pounds over the weight limit. 

WAFFLES:  Well then what's another 10 pounds?

KATIE:  10 pounds??? Have you looked in the mirror lately? Someone's been finishing my breakfast leftovers. 

WAFFLES:  Duh...that's because they're leftovers.

KATIE:  Whatever, Waffles. Now hurry up - Gloman's leaving for the airport.

WAFFLES:  I hate goodbyes. 

Until Next Time
Gloman left for Minneapolis before the 4th of July was even over. We're all feeling a little is so much fun when he's here with us. But we know we'll be seeing him again soon. Until then, Katie and Waffles will have to settle for Glogirly. Her lap isn't quite as nappable as Gloman's, but she plays a mean wand toy and never misses mealtime. Still, there's nothing quite like the love of a true CatDaddy.
♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

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